100 thoughts on “How to Make the Perfect TAKIKOMI GOHAN (Japanese Mixed Rice Recipe)

  1. Looks great guys… Oishi-so! A chestnut version would be great since winter is coming soon. Thanks and I look forward to more!

  2. I'm vegetarian and this looks like an amazing base for so many vegetable dishes! Can add onions, sprouts, peas, anything really! I've never made rice with anything but water or vegetable stock so this should be great.

  3. This looks AMAZING! Im going to make this for dinner!! Thank you both so much for this recipe, and the great video!

  4. I haven’t had this in such a long time, brought back wonderful memories of my Mother and Obachan. Yummy 👅👅👅

  5. I always see this on instagram and always wanted to eat it. I'm gonna have to find the 2 mushrooms and burdock so I can make this.

  6. i grew up eating something like this… Gomoku gohan. Is this the same or similar? it was one of my favs when growing up!

  7. Oh, I love takikomi gohan! It's a rare treat for me. I wish I could have some right now, especially since I'm recovering from the flu. Thank yo so much for the recipe! And yes to the kuri takikomi gohan! Onegaishimasu,

  8. Looks really tasty and healthy and easy to make and downright comforting. As to what to pair it with? My thought was that since it already has meat and rice, I'd pair it with a salad and call it a day. Looks scrummy. 🙂

    I swear, y'all can cook! 🙂

    EDIT: Thank you for showing this with the use of a pot instead of a rice cooker. I think I must be old fashioned, because I know rice cookers are found in lots of kitchens, but I still can't bring myself to buy one. I mean, once you know how to make rice with a pot, it's pretty simple. It's nice to see this recipe using a method I use. 🙂

  9. Do you know how to make nitano warabi? My grandparents used to pick every year on a Hill not too far from our Northern California home. I don’t live in that area anymore but found water packed warabi at the Japanese store.

  10. I'm so excited you guys did this recipe!! I've used the instant boxed version before from my local Japanese market but always wanted to know how to make it at home!! Thank you!!

  11. I would love to see you guys make a yakisoba. My wife lived in Japan during her teenage years, and she can't find good street yakisoba here in the US.

  12. i started to make the broth for this dish this morning. i'm not a big mushroom fan, so i only have one type of mushroom. i made omurice for the first time last week and my picky eater ate it all up! and my hubby also liked it. i made it into onigiri and i now make it at least twice a week for my kiddo.

  13. Nom noms!!! I loved all the veggies in it! The funny thing is, is that I don't think I've ever had dashi before. Oh wait, unless they put that in miso soup? I've had that before and its real good! You're videos always make me hungry! lol! Much love to you both! <3

  14. I absolutely love your food videos!!! This totally makes my day. I have been eating so much more Asian foods and feeling much better as well. North American foods are so over processed and the portions are far too large.

  15. This looks really delicious! More variations would be great! Apart from that I'd love to see any kind of japanese autumn dish or/and more low carb dishes (loved those vids!). Anyways, I'll watch whatever you post. XD

  16. That looks sooo good. I want to try a vegetarian style in my rice cooker. Fall is sweet potato time right? Do they still sell roasted sweet potatoes on the street in Japan? Maybe that's more towards winter?

  17. It's 4:09 AM and I've been awake for about 3 hours. I'm going to make this for breakfast, but I have to use white button mushrooms and no burdock. I still think it will be good.

  18. I didn't have chicken, gobo or the shimeji mushrooms, and still it came out great! With the maitake and shitake mushrooms, carrots and the remaining ingredients, it was awesome. I could only imagine that chicken, gobo and Shimeji adds a lot of flavor. We can't get gobo here unless you go to a large city, 3 hours away.

  19. I can't wait to try this recipe!!! I usually have most ingredients on hand with the exception of the burdock root which luckily is available at my local Asian market.

