How To Tell The Difference Between Turnip And Rutabaga

How To Tell The Difference Between Turnip And Rutabaga

hi I’m chef D and today is all about
turnips and rutabagas okay I have a chef’s confession to tell you at times I
didn’t know what was a turnip and what was a rutabaga again I always thought
this was a turnip and this was a rutabaga so I’m here to tell you this
here is a turnip and this here is a rutabaga now what’s the difference turn
up just a little bit more like a radish where a rutabaga is just a little bit
more sweeter they’re both great raw this is a little
bit better cooked you can cook this as well but the rutabaga truly does a finer
job when you cut into it the rutabaga very yellow the turnip very white now
how do you store these the turn up in the rutabaga can both be stored in your
refrigerator up to two weeks the rutabaga on the other hand can also be
stored on your counter for up to a week the best place to store is a cool dark
area these are both great really big is great addition to beef barley chicken
soup root vegetables with carrots parsnips celery root bake them in your
oven a little bit of butter a little bit of olive oil on it some bay leaves salt
and pepper it’s amazing eating your turnip you can
do it that way or just keep it and you eat it raw which is very sweet right
you’re good for you mm-hmm got that great flavor come just a little bit
lighter than a radish there you have it the difference between a turnip and a
rutabaga for more information on how to select store and prepare produce go to
our website produce made simple dot CA you

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  2. The rutabaga (from Swedish dialectal word rotabagge) A 'Swede' or 'neep' in Scotland. It's a cross between a cabbage and a turnip.
    They can resist very hard frosts while the turnip cannot which is useful in northern countries like Sweden and Scotland.

  3. A couple of weeks? Our family used to store rutabagas in the root cellar all winter, and they weren't even waxed. They store really well over long winters

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