How to Shop for Healthy Foods : Eating Healthy Frozen Foods

How to Shop for Healthy Foods : Eating Healthy Frozen Foods

Hey there! Welcome back! Another tip for you,
for your healthy food shopping. All the things you need to know in order to go to the health
food store and pick out some nutritious meals and foods for you and your family. Some good
tips, or I should say, a tip. Another tip is: frozen foods. I know, you go in the produce
section and you’re like, “Oh my God! There’s no way this broccoli is going to last me for
a few days, and there’s no way I’m going to eat this whole head of broccoli within a day
or two.” Well, you don’t have to worry about that. We do have frozen vegetables and fruits
and all those things. And they are, actually, can be quite nutritious. Obviously, not as
nutritious as the fresh produce, but they can be very nutritious. And especially, all
you have to do is, you buy these little packages. I have mushrooms and peas and artichokes and
mangoes–all nice and fresh. And if you really want to make them nice and nutritious for
you, you just take out the package, put it in your refrigerator the night before, and
let it thaw–slowly. The slower you let it thaw, the more nutritious end product will
be for you and your family. What I do is, I take it out the next day, un-package it;
and sometimes, if it still hasn’t been all the way thawed–cause sometimes it does that–I
might take it out the morning of, and I leave it out on the counter for a couple of hours.
You know, until lunch or dinner, depending on what meal you want to serve. So then you
leave it there, and then it’s completely thawed, and then that’s more user-friendly. And then
you can cook it as you normally would, and then the nutrients are nice and available
too. The problem is, a lot of people take these frozen foods, and they take it straight
from the frozen state to the cooked state. It actually shocks the food. And then you’re
not getting any nutrients from it. So what’s the point of even having bought it? Then you
spend a lot of money on organic food, for no reason. And that’s not going to be healthful
for you. But if you do it with my tip, you’ll be healthy, and you’ll be happier.

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  1. Single men, know this, too: while shopping for these foods, you will be within talking range of pretty, nutrition-minded women like her, who also shop healthfully. Plus the frozen stuff, though not as good as fresh, costs less.

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