How To Make Jerky – No Dehydrator Required – Meat Series 04

How To Make Jerky – No Dehydrator Required – Meat Series 04

Hi you’re in Steve’s kitchen and today
is part of the meat series we are going to make something very
simple jerky one of my favorites very expensive to buy if you buy pre-made in
the shops but it’s so easy to make in fact realistically you just need some good
beef and a little bit of salt but it wouldn’t be jerky if we didn’t add
some flavors and spices now if you just come down here I’ll show
you the beef that we going to need we call this silver side I believe in the US they
call it round and this is a fairly lean piece
we’ve cut the meat off or I asked my butcher to trim all the
fat off sorry and I’m going to be cutting this beef into slices properly about three
quarter of an inch across so what we do I’ll just show you what this looks like just
slice it through I’m going across the grain and that means the grain on this meat
is running in this direction but if you look at that beef it has a
lovely marbling of fat in there and that not only is
going to give us lots of flavour it makes really good beef jerky so we’re going to
slice up this beef I’m not going to use this whole
joint here about a kilo or two pounds for this recipe if you want to follow
along so I’m just going to go and continue to cut
this piece of beef up into strips the next thing I’m going to
do is lay this piece of beef out flat and to make
our jerky I want to cut this into strips probably about a half an
inch long so we end up with beautiful
strips of beef like that so there you see I have all my beef sliced up and ready to cure now as I said you could actually
sprinkle salt on to this it would probably take a
tablespoon or two to coat this in salt and that will draw the moisture
off I’m not using salt in this recipe what I am using is a light soy sauce
which has a high salt content in it so I’m using this to
draw the moisture out of our meat so the mix I’m going to
use now has the right content of salt to draw the moisture out but the spices and
herbs I put in are down to you you can copy what I’m doing you
can add other spices and herbs in and just have some fun with the different flavours so we’re going to take our beef now just going to pop
this into a glass bowl now it needs to be either an earthenware, glass or plastic
bowl don’t use a metallic bowl now I like the flavor that soy sauce
adds and as I said to you it also gives me that saltiness that I
need so I’ve just popped half a cup of soy sauce in there I’ve got a
couple tablespoons of soft brown sugar just to add some
sweetness lets put a teaspoon of onion salt in there as
well and at least a teaspoon of cracked black
pepper I have some dried chilli flakes as well
just to give a little bit of spice I’m going to sprinkle some of that on there as well and why not I’m
going to a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce in there as well now we need to coat the meat over with
this so best thing really is to get your hands in there and start to turn that meat over get a
good coating then we want the salts to do their work the salts are going to draw some of the
moisture out of this meat before we cure it So I’m going to pop it in the fridge overnight
about eight hours and that will allow some of the water to
come out the beef good morning and that beef has been
soaking in all those flavors overnight come have a look all the liquid that’s come off of there and
I did give it a couple of turnovers to make sure it was completely coated it’s
absorbed all that wonderful flavor now I’m going to show you how to make this
with out any dehydrator it’s the way I normally make it you don’t need any
complicated equipment all we’re going to need is some nice open airy racks like this we’re going to lay our pieces of beef out
in the past I have taken the beef put little sterilized paper clips and
hung them up in a breezy area and that’s a way of letting them dry all you’re trying to do is to make sure
there is airflow any of the moisture is coming off
this meat there’s airflow and it’s being taken away so
take the strips of beef now and we’re just going to lay them out on our cookie rack now there needs to be
space between each piece of beef as well we want complete airflow around
the beef so you can see the way they’re lined up
now if you had these hung on little paper clips in a nice breezy area they would dry out
very quickly now if you’re worried about the drips
from the juice then you need to put something underneath now I’ve got a place in my back room
here where I can stand these and then all I need is airflow and I’m going to
suggest that if you just got a regular household fan you can turn it on a low
setting and let it blow across the meat now as that airflow goes across the meat its taking away the
moisture and you will be really surprised how quickly this beef jerky dries out one of these batches I’m
spicing up a little bit got white paper in here coriander in
here this batch here I’m just going to put
some white pepper little bit of extra white pepper over the top and the coriander seeds
as well so I got two different flavors just to
experiment with and they are ready to go and dry so with a simple household domestic fan
like that I’m just blowing across the surface of the beef and we can always tilt up the rack a
little bit like this but you’d be surprised how quickly this beef is going to dry out now it’s been another three hours five
hours in total and you’ll see the beef jerky has dried out even further and it’s quite stiff you can
pick it up it’s starting to dry out quite well now look at the colors now the beef is
going a nice dark color now it’s important wherever you are in
the world that the humidity will change here in Melbourne we are quite dry if you’re in a country where the
humidity is high you are going to want to actually do this in the warmer months it’s been a little short of 24 hours but
I want to show you now what’s happened to my beef jerky overnight so just come with me take a
look just how dry this beef jerky has gone now it’s pretty
firm its dehydrated as much as I like I like it a little extra moisture let’s get this back in the kitchen I’ll
show you what it looks like so you can see now just how stiff that beef jerky has become I’ve got a piece of the peppery jerky here and I will just cut that through it is beautiful and tender you can see in the center there
hopefully that’s going to focus now I’m going to cut myself a slice of
this off that is ready now you can continue
to dry this a little further if you like your beef jerky much drier but I like it like this and it’ll probably be gone pretty damn
quickly so let’s give this a try it’s chewy I’ll just swallow that normally I chew that for ages and get all flavor out of it now you can experiment with the different
seasoning on this you could even add a sprinkling of extra salt on as well
but I can tell you isn’t difficult to make it tastes
delicious it’s a much cheaper way of buying it in the stores so if you decide
to give this a go tell me what seasoning you use comment
down below and share some pictures across to me on Facebook or Google+ I’d love to
hear how it goes anyway be good thank you for watching
again share the love give this one a thumbs up and I’ll see you in the next episode so you know what
I’m going to be nibbling on for the rest of the day beef jerky and I hope you’ve enjoyed the
little meat series that we’ve been doing I’ll leave a link up here to it and to another video as well I’d
love to hear your comments take care and see you the next video be

