I Made A Giant 30-Pound Donut For A Bodybuilder • Tasty

I Made A Giant 30-Pound Donut For A Bodybuilder • Tasty

we have like 20 pounds of dough for this doughnut I don’t think this table is big enough I think it’s time to go big or go home this is the biggest motor I’ve ever seen hi my name is Alvin I’m a tasty producer and I love making big food so yesterday I got an Instagram message from a bodybuilder with a handle no doughnuts here and he says hey dude I have an idea I saw the giant burger video and tomorrow is my cheat day I was wondering if you could make me a giant doughnut oh man that sounds crazy how big big got a big to get big awesome that’s what I like to hear hit me up tomorrow and I’ll see what I can do and I’ve also been getting a lot of requests to make a giant doughnut so I feel like I know what I’m gonna make today how are you yeah nice to see you yeah likewise but the people that don’t know you what do you do I am a cop cop slash fitness person I’ve been a cop for over eleven years now but I’ve used social media as a platform to encourage first responders look out their lifestyles what is this story behind your social media my handle is no donuts here kind of poking fun at the donut eating cop stereotype you want to command presents and look professional you know Fitness plays a huge part in it what is your relationship with food it has a lot to do with whether you’re storing fat building muscle cheat days mostly to keep you sane drop your carbs down really low and you want to have a doughnut to fill you out yeah make you feel good it sounds like today is your cheat day have you worked out today yet not yet how about I go make the big donut if you want to go work out and have a very fun cheat meal for you who sounds like I’ll need that workout all right cool thanks dude I’ll see you in a bit all right like this big donut for a big man first thing we’re gonna do we’re gonna have to make the donut dough is they used to donut so we’re gonna start by making the east mixture some milk some warm water some sugar and the East oh I just spilled a little bit that’s okay the CSIs is gonna soak up all this nice sugar all this nice milk really grow into a big boy see you in a bit so this donut takes a lot of flour and and my mixing bowl is only this big so I’m actually gonna be making two entire batches of this dough ten entire cups of the flour Oh white cloud some salt shortening four eggs hook this up to the dough mixer delicious East mixture oh god I’m spilling everywhere accidents happen that’s fine stay clean the funny thing is even one of these batches makes about twenty to thirty Donuts and I’m doubling it so there’s going to be enough dough for forty to sixty Donuts I think it’s time to go big or go home I really don’t want to go home whoa look at all that dough let’s get you out of here put it into this big bowl this is the biggest bowl we have in the tasty kitchen get out of there come on dude Simoes dog held in my entire life I would not be a good rapper whoo okay gluten coming through that’s only one we got to make another batch when I told my mom I was gonna go make that dough I don’t think she knew that this is what I meant we have like 20 pounds of dough in here for this doughnut that was fun Booton strands are like super tight right now we want them to relax I’m gonna go in and take a long nap for the big times all right how we’ll see you and I will see you a bit now let’s make the glaze for the doughnut so the glaze is pretty simple we just have some melted butter it’s kind of a lot of butter but more butter more better funny thing is the original glaze recipe makes enough for about 10 to 15 doughnuts we’re making a really big comment so I triple the recipe I think this batch of pink glaze is gonna be enough for 30 to 45 normal doughnuts so the butter is melted we’re gonna add in some milk 3 cups of powdered sugar that cloud reminds me of something else snow so a lot of lumps got a nice whisk here whip it through the glass Oh looking pretty nice my strip is going on here so at this point we’re gonna add the color literally the ingredient is the color pink hope this is pink hold on oh okay let’s think we’re good one drop of the color pink Oh I added two look at that two drops did that that’s that’s pretty pink deliciousness right there can’t have a giant donut without giant sprinkles for reference these are normal rainbow sprinkles this is the size of one sprinkle you guys know cause sprinkles are made because I sure did it before this when take some powdered sugar some corn syrup some cornstarch and some water yeah I think that’s literally it wrinkles have colors I have like 10 bajillion things of food coloring here so we’re gonna divide this into 10 billion bowls and then we’re gonna color it one two three four five came through dripping okay I read yellow [Music] blew your blue what’s going on with blue I don’t want too much it doesn’t need a little bit alright there’s blue and purple alright yellow you better represent us well whoo that’s looking nice boom purple is done so worn them all up a little bit and I need to get each color individually into the piping bag so a little trick take a cup put your piping bag with the tip in it right that chance with the glaze see if this works that’s so cool the feeling when you’re like cutting through paper and kindergarten you just glide right on with the scissors that’s what this feels like next color you’re gonna pick up where I left off training number two blue I love that last but not least purple all right I know you really can’t see it but this is the size of one sprinkle this is quite the size difference I’ll let these dry out and I’ll see you in a bit all right let’s see how big my dough has gotten sweet baby Jesus look at this one you went like straight through puberty and hit menopause get the flower here we go come on let’s get out of there oh damn look at that gluten hmm look at you working a little bit knock some of the air out of it and then we’re going to get it back into a ball shape it’s got some weight to it look at this absolute unit right there it’s