Well people and welcome it is Sunday and
I’m gonna go through a little thing about binge eating yes it’s one of the
topics that it’s gonna happen in January if you’re like me and you’re on a diet
or you’re cutting or anything to do with like losing weight binge eating is
probably one of the biggest things that will stop you from succeeding in that
diet losing weight it’s my third week now coming to the end and it’s the
hardest week I would say it’s the testing week where you can fall off the
wagon and actually start binge eating and if you don’t know what binge eating
is it’s basically something where you enjoy doing and you don’t really stop
you just carry on so with my tongue with me it would be something like biscuits
you know maybe cake and all you do issues you just can’t control yourself
and you just carry on and carry on and carry on and this week I have found it
hard I have really really found it hard
wanting that sweet taste and well I want to tell you that not to worry not to
worry about it even if you do have the odd biscuit I mean I’ll be truthful now
I’ve had I had caught two biscuits today I was on the calories I felt a bit low
and I had two biscuits and now I feel absolutely fine pick myself up two
biscuits at the start of my prep is not really gonna affect my diet it’s still
in my macro still in my calories so it’s okay and that’s what you need to do if
you’re just on a diet is to lose a bit of body fat a bit of weight
don’t suffer by not eating anything you do like you know we’ll just control it
there is no harm in having your biscuit a lower calorie chocolate bar or
something which is quite low in calories you know like a KitKat or something like
that because it’s not gonna affect your whole performance of the whole week I
mean for instance you might have heard how in a cheat day and a cheat day is
great as long as you don’t go over the top and just eat loads of cake and just
eat the whole cake you know have a portion look at your calories look at
you know I could say I do my fitness pal and I shrug everything on there and it
helps you you can work it out before you even have the biscuits have the cake and
you can sing that oh it’s in my calories I’m still under calories and that’s the
whole point of losing weight as long as you’re sticking to your calories you
always be losing weight obviously it’s a bit different for me I am actually going
the next step further where I’m cutting down to be shredded on a stage so I
can’t really afford to keep on doing them cheat meals and having the abyss
keys are doing it once I’m I really wanted to test myself and see if I had
the willpower I almost did it but I needed that little kick where I fall all
right let’s try it am I gonna go destroy the whole packet
of biscuits ham just eat them all you got or am I actually gonna stop myself a
min and why did is I stopped myself a min and it took me a long time actually
to eat the biscuit in the first place I always feel I just feel like I was
cheating on myself and if you feel like that that’s a good thing because the
right mindset to actually beat your hunger of this binge eating and looking
through all these foods when you go supermarket it can destroy you can be
hard but also can help like your quitting anything it is hard to do it
and that’s why the first three weeks are probably
hardest the more weeks you’d do it the better and easier it will be what you
need to do is you need to either get everything that’s bad out of your
kitchen and just chuck it in the bin so you don’t have it in front of you
tempting you or keep something in there and just know that if you don’t touch it
this another day you don’t touch it again the next day it’s another day and
if you can basically keep a packet of biscuits I know I’ll keep that cake in
the fridge and it’s just staying that it gives you encouragement that you know
that even if I got temptations in front of me you know because you do get
temptations eat when people go out there’s food everywhere parties you know
everywhere you go there is temptations and it’s how much you actually wanted do
you really want to look good do you really want to lose weight do you want
to get that six-pack that body that you’ve always dreamed of because if you
do you will have to change your ways to actually get it like I said if you’re
just trying to lose a bit of weight you can have your cheat meal right just
don’t binge and binge and just eat the whole cake if you’re cutting like you
are like I am now then just keep the strict as possible you’ll have your low
days you will really feel bad and of course I’ve had I had a bit of a
bad week this week and I I just needed that little bit of a fix tips on how to
actually stop getting that craving is you we’ve got these protein bars to help
us we’ve got these protein shakes which have got different flavors in my my
protein shake is got chocolate orange flavor and I’ve ran out and I think that
is my reason why I needed the biscuit this week I ran out of all my protein
but it’s not payday until next week so I haven’t had
no chocolate no car no protein bars no nothing and it’s probably them little
things do help you you might not think they do but they actually do so if
you’ve got a sweet tooth get something like a protein bar or a protein shake
yes they’re not as nice as the real things but you know what it’s still
something that’s got that little bit of a sweetness a little bit chocolaty taste
which will help you along the way anyway it’s a short video and I hope this has
helped you if you’re on your diet stick with it soon as January god it
only gets easier right and stay tuned for next week
because tomorrow is my weigh-in and hopefully I’ve lost some more weight so
join me on Wednesday and you’ll find out if I’ve lost any more weight and please
if you’re watching this for the first time subscribe I’m almost there I’m
almost at that magic thousand if you want to follow somebody who’s going
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I’ve got lots of things to show you food away anyway have a good day see you then

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