Hot Chocolate Recipe - 3 Ways Easy & Best Milkshake - CookingShooking

Hot Chocolate Recipe – 3 Ways Easy & Best Milkshake – CookingShooking

here foodies welcome to cooking cooking all of us love chocolate isn't it let's make chocolate in a drinkable way today I'm talking about hot chocolate let's make it in three style all are very easy and equally delicious so let's begin the ingredients for our hot chocolate will be the same irrespective of the way we make it here I'm using some milk please use full fat milk or whole milk for better results along with the milk we will also use some chocolate hot chocolate without chocolate is not hot chocolate guys here I'm using some grated chocolate it is a mix of Cadbury born Willy and Cadbury Dairy Milk basically milk chocolate and dark chocolate I am using grated because grated chocolate will give a very nice and silky result now let me show you the first way of making hot chocolate it is very easy guys here I'm using our cup in which I will serve it so I am going to add some milk to it here I'm using cold milk as you can see I am filling the cup not till the top but a little below this is about 150 ml of milk because we are going to add chocolate to it it will increase in volume now I'm adding the milk to a saucepan and we will boil it if you want to add some sugar to it or some cinnamon you can do that right now as you can see the milk is boiling right now I will now turn off the flame and then we will add the chocolate to it so here I am adding about 3 tablespoons of chocolate you can add more or less as per your preference this is basically about 30 grams of grated chocolate now we will continuously mix it as you have already seen this is a very raw and very delicious recipe as in we are not adding any corn flour or any Technol to make it extra creamy it is naturally delicious as it is to serve the hot chocolate here I'm adding some cream to a cup along with the cream I am also going to add some chocolate to it finally I will pour the hot chocolate milk that we prepared and we are going to garnish it with some whipped cream and grated chocolate doesn't that look delicious now let me show you the second way this way is the one if you want to use lots of appliances to make it extra creamy so here I'm using the same quantity of milk that is 150 ml milk in a cup now I will add that in a microwave and heat it for two minutes please make sure to use cold milk for this recipe because cold milk will increase in volume as you can see the milk is hot now I will take it out and we will add it to a mixer grinder basically this is a blender in which I have added it along with the milk I will also add the chocolate to it once again here I'm using about 4 tablespoons of grated chocolate you can add more chocolate or less chocolate it's totally your preference now we will cover it and start blending it as you can see I have removed the cover of the blender as in the small spout that the blender has this will ensure our blender will not burst because the milk is very hot you can see there is lots of steam coming out of it that is the reason I have opened this after blending the hot milk and the grated chocolate for about 30 seconds I will stop the blender and open the lid you can see it looks very frothy and very creamy isn't it once again you can see how it has increased in volume and there is lots of air bubbles in this after pouring the hot chocolate I will sprinkle some grated chocolate looks delicious isn't it now let me show you the third way the third way of hot chocolate is very easy if you have a coffee machine at home I am talking about a coffee machine with the steam wand we are going to steam the milk in this recipe so in this jug I'm adding the milk here I'm using 150 ml of cold milk for this step please make sure to use as cold milk as possible now we are going to add the grated chocolate to it here I'm using about 4 tablespoons because there is 4 tablespoons of chocolate in this we will just give it a good mix with a spoon first after that we will steam it unlike steaming regular milk this will not gather a lot of air bubbles or will increase in volume because of the high quantity of the grated chocolate but it will get very creamy and thick basically if you add less chocolate this will get doubled in volume and it will be not as delicious so it's your call whether you want to add more chocolate and get creaminess and thickness or add less chocolate and get airiness and lightness as you can see it is ready I am serving it again with some whipped cream and grated chocolate so guys as you can see all of our three versions are ready they are looking very different from one another taste wise they are the same texture wise they are stock apart so do try them whichever one you can cry at home is the best so that's why do try it and share with me how it goes for you thank you so much for watching this video until next time make sure to click the subscribe button below this video and ring the bell I can beside it so that your phone rings every time I upload a new video on the channel bye take care happy 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