HONG KONG’S BIZARRE “MOCK MEATS” | Eating Food With Foodies On Friday Ep. 7

HONG KONG’S BIZARRE “MOCK MEATS” | Eating Food With Foodies On Friday Ep. 7

I’m on a semi-retired models quest to eat my way through Hong Kong or any other city I travel to with the help of food bloggers I want to learn more about the culture, meet new people and discover exciting new tastes in the places I’m in. Today we’re having vegetarian food There’s over 200 vegetarian restaurants in Hong Kong feeding three percent of the city’s population and that number continues to grow fast You can find different takes on vegetarian food here with different cultural and religious influences this episode We’ll take you to a traditional chinese tea house than a western-style 50s themed diner Really good and finish with the Buddhist restaurant Today, we begin in admiralty and we’re meeting Erika Hi, I am Erika. I am studying university in Hong Kong I started my food blog like an year ago and I would say vegetarianism is not actually very prominent in Hong Kong Compared to other countries like LA. They have tons of all of vegan food but it’s getting more popular recently would you say like the Hong Kong younger generation now is more into it as compared to the older generation. I actually Don’t know Cause like older people that say my grandparents, they have vegetarian meals, especially for the Chinese buddhist but For my grandparents they do Have different vegetarian meal during times like Chinese New Year but are not fully vegetarian So they eat meat on normal daily basis, but just on special occasion, or maybe they have a prayer Some kind of special occasions. They do have vegetarian meal But as for the younger generations, I would say it’s it’s more of the mindset of being a vegetarian and more of Being healthy itself and maybe environmentally friendly, so more and more people go in to the vegetarianism I see so you think the younger generation is more health-conscious but the older generation is more to to religion yeah All right, let’s get eating. As you saw in a previous episode, I love dim sum So when my friend Kelly introduced me to this first place it instantly became a favorite of mine It’s in a beautiful traditional tea house set in one of my favorite parks in Hong Kong Sometimes when it’s sunny outside, you see a lot of people painting or like performing and being creative But yeah, today it’s raining. But I don’t think there are a lot. Usually those are the office ladies coming for a walk They have sat in the office for like an all day long, right? Uh-huh I’m not sure cuz there aren’t like so much artsy people in Hong Kong. Oh, really? Oh, really? Why do you think people aren’t that artsy today’s? Cause they don’t get paid really well? True But in Paris, in London, people are so much artsy. They have dance for saying because exactly like a dance, but it’s just for a hobby But yeah, it’s hard I think Asian parents are very hard on their children right to like go to school and get those very secure higher paying jobs that are like guaranteed type thing It’s like the mom mindset they want you to be Well paid, they want you to have an iBank job was definitely hard here because the apartment and everything is so expensive. You don’t really have a choice You can’t get an apartment. It sounded so nice with the bird. We’re now at the Lok Cha tea house and they have all vegetarian and also vegan dim sum and they have a huge selection It is so quiet in here I’m like a bull in a china house what is that the same bull and uh, never mind. Okay. There’s a lot of teas. Soon as you sit down they turn this on for you. So you always have boiling hot water ready. And then they, you choose your tea They bring you the leaves and then you can just keep pouring your own tea. Here we go Butterfly loves? Double Happiness? very romantic names Rising Sun or joyful rain? I think we should go joyful rain. Alright for today. Alright, let’s do that. They give you one that stays really hot And then you pour it into here so that this cools down while you’re drinking this one So that you always have like perfectly the right temperature tea to drink You know for Chinese people we always do its thing yeah it like thank you or that’s enough type of thing. Yeah. Yeah Do you think it is weird? No, I think it’s like really yeah, but it’s funny that you just don’t say thank you or let you do this why I think it’s from one of the Chinese emperor tradition, but i am not sure of that so it’s like the gesture of Bowing and like knocking the head is like, thank you The inside is full of flavors and textures