Hello Hello, Hello my Karma Babies how are you Look what We have Here? Man Do I have A feast to day yes and We have? karma mail of A Beautiful Meal From and that G She said oh no, no, no no, no no, no Shout out but I’m not Shouting you out I’m Just Thanking you but She Said that I could Read her Card and her Card Said Thank you She Said Thank you to me and it Says in Here Hi Granny Karma I Am mar your Courage for Sharing your life on social Media with Us So Gracious and Kind Just to Say We love you yes Thank you so much energy? And I love Being on social Media Because it, allows me the Opportunity to meet Wonderful Amazing People like you Can you see the steam Coming from here Guys, We try to get Into This Right and the Card Set A sincere Note That Expresses my Deepest Gratitude for everything that you’ve Done Thanks Again Your Subscriber an Edgy and that you’re not my subscriber Baby, you are my Karma Baby and Inside of That Card was Another Card so? There You go and Inside There was Another Card and it Says Season’s greetings Season’s Greeting at that, oh wow season’s Greeting and it Said to Granny Carla Wishing you A fun and Festive Holiday Season and then She Said Please Don’t Think I lost my mind Sending this Card Early so She said Grandma Karma uh nights Gift and I thank you so much A net and Look at that Early Early Seasons Greeting Thank you so much so Let’s Enjoy This Seafood Mukbang I’m going to put this on I have on my Pusheen Apron Guys and I have a T-Shirt on Because hey, I’m Gonna be Comfortable I don’t know about you I Invite you in to have a meal with me I’m gonna put This in Here and I’m Gonna get Comfortable on that we’re in A Pretty Blouse Because What’s Gonna Happen it’s gonna get smashed I’ve Got A bad Here Then I’m gonna put all my waist in and I’ve got this on A Heater you Can See the Steam Coming Off and I’m Ready to get Started I’m Telling you so what We Have Today? We Have Look at These? Humongous These Now You tell me Who hugemonus King Crab legs These Are Huge Huge Huge Huge I can’t wait to dig Into Those I Had Some no Crab legs, oh? yeah Let me Make sure This Come on There, We go Make sure it’s on because. I want to Make Sure that’s heated I have A? Smoke Like I said snow Crab Legs I have These Huge I mean These Babies I’m not gonna Even Be able to do Anything with These Once I start on this and I know I have some Delicious Mussels I love Those I have Potatoes I have Corn and I was lazy Today yes I was lazy I? Did not want to Debate any Shrimp so I have some Some Coconut Coconut Shrimp so Let’s get this mukbang Started I can’t wait, oh my goodness I want to taste something Something Something Anything right Mm-Hmm I spiced it up guys Is so good, okay Mmm So it’s so good and I Just Put A Huge Potato in There I didn’t Mmm It’s so hot Down a little bit hmm let’s Taste one of These I have my sauce here Guys I put Some Others in My sauce I Love Olives and I thought And Made it Myself I made everything Myself but I said no what I’m Just Gonna Throw some on Hmm alex Didn’t even Look at that that’s my sauce This Sauce Oop I’m Losing Crab legs and Stuff that Sauce I Just made it out of the blue I know I have Honey in Here Have Fish Sauce in Here Butter Look at that Look, Nice I have this Sauce I have butter, mmm All These Musselsre Yummy yum yum yum yum I love the mussels Look at Just Someone Asks Me what Thismusselstaste like It’s hard for me to tell her but listen Let’s Get, Into This let’s get to this Bad Boy, okay? We do not have all day to be Fooling Around okay Let’s go right right to the main Look at Once You had King Crap Everything Else is like, okay It’s like I know it’s good it’s all good Turn it so you could see it, oh Oh, let’s Turn it so you can see get this all Up in There Goodness Gracious Alive Look at that Yeah, we’ll See Look at that Wait a minute, I’d be going too fast Guys I know I just be so excited Look at all that meat in There, oh My Goodness Guys I’d just be so excited that I just don’t think Knowing Look at This Look at This More Than I can even Hold in my Hands Two Hands And then With dipping my Sauce I’m Gonna Take an Hour Just Been Marinating and my sauce, was so good I Don’t Think so Look at that baby Mm-Hmm Look at that Mmm i’m telling you Did it I did A good Job this Time Every Time I Make my sauce I have a different the recipe Itself Esther I better stop better this Sauce Mmm still got meat, Leftover fish sauce Honey Soy Sauce Slap your Mama obey I just put Stuff in Here it’s Time it is Really good Hey I know, you’re out There I found you that gun in the House my Daughter just Came in Guys I’M in heaven and I was Just Picking out of Myself oh No Guys Hey Baby I would stay but I have to Take Shauna to