100 thoughts on “How To Make Jerky – No Dehydrator Required – Meat Series 04

  1. Many commenters are stating that the FDA requires Jerky to be Cooked at 170F, This is not the case. They are miss guided, jerky in the US is not produced this way as a result of regulation.

    I have read the FDA Guidelines and you will see no such requirement or recommendation. I think they are confused by Food Code 2009 Section 3/F (d) which states these temperatures for Poultry Curing, not beef. Poultry curing is not something I recommend, I hope this clears that confusion.

    I would just add that if you are concerned about cured beef, then this is not possibly the process for you. Thanks

  2. Can we disable Youtube's title auto translate? "How to make jam – No dehydrator required – Meat series 04" doesn't sound really pleasant. Other than that, video looked great!

  3. Wow, I never realized it was so easy to make beef jerky! I definitely have to try this! I think the hardest part is going to be waiting 24 hours to taste it!

  4. Can i make beef jerky with your recipe and ALOT LESS SALT and dry it as your instructions if it is OK? Waiting to hear from you. Because of my health NO salt!!! And I also not like salty food. Thanks

  5. What is the best way to store this jerky? Thank you in advance. I not a real spice person so I made mine with dried onion bits and garlic in the soy sauce. I really like it. Thank you for the easy to follow video.

  6. I use a smoker, then a fan, utilizing the great Deer, Moose, and Caribou we have here in Canada.
    My favorite spicing mix I use is, Soya sauce, brown sugar, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, and my buddies home grown, dehydrated peppers blend.

    Thanks for your post.
    Do you thing you could do a Roo jerky?

  7. Thumbs up 👍 for you ! 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. Hey Steve! Thanks for the video. I’m glad to see you cut the meat as thick as you do. Mine are not quite that thick, but may give it a try.
    I use Nesco brand original jerky seasoning as my base. I add red pepper flakes, Worcestershire, minced garlic, sesame oil, liquid smoke, Brown sugar and a couple other “secret” ingredients. Then I put hot water in to dissolve the mixture and pour it over the meat and mix well.
    I highly recommend the book by Mary Bell, “The Complete Dehydrator Cookbook”. Very helpful for newbies!
    Keep up the good work!