  20. I've made takikomi gohan once. I used water seasoned with soy sauce as the stock, ad the veggies i used were carrots, onions and potatoes. It was good!

  21. I've been eating a lot of fish things. The weather is getting cooler. So salad isn't the best idea. Can you show me how to make a quick shrimp fried rice from frozen cooked shrimp? Good video.

  22. Is there something to substitute for the burdock root? It's hard to find where I live and there aren't any nearby Asian grocers. 🙁 Also, can I use mirin instead of sake?

  23. This looks delicious! I'm allergic to mushrooms but I could make it without them and I think it would still be tasty.

  24. Please do a Takikomi Gohan series! I spent my young childhood on Oahu, and remember my father's friend, a Japanese Hawaiian man, would always show me the bento his wife packed for him. One of my favorite memories was an inari sushi she made packed with takikomi gohan. I can still remember the delicious smell!

  25. Thank you for the takikomi gohan recipe! I've always wanted to find out about it. Cant wait to try. What other vegetables can go in it?

  26. The serving suggestions at the end are always very helpful 🙂
    Is there a good substitute for the maitake mushrooms? I'm not sure I can get them here. Hopefully can find the burdock too.. It would be such a shame to not be able to try this, it looks fantastic!

  27. Another tabieats recipe to try crossed off my list! It's so comforting, especially now the weather is so cold.
    Thanks again! 🙂

  28. I HAVE to make this recipe! My grandmother and mother never made this for me in Hawai'i so I'm not familiar with this dish.

  29. Hi guys! My wife is not one who enjoys mushrooms. I'm in Canada so Not sure about the Badok/Gobo. Any suggestions? Could I use a mixed veggie option? Also, could you swap the chicken for shrimp?

  30. This looks really good! Well, how about chestnut rice? The chestnuts in America mostly died, but we get imported ones sometimes, and people keep trying to grow them here. So, it's kind of special when you get some, and of course I'd like to "stretch" them a little, too. Thanks! I really enjoy the simplicity and clear explanation of your recipes.

  31. I have a 20 cup rice cooker that will also cook potatoes and beans and stews. It will slow cook it does many things.

  32. I always used to make my own Dashi stock for years and years but it is become too expensive now so I buy Instant hondashi.

  33. just made this dish tonight. I can see this being a serious comfort food for those who grew up with it but something about it just didn't work for anyone in my house. Slightly astringent flavor in the background. would this have been from the burdock?

  34. Recipe is perfect. Just a helpful note, if you use brown rice, you should plan to add a bit more liquid and cook for ~15 min longer.

  35. Hi guys, thanks for posting this recipe and especially for dividing the actual cooking stage into 3 parts with a detailed breakdown of which heat to use for how many minutes… I'm just learning how to cook and controlling heat is my worst enemy, but your instructions were super-helpful and the meal came out great! Love your channel, keep it going!

  36. I discovered your channel via your recent collaboration with Asian Boss. As someone who loves cooking, I will enjoy checking out your channel further.

  37. Loved this, especially that you used traditional knife skills. I dislike the taste of hon dashi intensely. Too much chemical taste. The difference between hon dashi and real dashi is 10 minutes. Real dashi broth is so easy to make and a world of flavor away from the powdered crap.

  38. I would love to see you guys do a video on different types of rice! How to cook them, what their best uses are, flavor differences, and traditional dishes they were used in. Love your videos!

  39. How about for vegetarians? I usually use konbu dashi in place of katsuo dashi, but I don't think the flavor of konbu will be strong enough for a dish like this. I wonder, how else might this be flavored? Any ideas?

  40. I love Takikomi Gohan. It's one of my favorite dishes. But I love any rice-dish in general. Very untypical for a German to love rice more than bread or potatoes. XD

  41. Ironically, I learned all the Japanese vocabulary on food from Dragonball and Dragonball Z…I just don't use it often and forgot 🙂 Since their characters are named mostly after food! And the recipe for gohan looked wonderful

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