HOW TO MAKE CHOCOLATE BLOCKS How To Cook That Ann Reardon (Caramel & S’mores)

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann Reardon
and today we are making these beautiful filled
chocolate blocks using simple things that you have at home. We’ve got s’mores, rosemary and almond, orange
caramel and coffee caramel. To make the s’mores block you need chocolate
– and it needs to be tempered – marshmallows, gram crackers and something to make your blocks
in. Now you can buy expensive chocolate molds
or just use something that you already have at home like this container lid which has
quite nice rounded corners and a bit of line around it, that might make it a bit tricky
to get it out but we’ll see how we go. Pour you tempered chocolate into the container
– now I have a video called chocolate secrets that shows you have to temper chocolate at
home in all different ways and I’ll put that video and all the recipe quantities on the website for you and I’ll link to that below. Make sure your chocolate is covering all of
the edges, and then flip it over and let the excess drip out onto some baking paper. By doing this you get left with just a thin
lining of chocolate all the way around the outside. Smooth along the top edges using a spatula. Add in some gram crackers cut to size so that
they fit in there roughly. You want to do this before the chocolate sets
so the cracker is actually stuck to the chocolate. Place your marshmallows in a bowl and microwave
them on high for about 30 seconds until they are melted. And then just put a spoonful on there and
spread it out over the crackers so that you get a nice layer of marshmallow. You can make this as thick as you like it
just depends on how thick your container is. Pour more chocolate over the top and gently
tap to get rid of any air bubbles, then use your spatula to flatten out the edge using
the top of your container as your guide. Once it is set flip it out of the container
and tip it out of your mold. To make the rosemary and almond block you
will need salt, water, fresh rosemary, cream, white chocolate, oil and ground almonds. Place the fresh rosemary in the oil and then
heat that oil up just to release the rosemary flavour. Give it a stir and leave it to infuse for
around 15 minutes for the flavour to really infuse. Tip the salt into the water and heat that
up just to dissolve the salt crystals. Place the chocolate, salty water and cream
into a bowl and heat that in the microwave for 30 seconds and then stir it really well,
because microwaves heat unevenly. And if you don’t stir it will burn in one
spot. Keep heating it and stirring until it is completely
melted. Strain the rosemary oil through a sieve and
add the almond meal on top of that. Now stir it really well and you’ll see the
almond meal gives it a bit of a grainy texture. If you want it smoother you can blitz it with
a stick mixer. And if you have one of those you can also
add in the sprigs of rosemary for a stronger flavour. If you’re not going to blitz it like this
you can just add way more rosemary into the oil so you get that sort of stronger flavour
just from the infusion. Tip your tempered chocolate into the container
and spread it out. And then flip it over like we did before. If you have a professional mold you can use
that, they are a bit easier to use because they have the flat top all the way around
the edge so you can easily scrape the extra chocolate into the bowl. Once the base is set use a piping bag to fill
each cavity in your block And I am excited to announce the launch of
my very own limited edition line of nail wraps in collaboration with Jamberry. I’ve been keeping this a secret from you for
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below. I’ve also added an embellishment to this one
and you can get those online too. Spread the filling out to flatten it so it
is not above the top of the mold. If you’re using a container then just pipe
a layer of the filling into the mold, making sure you don’t get it up the sides. Top that with more tempered chocolate and
smooth off the top using a spatula. And then once that is set yes that’s right
just tip it out of the container. Now we to make it look different from the
s’mores one or we won’t know what’s inside it so take some white chocolate and drizzle
it back and forth over the top. To make the yuuuummy coffee caramel filling
you need sugar, butter, water, cream, glucose syrup and ground coffee. Add the water to the sugar and the cream into
the coffee. Tip in the glucose syrup to the coffee too,
now you can use corn syrup if you don’t have glucose where you live. Heat that up in the microwave to make it hot. Just give it a stir and leave it to one side. And then heat the sugar and water over high
heat. Once it is boiling wash down the sides of
the pan using a wet pastry brush to get off any sugar crystals off. And then once it is browned and bubbling,
add in the butter, stir well and then remove from the heat. Strain the coffee through a fine cloth, squeezing
it to get out lots of that flavour. Now if you’d rather you can use instant coffee. This caramel is quite strong and a little
bit bitter but once it is in with the sweet chocolate it balances out well. Stir those together and then test the thickness
of your caramel by putting a small amount of it onto a cold surface. And see how this one is setting very firm
straight away, I want it a bit thinner than that so I am just going to add in a bit more
cream to the caramel and stir it through. And then just test it again. Put a bit more on the counter and have have
a look at the consistency of it and keep doing that until you are happy with it. For this one I am using a chocolate transfer
sheet to add some colour, now they are just coloured cocoa butter patterns on some acetate
and when you pour on the chocolate the coca butter melts onto the warm chocolate. And then when it sets it will be in the chocolate. And this time I am using dark chocolate, if
you want you can use milk or white that’s totally fine it depends what you like. Spread it out, now I don’t want to tip this
one upside down because I don’t want the transfer sheet to come out. So i am just spreading it up the sides. And then press down your caramel between some
baking paper. And you want to try and make a square shape
the right size for our chocolate block. Then just pick it up and gently add it onto
your chocolate and top it with more tempered chocolate over the top. Tap it to get rid of any air bubbles that
you’ve got in there. Once it is set, tip it out and then just peel
off that acetate sheet and the coloured cocoa butter is now part of the chocolate. For the delicious orange caramel block you
need sugar, one orange, white chocolate, cream and water. Grate the rind from the orange, now when you
do this you just want a thin layer of the orange coloured part, you don’t want any white
or it will not taste nice. Add that into your cream and stir it around
and heat it until it nearly boils, and then leave that for the flavour of the orange rind
to infuse into the cream. In a pan heat the sugar and glucose syrup
until it just starts to go brown. Strain the cream through a sieve to get rid
of that rind so we’ve just got the flavoured cream going through. And then add in the juice from half of your
orange and stir that well. Mix in your white chocolate, stirring until
it is all melted. Then place some on that on the counter to
check the consistency just like we did before. This one is quite a soft filling, and I’m
happy with that consistency so I’m not adding any more to it. I have a pretty striped transfer sheet that
I’m going to use for this one. Spread the chocolate out along the base and
up the sides. Once that is set pipe in a layer of the soft
orange caramel filling across the centre. Then top it off with more chocolate to seal
it in. If you don’t have a spatula you can use the
back of a knife to smooth off the top edge. And then once that is set, tip it out and
just peel off the acetate. And there you have four hand-made blocks of
chocolate which are great for gifts and absolutely delicious. If you liked this video it would mean a lot
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