Homecoming, oh yeah? Mm-Hmm That’s awesome so far How I got this dad you need to pick Their Baby to Homecoming Captain I’ll be right Back I’m Sure I’m Gonna Happen. Look at that oh I love you Baby Look at mykarma babies until next Time Hmm Lobsters I think I told you guys I get, lobster what’s Wrong Five-Second Rule Mobster Well Guess what You Think Because I Dropped that Lobster on the Plaza Little Without I Don’t know Where you’re From but Where i’m from I? Adhere to the Five-Second Rule and There ain’t no Way There is no way that Lobster, was going to get tossed out no? Way I see, some People they’d be like, oh? No I dropped it on the Floor so now I gotta toss it out Please if You you’re Good Housekeeper and You Clean your House the way, you’re supposed to guess what You’re Not Gonna die Mmm That’s Good – Mm-Hmm Mmm-hmm Yummy If You Keep your House Clean and you Clean your Floors and all that like you’re Supposed to You don’t have to worry about it and no telling Where your food’s Been before you got it I Have Sauce from Here and I have sauce over Here and He’s Putting olive on there mussels Mrs. Block sir Yeah I to that Baby, okay, let’s Try A on? What do you know it’s only a little bit in There I tell you? I’ll Take what I can get Hug You Guys! What are you gonna do About it right Yeah my Daughter is taking my Grandbaby My Daughter Just got off of Work Came home, oh Good yummy Yummy Crab, legs fat Meat got Off of Work and She’s Gonna Take my grandbaby Snow Crabs Are Delicious Seasoned Onion and Everything oh Yeah, we’ll Come back to you Baby Just Parked up There All the way it’s okay it’s Gonna Come out one way or the other I? Always have Such A hard Time With These snow cracks that’s why, I really love the king Crest because oh If I could tell you what is your Concern Intensely I? Don’t most things like The Snow, Crabs are a little More Delicate but You See Me put Something on the Side it’s because I am Videotaping and oh I got to put my o bit Beca and I’ll go back Later for The Sake of Time You Know, Let’s Just back up you know you’ve got A red lobster Somewhere to give you A bit right That’s why, Today I Didn’t wear a pretty blouse Really France Fancy Mike you know what I’Ll have Time for this Huh Can, you See the spin Coming Up here We really don’t want to fill up on this? here it goes again guys Look at that mussel beautiful You’re Gonna Take This and Take your mussel out With it Mm-Hmm okay so Delicious Okay, Now, Let’s Continue With This task at Hand I’m gonna stop right now I’ll stop and come Back Guys Guess what I Was so busy and getting Into This I forgot to even taste my Coconut Shrimp, oh Look at that meat Falling out and at Top up there, oh you guys Thought, you’re Gonna get away Didn’t you, oh? Salsas Hot, Cuz I got it I have this sitting on A heater mmm So good Guys so good oh I forgot to taste my Coconut Shrimp Look at that Look Beautiful I Don’t even Know if I need to dip that Hmm Cooper Came Over Coconuts Fries They Did A good Job I was too lazy Today Guys – One? T-Pain my Shrimp I don’t feel like doing it today so that’s what This other Part of That That One way it there Look at that Look at that See, that’s the Thing About good soil eating These King-Crab Lets You Really Really can’t get Look at that How Can you Can you get Spoiled I Bet your Pen and my sauce with my olives in it look at that in it pretty and you just Take and Take a little Olive out I Love Olives I eat them Sometimes I just go for a smack My Daughter is Taking her Daughter to Homecoming and Come back and i’m Still eating Bad Guys Mm-Hmm but it, did Have to stop for a Minute to have grown up with something But as School is Really Really Close I mean Sokka Still got more over Here Just do Some snow Crap Guys Let’s do a little snow Crab Here Guys Would I tell you When I saw my first very First She’s Football I’ve Thought about my father in January of This Year That’s When I started and Soon After I started No what’s a january It might have Been before then I’m not Sure Maybe I get Started in January but When I saw my very first seafood boil my Phone You want to know the king the the Icon of the Seafood how it Started? How it Started Check out Jasper Days da ze When I saw him do that Seafood Mud Bog it was like a light went Off in my head Like I have got I Have got to do one of Those and i did You Could Have Yours meet all on him all on There I was like I was Like I? Have got to do A Seafood Boil And so I think I did my very first Seafood Boil Right After That in January or February and then Shortly After That I Did my very First King Crab Legs and when I did my first king Crab legs I Was getting Ready to go to Work? And i said Let me Eat These Cake, please King