I Made Real PHILLY CHEESESTEAK Better! So Easy | Guga Foods

I Made Real PHILLY CHEESESTEAK Better! So Easy | Guga Foods

Welcome back to Guga Foods
everybody I want to thank audible for sponsoring this video. Today we are
rocking the Philly cheesesteak check it out. There's something about steak, melted
cheese and bread that is just incredible and the guys from Philadelphia knows how
to do it best. Today I'm gonna show you a twist on the old classic Philly
cheesesteak and I hope you enjoy it, so let's do it! This cook is a hundred percent inspired
by my trip that I took to Philadelphia. That city is just awesome and the folks
there with wonderful personality is just great. I had an awesome opportunity to
visit two of the classics, Pat's and Geno's. Even though I think they are
completely different from each other I think they are both creating their own
ways. I noticed that both of them use ribeye, one is a little bit more chopped
up than the other and for sure they're not using high-grade steak. I can almost
guarantee it is choice or select. Another thing that I noticed on Pat's is that
there was no seasoning the fact that there was no salt and pepper was
surprising to me. Now if they seasoned it before putting on the grill that's
something I was not able to see but let me tell you something when I tasted both
of them they were great. However, they were completely different
from each other this is one of those things that are coming you giving it a
try and you should try both to make your decision on which one is best I could
eat any one of them any day but now let me show you my take on it. Today I'll be
using ribeye just like they are and these are two beautiful choice steaks.
Every ribeye specifically on the cap section has a lot of connective tissue
and silver skin. Some of the silver skin is really hard and to make it a pleasant
experience with our Philly cheesesteaks I am going to be removing it. When I say
I'm going to remove it I'm not gonna remove anything else but that just grab
a nice sharp filet knife and take it out. Once I was done you can see there
was a good amount of fat left over it's pretty straightforward you just gotta
scrape it to ensure that you're not leaving any of the goodness behind. Once
I was done the only things left were the connective tissue and silver skin. The
next step is to slice the steak I definitely recommend you freezing the
steak first. This steak is too soft and hard to slice it thin, if it was slightly
frozen it would be a lot easier and I will show you that in a little bit. Now I
notice that in Pat's the steaks are a lot more minced than in Geno's so for the
traditional Philly cheesesteak are we going with Pat's style which is finely
minced. Now we don't want to make burgers if we run this through a grounder then
it will just be burgers so I just like to get a knife
and chop it up fine. This knife works okay but if you have a bigger one like
this now we're talking. This knife is awesome for hamburgers as well. Once I
was done to my eyes it looks exactly like Pat's it is not ground beef it is
finely chopped ribeye. Now this method is a lot easier with a partially frozen
steak my knife just runs through it like butter.
This steak was on my freezer for only 45 minutes and it is enough time for you to
slice them thin. Once I was done it almost looked like I ran them through a
slicer to finish it off I gave them a rough chop and I was left with perfectly
squared little steaks. For The Onion's I'll be keeping the same way they do it in Philadelphia just cut them in squares and cook them until they are translucent.
The only advice I would give you is that you have to use white sweet onions from
all the cheesesteak places I went to that's the one they use. One of the most
important things in Philadelphia cheesesteak is the bread and they are
using a French style bread it is not crispy and it is not crunchy it's
actually chewy. Note to replicate that as much as I can I got this beautiful
French brand and stored them in a bag to remove the crunchiness. This resulted in
a nice fluffy bread and when I take a bite on it mmm its chewy and it takes me
right back like if I was there. Since I'm doing two versions of the sandwich I'm
also gonna be using a bread that I think it will be ideal for it and it is Angel's
favorite bread this is called medianoche bread and it is very similar to a
brioche bun. It is soft buttery and lightly sweet and a lot of places here
in Miami use this kind of bread for sandwich. This is cheese whiz and they
offer this in every place I went to. I never had it in a sandwich before yes it
is processed cheese I know a lot of you might not enjoy it, but they have been
doing this for years and a lot of people do. So for my traditional version I'm
gonna be using this one it is pretty straightforward you just gotta put it in
a pan and heat it up slowly. For my second version I'm gonna be using one of
my favorite cheese this is provolone and I think he goes wonderful with a Philly
cheesesteak. Fat is also very important I won't be using butter instead I'm using
beef tallow which is beef fat. I'm gonna be cooking in super high heat
temperatures and butter would just burn. But now that we have everything ready it is
time to get cooking so let's do it! Real quick guys a little word from today's
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slash GugaFoods or text 500 500 to get that deal. So it's audible.com slash GugaFoods or text 500 500. That's right now let's get right back to that Philly Cheesesteak! Alright everybody we have our beautiful
Philly cheesesteaks here. Are you ready Angel? Yes I see you used the medianoche bread. I want that one.I know that's Angel's
favorite bread. I don't blame him like explain it on the video it's kind of
like a brioche bun it's fantas…enough talking let's try it. Yeah its kind of like sweet its awesome lets go. You are gonna go for that one first bro! Oh yeah I would go for the other one
that no one that you're grabbing but something happened there huh. Let's talk
about that later alright. No let's talk about that right now.
No Angel! Yes, yes check out what this guy just decided to do while you're recording. Yo. I couldn't do it, I couldn't wait, I couldn't wait. Unbelievable yeah what really! I turn it around. See I turn it around, its ok. It's all new again baby. Let's go! Guys I'm sorry I was hungry yes I took a little bit cuz I couldn't hold it.
Alright cheers everybody let's give this a try. You ready? It's supposed to
be nice and messy Angel the way it's supposed to be. Cheers buddy go for
it. Wow! Come on man. That's a good sandwich! Man steak, cheese, onions, bread
does it get any better than that? Yeah What? Steakk cheese, medianoche bread. No onions! very big reason why Philly cheesesteak in Philadelphia is popular I'm not gonna
say which one is better Pat's or Jim's all of them are great everybody. I think you
have to experience it to find out which one you like best.
I'm curious to find out how yours tastes dude. Mmmmm! So Good It is good? Oh its a mess though. Hold on let's try the
other one. I want you to try the other one you tell me which one is
better. You ready? All right cheers everybody second one. I'm so sorry but I like this one more
this medianoche bread is incredible! Little sweetness yeah. And then the
cheese itself the one that you used is just… Yeah maybe provolone is a little bit
better than Cheez Whiz because the other one is just too salty you know that's
why in Pat's for example I didn't see them seasoning the stake at all they
just put Cheez Whiz I don't think they seasoned their steaks at all so even
though I've seasoned this one here and put Cheez Whiz at the same time this
steak also got a little bit more Brown parts more burnt so it has more
caramelization on it look yeah like a little crunch this one is just a much
better overall steak for me. However the traditional one still good too you agree?
It's still good I'm not gonna lie, is still good. But you like this one better. But this one is built to my specifications. To your likings. To my likings. Guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you do enjoyed this video make sure you give it a thumbs up if you're
not a subscriber be sure to subscribe for future videos. Remember if you're
interested in anything I use everything is always in the description down below
thank you so much for watching. Audible thank you so much for sponsoring
this video. Guys we'll see you on the next one. Oh we gotta fly alright gotta
fly what's fly show me the fly Angel. I made it leave, hey yo hey relax.
Look how good this works everybody, you think I'm kidding watch this little
piece it is gone baby it is gone! This is amazing
and I recommend it. We out bye bye. In case you didn't know it shoots salt.
So that's that's why he doesn't mind shooting the food with it. It's table
salt so you can actually shoot the steak itself. Gone it just gonna taste a
little bit more salty bro. Just gonna be salty. We out everybody take care bye-bye.

