How To Keep Your BBQ Meat Warm | 1 Minute Tips | DJ BBQ

How To Keep Your BBQ Meat Warm | 1 Minute Tips | DJ BBQ

hey guys it’s DJ BBQ to show you how
to keep the heat in your meat the most common method is resting the meat
wrapped in foil, a lesser known method is using a cool box, place a thick layer of dried towels or crumpled newspaper in the bottom of the ice chest as insulation between
the meat and the interior, ice chests have been known to crack during contact with
a hot brisket or pork butt wrap the meat tightly in wide heavy duty aluminium foil place the meat in to the ice chest cover
with additional towers or newspaper for insulation and there you have it, foil oven cool box to
keep the heat in your meat, for more helpful techniques and hints and tips click the
link y’all woo!

50 thoughts on “How To Keep Your BBQ Meat Warm | 1 Minute Tips | DJ BBQ

  1. Just nuke them for a few minutes, then you know they are fully cooked and tastes like rubber. Safety first.

  2. Tell us how to tie shoes next time.
    Seriously guys, sometimes you must think your watchers are complete morons.

  3. You could just point your jewellery at the sun DJ BBQ and then aim it at the meat, but I think that might be overkill though.

  4. wonder if a paper says you gotta fill a certain amount of "playtime".. man this is just fuckin useless. love the other videos tho

  5. Next can you do how to season properly or season the right amount, not too little not too much. It's the one mistake I always make and don't know how to get rid of it.

  6. If that chicken had crispy skin when it came off the grill, it will surely be mushy when you take it out of the tight wrapped foil. I'd never do this.

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