  9. Looks delicious thanks for sharing this information, how long will this jerky last, for prepping purposes.

  10. Does this method work with other meats like lamb or duck, or do they have to be done in an oven or dehydrator ?

  11. I put soy sauce , brown sugar, onion powder and garlic powder, and pepper. That's it. Let in marinate for a couple hours. Then I pleat some aluminum foil so the meat is raised, and set that on a baking sheet pan. I bake it on 250˚ F for a 2-3 hours or more until it's done.

  12. For how long it would preserve the meat? if lets say I let it dry a bit more than you did? and thank you for the video

  13. in my family my dad only add salt before hanging and it was great! But this great idea I would recommend thinner and wider, my dad did this in the winter less flys

  14. can I do this with fish and if yes will I still be able to sleep at night or will my neighbor call the police suspecting a dead body.

  15. I have a simple dehydrator without temperature settings and I thought that I couldn't make beef jerky with that because the temperature would be too low. But with this methode you also don't reach a minimum temperature. My 11 yrs old daughter loves beef jerky. I am now daring to give it a try but I go to eat it first. If I am not getting ill I dare to give it to my daughter the next day. Does anybody know what kind of illness you can get and how long it takes to get ill?

  16. If i tried this in Australia it'd be full of maggots in no time. Slow drying in the oven is the way to go.

  17. my recipe almost same as yours,except i do use little MSG smoke flavor and garlic powder,other than that is same.

  18. 1/3 Apple Cider vinegar , 1/3 Worshire Sauce, 1/3 Soy sauce and nice pour of Maple Syrup. Add Red crushed pepper and a table spoon of black pepper.

  19. My favourite Jerky was purchased at Walmart, when visiting my Aunt in Wisconsin, years ago.
    It came in an unrefridgerated big pack, for about $5.00, and was as dry and tough as boot leather.
    It REALLY took some chewing; I loved it!

  20. Did the native americans have salt and dehydrators before? Cut that FDA thing. Itwas just the sun air and smoke that did the job.

  21. That meat looked pretty good but you should mention you don't want too much fat marbling, anything that doesn't render will decrease how long the jerky will hold for, the lean meat itself will hold almost indefinitely, but the fat will go rancid much sooner

  22. Deer jerky as a kid I wouldn't even let it get all the way done …talk about yummy OMG I need some now please

  23. I would love to try this Steve but I haven't got the patience to wait for a pot noodle lol. Cheers for sharing brother

  24. Hi, i have tried your recipe for jerky, i like how u differ amounts abit each time n try new flavours,,
    I make my own too, can u try my air dried recipe,

    1kg / 2lb of Silverside Beef / Round

    1/2 a cup of Soy Sauce

    2 tablespoons of Soft Brown Sugar

    1 teaspoon of Onion Salt

    1 teaspoon of Cracked Black Pepper

    A pinch of Dried Chilli Flakes

    1 tablespoon of Worcestershire Sauce

    White Pepper

    Coriander Seeds

    1,,cut desired meat into pieces you like and place in large seal top bag,,

    Pour the soy sauce over the meat and add the sugar, onion salt, pepper,chilli flakes and Worcestershire sauce into
    bag and put in the fridge for 8 – 12 hours to allow the moisture to come out of the beef. Give the meat a stir once or twice whilst in the fridge to allow the meat to completely absorb all the flavours.

    Remove from the fridge and lay the strips of beef onto drying or cooling racks. Leave space around each strip to let the air circulate and dry the meat.
    If you want to add any extra spices just sprinkle the spice over the top of the meat. Place the racks in an area where it is free from animals and allow air to flow over the meat. I use a regular household fan and set it on a low setting.

    Depending on humidity the jerky can be ready within 24 hours. The meat will continue to dehydrate the longer you leave it. You will be able to see when it is ready to eat.

  25. Love this recipe Steve!!! Best one I have found yet. I do a brown sugar substitute due to being on a Keto diet. Even my non-keto friends like your recipe. Thanks for posting it up for us to try out.

  26. First time viewer of your channel.Very thoroughly explained.I love beef jerky! I am a bit of a prepper and outdoorsman. This will be a great trail food high in protein👍

  27. Grind up your herbs and spices and include them in the marinade. You'll need to use more though. I like low sodium teriyaki sauce and marinate 12 hours. Manually mix after 6 hours and again a final time before drying.

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