because some of the vegetables are still a bit crunchy Hmm, but then there’s a lot of softness in it as well. Yep The texture wise is quite good The new wannabe foodie versus actual foodie. I love when I see photos actually like this with all the dim sum But it’s better when it’s more colourful I am just copying you copying my angles So what is it inside I believe this one’s a mixture of mushrooms, but it looks like there’s other vegetables inside too This place is really good Now that we’ve had some Eastern style vegetarian food we’re gonna head to try some western style Show me your superpower magnet girl You should get all there’s a knife out that they could stab people We have a big piece here We got the Kobe burger, which is a vegan burger patty with some potato wedges and salad We all love potatoes actually I am speaking, do you love potatoes? Okay, I just spoke for everyone we got more wedges on the side Nuggets, vegan scallops, which I’m really curious what this is These are really good It’s really very nuggets It taste like chicken? Yeah This one is mushroom so it tastes like a mushroom with some barbecue sauce But it’s cooked really well and it’s really juicy on the inside. Look at that crisp. It smells so good It smells like garlic bread on a potato, which is even better Actually the chips with the skin so it actually adds all the layer Yeah, it is really good, I love them keep the skin too This burger is huge So I can just bite You want to? No We were amazed at two things how the food tasted so close to meats equivalent as well as the 50s inspired decor and antiques To finish the day we headed to TST for some Buddhist food. I want to show you something I was always afraid of until I knew what it was This is one of the interesting foods because I saw it when I came in There’s a lot of there was a lot of places selling it on the street and I wasn’t sure what it was But it’s actually vegetarian meat basically actually you can get some of the similar in a crispy form at convenience stores like the 7-11 we have some vegetarian snacks as well. This one is wheat gluten that is marinated. This one is a compressed tofu It’s a pressed tofu It’s very sweet so this is actually In Shanghai cuisine as well. yes, so usually for Shanghai people they have this as appetizer. So this one is a lot sour than the bean curd so together they work well like this sweet and sour hmm Fake shrimp style. Is this suppose to be sweet and sour? I think so Chinese people cook this one during Chinese New Year as well. This dish?. Actually one of my favorite dishes in Hong Kong I really love this one It’s bean curd as well Mmm the difference between Chinese and West Western vegetarian food. It’s mainly I feel like the Western ones, they’re more of like salad raw materials and ingredients The burger is not that Yeah, but for for the Chinese style ones we never got raw it’s usually Braised and marinated it’s kind of basically this is trying to get as close to meat dishes The traditional meat dishes as possible without having the meat. Yeah I think that Western people really like sweet and sour sauce when they go chinese, they always have sweet and sour sauce Yep, and that’s why if I’m in a foreign country The Chinese restaurants on foreign countries. There must be sweet and sour We don’t know this actually is similar to the like Canadian or American style Chinese food. Mm-hmm. It’s all in batter Mm-hmm. Our food is very like battered and with a lot of sauces. It really reminds me of that But here you never find a fortune cookie You never find sweet and sour chicken balls unless you come to the vegetarian places. You’ll find it’s a little bit similar We never got fortune cookies in Hong Kong. I was in the states and every Chinese restaurant there is fortune cookies but never in Hong Kong here Where does it actually come from I’ll have to look it up So this is the end of this episode thank you so much for joining Erika I’m gonna Inc Erika I’m gonna link Erika’s stuff below but was your favorite thing of the day? I actually really liked the Nuggets 2nd place where the nuggest was so authentic. Yeah, what’s her favorite? I really liked the dimsum I loved dimsum and then having it so many vegetarian, right? Yeah, it’s really really nice. If you guys enjoyed this episode and learned a little bit about the differences between Chinese or Asian vegetarian food versus Western and that you saw some new things because I definitely didn’t see The things especially that we just ate at the end in Canada And I hope you can try one day if you come here. Alright. Thanks for watching You