30 thoughts on “I Made Real PHILLY CHEESESTEAK Better! So Easy | Guga Foods

  1. I love me SOME Cheese Steaks, many are asking me about my FlyGun which I used in the end of the video. If you have a fly problem, you will have a fun time with this one. https://amzn.to/2XBdPeP #NoFliesAllowed

  2. Tbh the title got me mad but realized that it wasn’t what I was expected I’m happy btw Philadelphia gang

  3. Guga why do I torture myself with your notifications while I have nothing but instant ramen at home!? 🙁

  4. Looks awesome👌🏻 Guga, do you have a recipe of Angels favorite bun, the mehanocha? Dont know how to write it.
    Keep on posting the nice video’s

  5. The bread at 3:35 is a bit weird. When you talk about french bread, the famous one is the baguette but it's crunchy and not that special (at least not for me i ate so much of it when i was a kid).

    But the bread you show has the texture of a "viennois" bread (pain viennois in french) very soft, shouldn't be dry, and it has a sweet taste (not sugary just sweet) but the cutting pattern on it makes me wonder if it is. Maybe it's but it's just not done correctly ! Else it looks very greasy but so good xD

    In France we usually don't get the US cuts (rib eye etc..), just french ones and they sometimes mix 2 parts like one hard and another very soft it's just so dumb.. the day i find rib eye i'll try that recipe !

  6. I once made a few with mushrooms, manchego, and asiago, and it was amazing, but I may have to try this out too

  7. Egg bun? Oh god. There aren't Italian bread rolls in Miami? Why do people continue to make crappy cheesesteaks on YouTube?

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