good tucked underneath LeBron James this guy is gonna relax for a bit and then we are going to shape them into an actual doughnut so one thing that I should have probably thought about was how big this doughnut is gonna be so this is the biggest pan we actually have I don’t think this pan is gonna cut it I have a friend was a chef nearby I’m hoping that he has something bigger so let me message him and see what he says like hey super random question but what is the size of your biggest pan I got a stupid big wok it’s 30 inches 5 dollar bill for reference holy moley I’m coming over 30 inches is the entire width of this table so his walk is gonna be like this big I got to turn this ball of dough into a perfect donut ring my baby this is kind of fun I’ve never really have to use my forearms to need before start in the middle and work your way out how we looking yeah that’s not big enough I don’t think this table who’s big enough got to get him into a circle I’m gonna interlock these two ends over here birds-and-the-bees am i right oh now I got to figure out how to transport this all the way to the restaurant large piece of cardboard covered in parchment paper and taped together in the back so here we go let’s go for it all right we can reshape it that’s okay all right you little skit over here you’re gonna cover this in plastic wrap and then we’re gonna head over to the restaurant alright someone call me an uber [Music] fellas hey you know what Eric hola big-ass donut yeah oh we got this big ass walk for you Oh xxx where’d you get this I got in Chinatown Oh 300 a case you got yeah surprise I think give it another like four more minutes how are you gonna flip this hair somebody uses two tongs okay and then somebody uses two of the ladles do not do this at home this is very dangerous he is a skilled professional this is heavy here can it go deeper under God I’ll come to it I think we need a better tool okay oh I don’t know if it’s gonna stay together yeah I mean I was a good technique maybe we should have some emerged I think we can get it to work so I’m gonna make another batch we’re not gonna let this little ways okay you want to use it I’ll take it all right cool I’ll see you know big guy Eric I made another donut around – here we go that’s fast let’s do it that’s going in yep whoa beautiful so this goes in okay we’re gonna submerge it to make sure that I can cook won’t even look more evenly yeah this and then we’ll press it down with heavy stuff have a textbook Jack’s book plates two on each side this is a very DIY situation it’s called problem solvers is what Columbia University it doesn’t teach you so I think this is gonna cook herb what like 20 25 minutes I check back in a bit to see if we can flip it this is looking pretty good if you look at it it looks really beautiful super super crispy we are going to try a super hard task of flipping it because last time this is where I failed all right let’s take off these weights one two three whoa dude this thing huge wow this is nice nice don’t know a little white spot in the back oh we’re gonna cook it once it flipped over and then I’ll trim off in any that doesn’t look good all right get out of there just want to see how heavy this is [Music] oh who the hell will have e-soo the trailer okay so we’re gonna get under here can you help me get this onto the tray yes yeah oh look at it I don’t solid that oh here we go good you got it you got it yeah okay so whoa look at that oh let’s go yes this is crazy we did it look at that that’s awesome looks like a cross between a bagel a doughnut this is the biggest normal I’ve ever seen this is the Homer doughnut it’s a big zero because that’s how many calories there I don’t think that’s how it works you get on oh great nice job Erik all right out the back go yes okay we got it yeah all right cool careful the hot oil coming in it go tray underneath ya got do some ASMR while the words [Music] I’m not doing that every good thanks dude see you man have a good one mr. luck all right we are back and we are going to make this big Donuts get mass spring I made some white sprinkles because I forgot to do that and after seeing how big the donut was I doubled how much glaze I have all you need to do is cut these giant sprinkles into their shape and we can finally glaze and sprinkle the donut [Music] damn it’s a nice pretty cool right here I accidentally hit someone with this this might be assault with a deadly weapon more like salt with delicious weapon all right these sprinkles are ready to go I think it’s time to glaze this doughnut make sure there’s no lumps and looking good this might get messy oh hey look at this glaze waterfall so we gotta put on those sprinkles before everything starts to set so all the colors I think this is done here we go hey Mike yeah do you want your donut oh I’m ready all right close your eyes we’re coming is this solo heavy we needed two people to lift it there’s 1 2 3 open your eyes no way are you kidding me this is what you expected when I said I was gonna make you a giant I wasn’t thinking this big this is insane take this got to be 20 30 pound and cut piece for you oh man that’s like we go nuts right there whoa this is for you all right cheers Mike Cheers have a cheat day yeah dude he’s pretty good perfect crispy on the outside soft on the inside ice cream is great a lot of cheat days going up mm-hmm I was really good I’m I have to take this whole thing home yeah thanks dude thank you guys all right bye Mike bye guys all right how many yeah see you later see you later so that will probably be the biggest donut I will ever see or make in my entire life I love making these crazy things so if you have a favorite food if you have an idea that you want me to try to make huge hit me up leave a comment send me an Instagram message and I will see if I can make that big if you actually want to go to restaurants that serve these crazy things my friend Jasmine has a giant food series on bring me that is really really cool so you should go check it out until next time peace [Applause] [Music]

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