How To Cook Hot Dogs

This is how most people grill hot dogs
on a stove. This is how some people grill hot dogs on a stove. And this is how we grill hotdogs on a stove. Hi folks welcome to Kitchen Tips Online, the place
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for as long as you want, and you don’t even need a chip clip! Now the first
thing you should know if you want to learn how to make hot dogs on the stove,
is that most hotdogs sold in the United States are already fully cooked. That
means that you don’t have to turn your hot dogs into crispy critters on the
stove to make them safe. Just make sure you see the words fully cooked if you
want to eat something right out of the package. If you do a YouTube search for
how to make hot dogs on the stove, you’ll see a lot of videos that recommend using
a cast iron skillet. Using a cast iron skillet is overkill. Just use your
favorite easy to clean frying pan. I’ll show you how to make these easy
crisscross cuts on your hot dog, but let me tell you why you want to do it. The
main reason you want to do it is that it enhances the flavor of the hot dogs.
Especially when you grill them. What happens is it exposes the fat inside the
hot dog to the heat, and that starts it to melt and caramelize. Which definitely
enhances the flavor of the hot dog. Also making these crisscross cuts on your hot
dog enhances the presentation. And that means, they look pretty cool.
Here you can see for yourself the criss-cross cut hot dogs are much more
appealing. Kkay let’s get started making some very
cool crisscross cut hotdogs. The first thing you will need is a couple of
inexpensive wooden spoons. Now the reason I say inexpensive wooden spoons,
is because they usually have the smallest diameter handles. You don’t want
to handle that’s too thick, otherwise your knife will not go far enough into
the hotdog. Putting two wooden handles together like this prevents the knife
from going too far into the hotdog. All you got to do is cut diagonally in one
direction, and then switch over, and cut diagonally in the other direction. And in
a matter of a few seconds, you’ll wind up with some hot dogs that not only taste
better, they’re pretty cool looking. This is probably one of those videos that you
want to share with your friends. Okay let’s use the magic of video editing to
show you how these hot dogs cook up in about five minutes. Well there you go
folks, now you know how to make hot dogs in a pan on the stove in almost no time!
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