How to Eat Like a Bodybuilder | Lee Haney | Dieting Tips from 8x Undefeated Mr. Olympia

How to Eat Like a Bodybuilder | Lee Haney | Dieting Tips from 8x Undefeated Mr. Olympia

you can’t train like a horse and eat
like a bird so that made sense it has kept body fat under control you’re able
to watch it see the quality of muscle growth which was slower but at the same
time you didn’t have to eat green beans and tuna fish in order to get cut for a
show mr haney many people are here to
have a look at you can you tell us something about your training in bodybuilding well first of all my training it consists of training at least six to
seven days a week sometimes I trained twice a day and I spend roughly three
and a half up to four hours in the gym that’s twice a day to two hours in the
morning and maybe two hours and afternoon what about your food my food
is basically this well rounded meals that consists of quality protein will
come from things like chicken eggs fish lentils was used some but for the most
part it was those particular type of proteins that was used I did use a lot
of powdered protein drinks not a lot of them I would some in the off season but
it was mostly food then it was carbohydrates of sweet potatoes was at
the top you know beta carotene also high fiber low glycemic index is the perfect
energy food and then anabolic properties of sweet potatoes and any type of roots
was very very good in highly recommended then as far as greens and veggies
and that sort of thing I strongly believed in the use of spinach so I use
a lot of spinach in my diet which is the perfect multi mineral complex so I used
that and it also helped to cleanse the body you know all of that is important
in water was this paramount and making sure we kept the system nice and clean
and giving the body what it needed other things like pineapple the perfect
anti-inflammatory for the joints I would do pineapples twice a day fresh
pineapple I would also use things such as walnuts almonds in the diet which is
very good I would take in as many as 15 you
know 12-15 whole eggs a day you know training for competition in off
seasons to develop size and off season as I got closer to a show I would do a
mixture of maybe three egg whites and two whole eggs per meal I never believed
in just taking egg yellows away because the fact of the matter is the egg yellow
contains something called lecithin and choline which have their own fat burning
properties let’s see what haney looks like well he
certainly looks big he looks hard he looks like he’s ready this may very well
be his fifth win Lee’s symmetry looks in fact I think better
than ever right now just standing there Lee looks like the winner 243 and
a quarter pounds but I’ve tried to stay true to is making sure that quality
nutrition were the part of my daily existence had relates to training for
competition on season and offseason I never liked my nutrition to be such that
I would end up being 30 20 pounds over my last competition weight so I wanted
to make sure that whether I gained 5 10 15 or 20 pounds I was still able to see
my abs you see it that’s the that’s the tale story of everything Abs if you got
abs that mean your body fat is is within control if you don’t then guess
what we need to make some changes bodybuilding is judged mainly on the
basis of comparison and experience judges usually need only one or two
looks at the top contenders to make up their minds but this isn’t what happened
in Chicago the top five or six were called out over and over in different
combinations they have this new school old school kind of a thing that they’re
talking about and I think because of the criteria of what’s accepted and
bodybuilding now sort of threw everything out of whack you know and
might you know when I entered my competitions you’re talking a 32 inch
waist you know with a vacuum well that was no longer the norm once during Yeats
came in after me it okay the vacuum went away the small waist went away it just
became about mass so the mindset of the bodybuilders as of lately has been let’s
just get big and now let’s try to Train down and get some definition and when
doing so you have to go through all type of extremes to get rid of body fat in
which you should have never put on in the first place whereby we watched every every ounce of quality as we develop our
physique so we were never in a quick-fix situation quick fixes causes a lot of
other things you know that really didn’t have to happen you know crazy things
they help get rid of fat which you should never put on this think about how that stuff wearing your adrenal system then you’re doing 8 million miles of aerobics
that wears on your system also and you’re doing it to your joints because the body is only
good for so many bumps in the road you can destroy a pair of shock absorbers by
hitting bump bump bump where your knees your back your shoulders it works the
same way so give the body what it needs and as you know and a lot of my sayings
has been trained to stimulate not annihilate you have to annihilate when you
do crazy stuff like get forty or fifty sixty pounds over competition weight then
you have to try to bring the weight down in order to see how abs or to get in contest condition

100 thoughts on “How to Eat Like a Bodybuilder | Lee Haney | Dieting Tips from 8x Undefeated Mr. Olympia

  1. Hear that?

    Whole foods. None of this supplement bullshit.

