How I Meal Plan Using What I Have | July 2019 Large Family Meal Plan

How I Meal Plan Using What I Have | July 2019 Large Family Meal Plan

it's July you want to see what we're eating because this video is how I usually find out paper how I still not gone through the June list no so the first part of our July well second half of July meal plan is going to be finishing up the June list because we haven't done it all yet so let's just see what we have gotten to chicken alfredo potato soup no I didn't have any bacon oh you can pop my salami do I write this down I can erase all this so okay I can't spell I wrote SP for sloppy joe volley Joe [Laughter] [Laughter] huge huge okay I didn't do the soba noodle salad yet which I'm gonna make a video on don't you worry there's some really likes to put a lot of movies you sure hasn't watched three many movies with us listen I have work to do I haven't put up my announcement for this week yet I'm previewing this week's lesson so I can do that one two three four five six seven that's seven okay six seven a nine I'm a 10 okay that's seven meals seven for the 14 days I'm Chinese that's half of them okay let's see what we got chicken beef short ribs Oh what do you do with that do you just braise them forever until they're done what's right there you need to be braised they're not with like mastered everything mm-hmm what's this flank if that doesn't scream fajitas I don't know it does be fajitas this group he is what what I scream fajitas I scream fajitas is that fries you said I don't know what screams to either's and I said I scream to use okay what's a rib steak what's up I will I can use the flank for beef fajitas and then I have this sausage head sweet chili season sausage Oh baby what are your thoughts on that we're gonna make with that whatever you want whatever stuffed peppers couldn't I just stuffed peppers about yeah yeah oh no very healing my rosemary jumps on the floor okay I hate it I think you have a problem with organization get it I have all of these states what kind of these around the state around state okay I have beaucoup round state I don't know what in the world makes you have too much face cream no no such thing beef round steak recipe okay here are some options you ready round steak stroganoff so they have pudding mustaches mustache man he can see your ground steak with Mexican seasoning ground steak and gravy what is round steak good for a moderately tough cut round steaks cooked better with moisture doing or braising oh yes an alternative you can slice it into thin strips and stir-fry vegetables does that mean I could do cream are you to burp yes either my paper at you oh here's Danny a chicken dish barbecue chicken or a chicken inside I could also do that lemon pepper flavoring yeah that's small dinners two nights of leftovers from this list I'm going to make a grocery list and go grocery shopping I already have most of the meats I already have a lot of the spices and basic pantry items so basically I'm just shopping forward the fresh goods the bell peppers the onions the salad items the side dishes that will take us to the end of July that's definitely going to be under $200 for joy

11 thoughts on “How I Meal Plan Using What I Have | July 2019 Large Family Meal Plan

  1. Absolutely love you energy ❀️ and thank you for sharing your meal plan for the next 2 weeks.. this momma needed inspiration πŸ‘‹

  2. i keep trying to clean out my freezer but, i found turkey breasts ( a popular item in my family) .99 a pound….gona go grab a few lol maybe several

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