How To Cook Perfect Pasta – 4 Tips To Make The Best Pasta – How to cook spaghetti

How To Cook Perfect Pasta – 4 Tips To Make The Best Pasta – How to cook spaghetti

What’s up fellow foodies, it’s Bobby and today
I’m showing you four tips for making perfect pasta every single time. I don’t care what kind of pasta you’re using,
or what kind of sauce you’re using, these are four tips that are universal and probably
number three is my favorite, so stick around until the end. Also make sure you subscribe to my channel
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next week leave a comment below. I’ll pick my favorite one and I will totally
give you a shout out. Past perfection tip number one, salt this
pasta water so it tastes like the ocean. I swear I remember watching old school Molto
Mario and him saying this religiously. The reason for doing this is because this
is your only chance to season the pasta. Pasta is bland, by seasoning the water with
salt you’re going to season the pasta. Yep, reminds me of swallowing a big gulp of
water in the Atlantic ocean in Miami when I was a kid, so that’s perfect. What you don’t want to do is take oil and
add that to the water, because by adding oil to the water you’re going to create an oil
slick around the pasta noodle. Later on when I toss it with the sauce, the
sauce won’t really adhere to the noodle. Whatever you do keep the oil for later, just
fill up your pot with a water. Pasta tip numero due, cook your pasta al dente. You hear that term all the time. What it literally means is to the tooth. You don’t want to over cook your pasta, you
actually want to under cook it for about 30 seconds. Then later on you can finish it in the sauce
and let it finish cooking with that delicious ragu or whatever sauce you want. This is probably like the only time in the
history of labels, read the label on the back of your pasta. This says eight minutes. They know what they’re doing, they’ve been
doing this for hundreds of years, so I’m going to pull this after seven minutes and 30 seconds,
and then we’ll finish it in my sauce. Pasta tip number three is by far my favorite,
take a glass and just save some of this pasta cooking liquid. Check that out, this is culinary gold because
it has that starch in there so later on when you sauce your pasta and it’s kind of thick,
or you want to stretch your sauce add some of the cooking liquid in there because it
has the starch. It’s not going to thin out or water out your
sauce. Always save some cooking liquid before you
strain it. Finally, pasta tip number four, the pasta
and the sauce have to come together as one. This is a chance for the sauce and the pasta
to really hang out and get to know each other. You know, how you doing, how you doing. Because we cooked the pasta al dente it will
actually finish cooking in the sauce, which by the way this is my homemade marinara sauce. I have it in the freezer at all times. If you want to see how to make it and I strongly
suggest you do, check out this video and I will totally hook you up with the recipe. By doing this the flavor of the sauce is really
going to infuse into the noodle. The only time you don’t want to do this is
if you’re making like a pesto sauce. A pesto’s meant to be raw, so you don’t want
to cook it. About 95% of the other times this is exactly
how you want to finish your pasta. Now let’s say our pasta sauce is looking a
little thick, this is where we reach for our secret weapon, our reserved cooking liquid. Just put a good splash or two in here and
just like that, that loosens up our sauce, makes it nice and creamy, and nobody knows
that we used our secret weapon. I played up a big old portion for myself,
leave a comment below and let me know your favorite pasta to make at home. To finish this pasta and make it look perty,
I’m going to grab some fresh parsley and just hit it with some of that. Then my favorite ingredient in the world,
extra virgin olive oil. A little drizzle my nizzle. Perfect. There it is guys, four tips for making pasta
that will seriously hook you up. Before I bite into this make sure you subscribe
to my channel because I have new videos every Friday and you can get a notification as soon
as they come out. The sauce and the pasta are together as one
harmonious deliciousness, that’s it guys. If you want to see some more awesome videos
click on the ones below me. I will see you next week, until then keep
on cooking y’all.

35 thoughts on “How To Cook Perfect Pasta – 4 Tips To Make The Best Pasta – How to cook spaghetti

  1. TOP!!!! I would say that u have 5 tips! I really think the way u put the pasta at the pan, that twisted way, help a lot to doesn't stick, once u didn't put oil. What u say? Is it make any sense? Cheers e gz again and again! Love your chanel bro

  2. #1 mistake I made was putting the oil in the water now I know!
    My suggestion: I recently tried store bough hummus, it's good but with a home made recipe I know it would taste a LOT better (I don't know if you like hummus though).

  3. Hi Bobby, why do you add the oil? I've never seen it drizzled on after. Most of the time I don't cook it with the pasta and sauce in the pan either.

  4. I know some will look down on me for this comment lol. But I absolutely cannot eat spaghetti unless I have Ragu Super Chunky Mushroom or Ragu mushroom and bell pepper ( super chunky if I can find it) how can I make my own with this taste/flavor? Help, I want to stop buying Ragu in bulk amounts and make my own, just afraid cuz I don't even like restaurants sauces.

  5. Only 1 in 20 can tell if the water was salted for pasta, and salt causes erosion of stainless steel ( and sometimes pitting). Sauces have adequate salt in them, and all that salt going down the drain isn't good for the environment. Once the water is returned to a boil; you can cover and turn the heat off (no boil over, saves energy, less overcooked if timing is off) -no stirring after covering.

  6. Great tips Bobby! I always enjoy your vids! If I might make a request, not sure if you've ever heard of "Farinata Genovese", but it's a wonderful chickpea bread made of chickpea flour and is usually made on a sort of a cast iron skillet. It's flavored with rosemary and red onions. I think it's a recipe you should google and try out, and if you think it's worthy of being on your channel you should definitely make a video! 🙂

  7. I'm italian, and in my honest opinion you done spaghetti better than Mr. Ramsey!!
    1) no oil in the boiling water
    2) you put cooking water in the pan, and not in the pot (this procedure is called "risottare la pasta")

    Maybe seems both irrelevant things, but are really important!

  8. I found using less water makes for better higher starch pasta water. Using enough salt and stirring my pasta never sticks. I don't think using a lot of water does anything except waste time and water.

  9. When I started testing recipes for Caio e Pepe I found chef's only use enough water to cover pasta so they could get really rich starchy pasta water for the sauce. Finding out how and when to use pasta water really improved my pasta dishes and sauces. I enjoyed watching some of your videos when I found your channel last night. Have you ever watched Cooking in Russia on Youtube?

  10. i've watched so many pasta videos and i've seen a mix of draining the noddles versus pulling them out and putting them in a sauce pan directly.

    also i've heard many many people saying keeping the noddles and sauce separate otherwise you cannot use them as leftovers

    anybody wanna help me out with tips thanks

  11. Hello Bobby' I. Pray all are blessed in the Lord. I would still like you to make a plant-based meal. I love your videos and Dessi too! But why do you wear the red string around your wrist?

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