58 thoughts on “How Boxer Badou Jack’s Nutritionists Prep His Meals | The Assist | GQ Sports

  1. Most champions in the UFC are 36/37? So boxing is a young men's game watched by old men and MMA is an old men's game watched by young men. Badou doesn't need a nutritionist, he needs a new coach that'll tell him to start boxing in the first round and not wait till half the fight has passed.

  2. I Would love to be my own nutritionist but dont have the time nor the knowledge.
    Give me a James in my everyday life. Thank u lord 😆

  3. "like Connor, I can just literally load him up on carbs" That's the Irish heritage right there, they've evolved over hundreds of years to live off of potatoes and beer.

  4. It’s amazing how much sports nutrition has come on over the past few years. These are very clever and skilled and just really good at what they do. Be good if they brought out a book on their principals of how to set up and design plans for specific needs of athletes with recipes included.

  5. Another person who knows nothing about nutrition. That "superfood" smoothie offers him nothing but inflammation. Nothing about those foods are anti-inflammatory. Seondly, avocado on toast? Why must all of you idiots do this? Avocado at best provides trace minerals but with the inclusion of the toast, which is inflammatory due to the cooked crust, comes with anti-nutrients that bind to the only nutrition in that "meal". What this dude needs is blood, give him buckets of it, he'll rip any boxers' head off

  6. UFC champs are a lot younger than 36-37. That’s actually beneficial – imagine perfecting a fighter in their prime and extending that prime through nutrition.

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