    None of this "bulk and cut" bullshit.

    You eat right and train right you can stay fit and get big.

  2. I love Lee's voice. This video makes me want to have some fresh pineapple twice a day. I love how this guy really gets into the science of nutrition, bodybuilding, and fitness. He cares about health too and proper form to avoid injury.

  3. I guess Bodybuilding will be more exciting to watch when the players don't really show anything until the event. They just have spokesperson telling the media how big is he getting and all that. To really see what they have been working hard for that period. For my preference, it just adds more excitement to the sport. Just like what "The Shadow" did when he was still competing. He says in an interview "Its like art. You never want anyone to see it 'til its finished". Then he explains how he cover his body up with jacketa and other clothing to hide the form. I guess the suspense of seeing someone evolve after sometime is just fun to watch, aside from the posing and stuff. 😊

  4. I lost interest in body building after his reign . The mass monsters took over . Not that he was particularly overly massive , big but not ridiculous . Small guys like Shawn Ray or even Smaller like Lee Labrada just got hosed . I did not want to destroy my body while building it . Now ? 300 lbs off season body builders with no symmetry are winning . Palomboism , insulin , HGH , and of course Steroids ( I know that goes back to Olivas time ) … who wants to be Rich Piana now ?

  5. I can still eat pineapples and salmon and chug a Shake alongside the mea :v Just have to make sure I dont throw up xD hahaha!

  6. I grew up in the era of Lee Haney. To me he had the best body of all the Mr. Os.

    And compare how he looks compared to Ronnie.

  7. "You can't train like a horse and eat like a bird". That is an excellent way of putting it.

    This is my struggle. Train like a monster but have a hard time putting on mass due to not having an appetite.

  8. Lee haney undoubtedly the best mr. Olympia ever,,, dorian yates just screwed the sport with his so called MASS MONSTER body,,, barely we see any vacuum these days,,, and the conditioning has just extint from the competition stage

  9. Ok..its simple!
    You're big? You'll get fatter!
    You're thin you'll get bigger(muscular)!
    Big:weights and cardio!
    Thin:weights and FOOD!
    Big: lower weight, higher reps.
    Thin: heavy weights and lift to failure!
    Both: lots of chicken eggs and green veggies!
    … last thing!
    Weight is weight!
    $1000 machine or a manhole cover!
    JUST LIFT!!👍👍

  10. My really really really favorite video of Muscle & Strength, Alot informative sir.

    Thanks alot sir for valuable information.

  11. “Let’s see what he looks like”.
    “Well he certainly looks big”.
    “He looks hard”.
    “He looks like he’s ready”.

    That’s what she said 😎

  12. Lee Haney, the GOAT 🐐
    Aesthetic god his entire 8 win run.
    BB went to crap after Lee. In came the mass monsters, then worse, they got pregnant.
    1998 99 Ronnie was the only time he beat Lee imho, all the shape but even bigger without excess. But even he went downhill chasing size.

  13. U look very angry n a control freak n i see u have a temper problem of your past relationship even with your self esteem is so low

  14. I like Lee he tells the truth and no BS with all the supplements (not steroids) It’s food and training no need to waste money on the powdered proteins,BCAA, Creatine BS. Just eat real food and train hard.

  15. Obviously the expert to listen to!! I mean who else can give the right information except a professional expert like lee

  16. In Past : Body builders are real men…👍💪🙏😎
    In Present : Bodybuilders are pregnant man…😑🖕👎😓

  17. What's crazy is Yates looks quite thin waisted and well conditioned compared to today's guys. I must say though..if Shawn Ray was even 5'10" he might be talked about as one of the best ever. He was always in AMAZING shape

  18. This is what's missing in today's bodybuilding. Mr. Haney is in touch with reality. Modern Bodybuilders are deluded in over supplementation and steroids that they lost sight of what's important, good and clean diet withour relying much on protein powders and supplements. Real foods are still the way to go.

  19. This dude ate Clen, Tren'd hard, Anavar gave up. No matter how much trash you talk about him, he's humble and would never Deca you in the face if you Tested him.

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