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  1. Tylor, I love your food series, thank you so much ! Please, come to Saint Petersburg, Russia , I will show you all the cool and hidden spots here 🙂 I work for a russian mag called "Vegetarian" and really know a lot of veg places here. St Petersburg is a cultural capital of Russia, with lots of traditional russian & weird hipster food. Summer in here is amazing, beautiful and not cold at all. I can show you around !

  2. Scrolled for a bit and didn't see anyone asking this but…how was the vegan burger? What was the flavour and what was it made of? All you really said was that it tasted close to the meat counterpart but for those of us that have been vegan so long that is hard to remember lol

  3. Hi Taylor 🙂 I am Sarah from Munich 🙂 I send you lovley Greetings. Could you please show the surrending area from Hong Kong? I like to see not only the skyscrapes, streets full of people and fried and greasy food. I love to see how the Hong Kong people stay healthy in such a overload city with minimal fresh and healthy air. Maybe they do some sport in the parks too or their is a healthy green salad and fruit trend. You know what I mean 😉 Thank you very much :-* See you ;-D

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    either you build up a fortune or squander your money. Greetings again 🙂

  5. Not sure if anyone mentioned this: Vegetarianism is actually really popular amongst the older Asians due to religious beliefs (buddhism and taoism), but just not fully.

    They will skip all meat products on the lunar month's 1st and 15th, and the religious dates (eg. Birthdays of the various gods).

    Veganism is more like a fad that slowly crept in with the spread of western popular culture so it is more widespread with the younger crowds.

  6. please help a fellow youtube vlogger to gain more subscribers and new better equipment that I can't afford on a teaching salary as an early childhood education sub teacher and a new mom to my 5 month old. Most of my extra money is to care for my son diapers and gerber ready to feed formula. With the money I raise I can be able to get the canon marx ll that people use and suggest for vlogging camera that pops out the screen to see yourself. The rest will be used to do travel videos and eating out to places to film. Alot of times when I try new places its money out of my own pocket, I don't make money on youtube but I do it with a passion to share with others. Thanks and grately appreciated.

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  9. My Chinese teacher in uni explained to us that the "thank you" gesture at restaurants with the two fingers on the table mimics the action of kneeling down as a sign of gratefulness. He also said it's very handy as you can always use it to say thank you to the waiter/tress without having to interrupt the conversation you may be having with your table companions! Such a great concept, I love it ❤️

  10. Seriously living for this series!! I always have to watch these videos while I'm eating ;;;;;;; also Erika is too adorable

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  12. Thank you so much Taylor. I am moving to live and teach in Hong Kong in July. I am vegan so I have made a list of all the places you have visited ( from your other videos too). Your suggestions are SO helpful. I wait with anticipation every Friday to see where you will go next. Thank you, thank you xx

  13. My mom follow both the western and asian calender. On the asian calender, it show the moon cycle. On certain lunar days(mostly older buddhist generations) will eat vegetarian meals. Those days can last a day, week, or sometime a month, once again it depends on the moon. But any other days, they will eat meat and regualr meals. Of course vegetarian meals when visiting the temple

  14. I’m a vegetarian myself, & I might want to try being vegan. I’ve had some “meat” that’s similar to the real thing. I think it’d be cool if we had more here. Love you Taylor ! 💘

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    Second: I was/am a great fan of Anthony Bourdain – his love for countries, people and food was legendary – a great inspiration indeed 💕

  17. Each episode gets better and better. It feels like you and your assistant are really getting into a good grove. Thanks for all your hard work!

  18. the first time i saw anthony bourdain was in no reservations the first hong kong episode and i'm a huge fan since then
    he was more then just a foodie he told amazing stories through food that no one can and now he's gone… rip tony 🙁

  19. Very interesting. I think you should go to China to check out some of the "weird" food there. You mention, TST, not sure a lot of people who have not lived in HK know where that is, think you could do better to let people know exactly where some of these places are on the map. You ought to also
    check out Taipei which is a great place for foodies, especially for Chinese food, even more so than HK which is mostly Cantonese food. If you ever come back to Canada, check out Vancouver as well, it has some of the best Chinese food in the world.

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  26. chinese vegetarian food is not equal to asian vegetarian food since there is a so much a variety and so much difference. but good episode anyways

  27. 6:37 I’m a sound guy. I like how the music and the echo of tay’s voice bounced off that stair way walls. Sounds epic. You probably don’t know what I’m talking about.

  28. It's not safe to eat China's mock foods. There is almost no regulation on the chemicals they use to make them. They contain tons of harmful chemicals and so many people became hospitalized because of it. Children are going to hospitals because of kidney stones from these foods. When in China, eat the more pricey, real foods. If it's too cheap to be true, be careful.

  29. I love almond cookies & shrimp rolls
    (egg roll w/shrimp)
    Here in the USA
    Some Chinese restaurants have fried wings,French fries, burgers,& cheese steaks

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