31 thoughts on “How To Make Turkish Gozleme / Best Recipe From A Local Lady

  1. Nothing is too much in food if you use the right quality… salt for example if you use stone salt it has a lot of minerals, black sugar also, oils and fats are important to detox, olive oil for cooking and coconut oil for frying and so on and so on..

  2. Mashaa Allah. The flour is freshly made from the wheat fields! Every Eid, we have a group of Turkish ladies sold gozleme during the Eid festival. Delicious! Salaam from New Zealand.

  3. جميل ترجمة قناة اركان بالانجلزى .ولكن نفضل تكون الترجمه بالعربى لقناتكم ايضا .و شكرا لحاضرتكم .

  4. I was never in Turkey yet watching this video reminds me my own grandmas, their delicious cooking from scratch. The smell of the countryside, the homestead animals, happy kids, and the simplicity of the dwelling people – all these seem so universally the same. Elinize sağlık <3

  5. Thank you for this upload. This make me realize, if the new generation do not be teaching this techniek a lot will perish in the years to come. Its important we keep up with tradition. 😊😊😊

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