who gets the Ross fees cheap meal come on through guys make shout out to some friends over in Michigan there guys they're the one who suggested a suggestion and I'm ready for it let me show you how easy it is to make the best rock feasts cheap meal Emma don't blink first things first guys I look through the rocks Instagram guys and looked at all his cheap meal and we're gonna put it all together so first thing pizza or pizza so to make our dough two cups of warm water 2 tbsp about the dry yeast 2 tbsp of sugar and let this these activate see all that beautiful foam there 4 cups of flour going in a tablespoon of olive oil nothing cute guy just take that beautiful clean hand yours get into it looking for guys come on we know this were making pizza dough it's a nice soft though I always look for a nice soft or making pizza dough come on we know this to throw nice and for McCarver this let this proof of 40 minutes guys tomato sauce time so I got 2 tbsp of olive oil going into my pot here I'm tablespoon of garlic I couldn't get my hands on some fresh basil today guys so I have to go with dry basil hopefully you guys forgive me you got that cooked in one can oh and tomatoes 1 tablespoon of tomato paste 1 tablespoon of secret ingredient this sauce I'm gonna do 2 tbsp of sugar just because I know this can tomatoes very tart nothing through this guy's let this sit on a medium heat for about 40 to 50 minutes guys all right next Ross favorite blueberry pancakes up on top some milk oil 4 eggs ok Michelle in there somebody wanna crackling 6 tablespoon of melted butter 3 4 5 6 you know there it is 2 tablespoon of vanilla extract mix this in 4 cups of flour add in slowly a tablespoon of salt 4 tablespoon sugar mix it next chief me I seen the rock have was just a turkey healthy sandwich so I got a French baguette here and drop down that beautiful meanings mustard that's um how far to cheese beautiful turkey breasts nice and fresh no nitrates you know that's a good stuff right lettuce right yeah okay next thing I seen on the rocks Instagram he loves sushi so I got sushi grade salmon here I apologize to all the sushi chef out there I love you spicy salmon roe so don't you got that all nice and chopped up my salmon my bowl here roughly I wanted to have a cup full packed in so baby meanies or Japanese mayonnaise do 4 tablespoon of this Sarat chat 3 tablespoon of this mix this in there it is spicy salmon filling complete maybe a little too much mayonnaise but I love meanings sushi time so rough is it rough side up yeah rough side up I'm gonna do drop down some rice water on my hand here try not to pack it in so hard because last time I did this guys a lot of guys are coming after me because I kind of washed the rice in so I apologize I just want to spread out the rice sesame seed this over few slices of cucumber avocado spicy salmon mix fold it over there's one salmon roll or spicy salmon roll come please roll is gonna be easy crab roll so shinies part down get some rice that's I'm trying to beat the clock because the Sun sorry I'm rushing just want to beat the clock because at 4:00 here it turns dark or outsides dark and I want as much natural lighting here as possible sesame seed apologize to all the sushi chef up there yes I know you guys are cringing right now but got no time Thank You cumber avocado feed crap roll it up they're just nice beautiful fake crab rule 30 minutes in guys our goal has been nice and proof it's a little flour on the counter Ricardo here and I roll this out into this sheet pan here so it doesn't have to be perfect it just has to fit the sheet pan okay some olive oil on there pass this in with the sheet and I let this proof for additional 40 more minutes before we start baking that's setting everything up all right pizza is nice and proof all I'm gonna do take my beautiful sauce ladle my sauce on top on my pizza nice and simple we're just gonna do a simple pepperoni pizza guys with cheese big slices of pepperoni into the oven at 450 goes on the lowest rack here for about 25 to 35 minutes last thing we got to do our blueberry pancakes so they'll butter one ladle and lastly just one tablespoon of blueberries one minute on each side whip it not too shabby guys now pancakes are cooking pizza is out I set this up before turns dark so this is the rock turkey sandwich sandwich without chips it sounds nice and cool this sandwich right in the middle there you don't want just do this flip it this way just kind of let everybody know it's a turkey sandwich it is over just a bit now I bring in my baked goods that I baked off camera guys secret family recipe here guys like I would want to share with you guys but guys this has been in my family for a while so don't ask me for the recipe sushi sushi should I just put it here last cheat meal the rock loves blueberry pancakes I seen banana pancakes but first things first was the blueberry pancakes and he likes to drizzle it with good old Canadian maple syrup creme and there it is guys Dwayne Johnson aka the best wrestler ever the rock my favorite wrestler cheat meal or a big cheat meal so we got the pizza the patron our that tequila trip the sandwich some chips sushi a big platter of it or kind of homemade cookies guys homemade brownies don't at me because these are family recipes I can share it then we got the beautiful pancakes when are you guys gonna come by and grab some quick time guys first things first I start with this guy's I never had Patron tequila ever before I have tequila a few times but I don't really like it maybe the patron would be more more smooth I'll say I don't know so this is my first time ever trying patron here so the rocks favorite tequila a small lightweight ah you know what it doesn't smell that bad so I seen the rock drink his tequila with ice you what I'm gonna do drink it with ice-t all right it's like