Crab Legs right and that’s all that ate Me That’s all I I didn’t eat Any Potatoes Corn I like What’s the King Crab legs that, was it Look at There I still got need up at. The Top of Here That’s all at 80 and from that day has Been Mike that was an Denver February Just Took an Hour I know These Columns in Here can’t beat it I think that’s gonna be an Almond Sauce that’s from now on Look at that Piece of meat There Look at that Just Make Sure ain’t Nothing in There Nothing Like Making your Own Because you can See some that doing you want to Season it you know. What you like right So it’s nice to have A restaurant do your food for you but It’s a lot cheaper let me do it Yourself so these Mussels Someone Asked Me to put Those Mussels Tastes Like Hard To tell you what they taste like They, Don’t taste like Werster’s, no Mmm Actual Game for Mmm look at this neat Island Here oh I get asked a lot about Thomas B of King Crab House I Get every Piece for me out I’m not leaving Back Any Because they are expensive so I Remember Today to Get me A thing for you it’S 40 Dollars and 97 Cents for the Two pieces of King Crab 90 47 and It’s Almost 2 Pounds Just the two of them so they’re Almost a pound a piece you know And i still Look at Their I’m Still Eating off of One of them Still Eating Off of One King Crab Yes so I think They’re Really Really Worth it as Opposed to buying the snow Crab It’s not much Difference in the taste except they can get more meat A Faster Gratification Or Whatever you know from the King and to me it does Seem like that The Snow, Cracks are a little bit Sweeter Look at that This is a nice Snow Crap Here Well you Can find a nice One? Then You got it going on oh I Like the Coconut Shreds what Like this Crab Legs Better I Like the Young When i make my own Shrimp a lot Better? Okay, I just Still from The Original This One so it’s Really Really, well worth it Because If You’re not I’m eating Potatoes and Corn and all that other stuff With it But if You Just in your Crab legs you can eat two of them but I Can Really Eat Two when i’m Eating Mussels and Shrimp and Lobster I ate A whole lobster Remember Guys Look at this Look at this me Look at This Look at that Almost a handful Look at that come on now Look at that How Many Snow Crabs Would you have to go through to get that Look at that Look at that Hunk of Hunka Hunka Hunka Low Huh and again Early in The Sausage all kinds of Goodies? Mmm okay Wait Oops Down Here it Would have been all over my balls Look at that Well You guys Know Where the rest of This Is going right Debt-Free and Sauna Grandpa Ready A, some snow Crab legs I Can’t eat all of This but Anyway Guys as you can See I Love Carmel I have a desk that I have all my tarts on And Actually Running out of Space so I’m Thinking About putting them Something on The Wall Over up, over There I’ve got. A big wall, over There I’m Thinking About Putting A Wall and Putting all of Them on the Wall Just Check Them on the Wall Look at This Good Thing I’ve got table There right I’m not the mom Being Nosy Trying to find a mussel oh Interesting fact About Muscles Now I’m not sure if you know. Look it up you got the Internet right I heard that if You have a Muscle That is not Open? Look at that See i cooked them with Onion I cooked them with red Onion Good Thing I got a table right There I cooked them with red Onion and White Onion and Garlic Old Bay Seasoning All the Work Right for Them so for god God I know what I’m doing here now? Look at that Look at that Crab leg Look at that Crab Leg you, tell me that’s not a crab leg Mmm look at that Look at that Can you See the little Spikes on There I have Fresh Parsley and Onion All Kinds of Goodies On Here Look at that But that’s what I call a crab leg Look at that Look at the meat in There There’s, no way I could eat This one Excuse Me Guys I am so stuffed and you know How Potatoes and the Muscles Well There Goes for Sure? This From Bedtime for the Headed Up here Because I want you Guys to see it special But it’s alright I’m Full I’m Done Sorry to miss A bit Shrimp like that I Dropped The Shrimp Over There It slid Off of Here the Top up here Yeah I’m up here It’s Another some More in There Anyway if You wanted to Make something but Anyway I’m done With this Mukbang Guys Cuz I’m Stopped, I’m Full and I’m Done and We’re Gonna Call it a night, we’re Gonna Comment a mukbang how others Treat you it’s Fair Karma but how you Respond Is your Karma I love you Guys and Thank? you A, net G for a Wonderful Wonderful beautiful Card and A beautiful free Holiday Gift Thank you annette G. I love you and I love you guys and I’ll see you guys in the next Month Ba bye bye now bye bye


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