How to Foam Milk for a Latte 3 Ways – COFFEE BREAK SERIES | HONEYSUCKLE

How to Foam Milk for a Latte 3 Ways – COFFEE BREAK SERIES | HONEYSUCKLE

There’s something about having a thick layer
of foam in your latte that instantly makes it taste better and it doesn’t have to require
one of those fancy machines. Today I’m going to show you how to make frothy milk foam,
3 ways. The first way is using a plain old mason jar.
I’m filling the mason jar a quarter way up with milk. I’ll close it and give it
a good shake for 30 seconds. Then all I do now is remove the lid and put it in the microwave
for another minute. This warms the milk and stabilizes the foam. Once it’s done it’s
ready to be added to your coffee. The second way is using a French coffee press.
I’m adding warm milk, about a quarter-way up and then I’ll take the plunger and pump
it up and down gently for about a minute. The milk will froth up right before your eyes.
What you’re doing here is incorporating air to create these tiny little bubbles. The third way is this nifty frothing wand.
You stick the tip of the wand in your warm milk, press a button, and in literally 15
seconds you have a glass of perfectly creamy, decadent foam. Clean up is easy, it’s portable,
and it’s a lot cheaper than one of those fancy machines. My favorite method is the using the french
press. It creates the most voluminous and stable foam. But let me know which method
works best for you and I hope this makes the perfect latte on your next coffee break. I’ll
see you guys next time! Bye

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  1. must use microwave?
    can i use fire as in i put into my pot and heat up.

    okok can i pour the milk into the cooking pot and heat it up and stir it?

    and what milk btw?

  2. for the last few minutes I was shaking a bottle filled with some milk and a bit of sugar, a small chunk of something that looks like white cheese is forming in the milk, any idea what that is?

  3. For me, I just put my milk in the microwave for a minute, then take a whisk and made quick circular motions till it was frothy. Am I making it right?

  4. Awesome video! I was thinking about buying a milk frothed but I love the mason jar technique and I have that so it's perfect I don't need to buy anything!

  5. Love the video ! I used the mason jar technique on my own when I used to live away from home and didn't own a blender, but I used water bottles instead of mason jars; worked perfectly !

  6. I don't drink coffee but like to be able to offer it, and I do like frothy lattes, I'm getting a french press. Great vidéo!

  7. Literally cool idea, I just enjoy my mocha everyday at home cuz of you ❤️❤️❤️ thank you sooooooo much 💛😭

  8. Just a quick note. You are using the milk mixer "wand" wrong.

    After you heated the milk to 60 degrees C. You hold that glass at an angle, and the mixer at a steeper angle, so that the milk is forced to go upwards and downwards instead of round and round. This way you can make much better microfoam that with any of the other methods.

    Make sure the mixes is covered with milk, but as close as possible to the surface, as the milk thickens, your should lower the mixer a little, so that you get a small vortex in the milk, this will suck down the large bubbles, and when the milk is like wet paint, lower it into the milk and turn it off while making sure no large bubbles form.

    Then you put the glass on the table and let it sit for 10 seconds. Then you pick up the glass and give it a gentle tap down into the table, destroying any large bubbles. Just once of twice, you do not want to destroy the micro bubbles.

    Now you are ready to pour it into you coffee.

    Hope it helps, if takes some weeks to perfect it. Good Lock.

  9. Earlier today I ask the person at Starbucks what they use to make the foam and it's not milk. It's heavy whipping cream with a shot of Vanilla

  10. The key to the microwave technique is using using the exact amount of microwave energy. Volume of half&half to time in the microwave is key. I use a Cuisinart CSB79 hand mixer for 45 seconds or until the half&half doubles in size. Too long and the blend starts to shrink. The Half&Half must be cold and the pyrex container at least as cool as room temperature.
    Start with these times:
    3/4 of a cup of Half&Half for 1 minute and 11 seconds in the microwave. If it is high in protein it will froth more and you may add a dozen seconds until the foam reaches the top of that 2 cup pyrex measuring cup in the video. . Time can be doubled to 2 min 22sec for 1 1/2 cups in a 4 cup pyrex measuring cup. As a general guide know that one minute in a thousand watt microwave is enough energy to raise one cup of water to boiling. Half and half will froth sooner. You could just stand there and watch it with a timer for the first time. If you use the same amount and same brand of H&H next time.
    In the microwave the work of mixing seems to disappear until around the last 50 seconds. In the last twenty seconds you need to be ready to catch an overflow. If you use the same half and half brand things remain consistent but you will find your own perfect timing and amount to froth based on your cup sizes and moka pot. This is the best foam because it doesn't have any water condensed in it from the steam jet nor does it have that stale air taste of the french press "nitro" technique. You know you have the technique down when all the 1/2&1/2 is converted to froth and you can pore pure hot froth into your concentrated moka pot coffee with no un-frothed H&H or water to lessen it. The negative of this technique is when H&H boils over and you have to clean out your microwave and not have enough froth to put in your coffee. Hence the exactitude and watching in the froth rise to the top of the container in last moments to shut off the power and pour the perfect foam into the concentrated brew at the bottom of your cups.

  11. I make mine with white egg yolk and sugar I wish it together and add 3 teaspoon of heavy cream. I whisk together and I add it in my coffee with vanilla pump and caramel

  12. Thank you for getting to the point.. this will help me safe money!.. I honestly find myself buying coffee just for the foam.. not anymore😆

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