one shot cheers guys cheers to the rock okay I think this is the hardest thing maybe because I'm not a drinker but what flavor do you guys get from drinking tequila I know some people just down it like this if I seen the rough was kind of classy and Wrangler guys you know I'm gonna shoot this one all right the flavor I get from Tila is nail polish that's white nail polish or some sort of cleaning products all right a little bit pricy on the pricey side but I don't say it's all right okay I'll get into this guy's the pizza so he doesn't know warmth POV action I want you guys get the POV action on this so it's a little warm but it's still good guys the end piece all right the rock likes double dough pizza this seems like a double dope it's a quick tag guys first buy this has got it nice first meal to date pop for this look at the back cross it's beautiful I like these close shots guys pop for this mmm doesn't mess with the classic the classic pepperoni pizza little chip now to fabulous I feel that tequila slowly creeping in tequila quit out food is gonna mess you up that's my fear that's my famil I'm not sure wipe the rock legs double doll by hurry eats around for pizza doubled oh is it doubled or tripled oh and in case of peanut butter brownies just for one of his cheat meal for margarita pizza I shouldn't make my gravy top to death but lately I've been seeing him eating a lot more sushi then Pizza on everything on that no that's why you always look for an ice off though always look for one what next who's gonna do this guy's pancake quick ten guys haha with the lot of um where's that stuff called what is that stuff called Miracle Whip not Miracle Whip got the kilo tequila's kicking in a guy's might give me a break guys where's this call we're cool like I said Miracle Whip whipped cream yeah I get some food into me you guys keep forgetting things quick that he's got it nice I should get a plate check out this plate here there's a nice little reindeer there set you guys up for that Christmas movie all right here perfect clean bite of this quick time Miracle Whip all why don't I say Miracle Whip again whipped cream yes got it nice palm for this that's heavenly that's beyond heavily oh man what's that that's nice in the area guys don't see anything just listen to this panting said not sure everybody eat it all don't have me and tell me that I should eat just with a fork and knife but where I'm gonna put it guys right here on top of my pizza don't have any guys don't add me with this – I'm putting out the brownies don't ask me for the recipe for that I've told you guys it's a secret mmm I seen the rock eating more of a banana pancake now than a blueberry one button is challenged it was blueberries right another drink of this I think when you drink liquor you just try and learn to like it then one day you keep lying to yourself then one day you just learn to like it I guess guys sushi quick that that's got it nice palm for this tell me shake one you put too much mayonnaise enough y'all guys that's a perfect mountain maintenance guys here's the dragon or is it the dragon yield the dragging some sheep with that doctor that's something that whip cream on there Duke I wouldn't consider sushi Buddha hmm I guess because all the carbs rakugaki moving sandwich time shout to Wilson for hooking me up with this knife here or serrated knife here who's gonna cut through break almost to the middle because you know the NP is not good right everybody knows that you know get into the middle where the party's at right yeah see that that's where the party's at if somebody makes you this sandwich here and they give you the end piece I want to say this don't trust them okay guys take a bite of this turkey sandwich take your time around now it's nice and hot it's good nice home for this oh my yo that's on your time bear oh ma that are Vardi cheese on this so creamy that's beautiful so simple easy and delicious he doesn't like a nice turkey sandwich on there it's beautiful right laughing right now what do you guys want double chocolate I think there's macadamia chocolate chip the brownie or pecan brownie I think this is a caramel caramel pecan I don't know and lemon tart which one you guys want I'm kind of going for this one the lemon tart buy this then what end of the night guys or just come to grab some food it's got it nice this oh no I'm subjective Baker what's that stuff called coconut shavings on top which is nice you know I'll never ever be a lemon guy or a lemon dessert back when I was young but when I grew older I'm loving it just nibbles of it it's very sweet you save this for tonight make some tea with it to sit hope you guys enjoy this one don't forget to subscribe you have it also don't forget the pickle one your food and ice a beautiful thing check for it oh

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  1. Who guessed THE ROCK FEAST!?! I know there was a few you guys! Come through!!! QUANG! Since you're going be hungover tomorrow by that 2 shot of tequila… How about you cook __________________________________!

  2. So he has a secret recipe but doesn’t know what they are? Ok. Guess it’s so secret they didn’t tell him what the treat was

  3. You didn't bake those tho lmfao, u get all 3 of the cookies and those brownies from your local 7/11 lmfao, i get them often.

  4. First thing your brownies look okay lol. But my stepfather's brownies would a thousand percent beat your brownies! He worked in a bakery for 12 years.

    And the other thing is when it comes to your drink! It takes a real man to drink that lmao. But you always kinda put flavoring in it for the squeezed online or make a margarita you know that's how the ladies drink it.

    P.S. Also a real man would not be offended by a woman telling him the truth. Lol????

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