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  1. She's so real, and so pretty 😍 who else agrees?

    p.s just posted my first diet vlog, any support is appreciated 🙂

  2. Red wine has tannins in it, which causes headaches. Tested and proven. I can’t drink it because of that. No bueno!!

  3. i always shop at trader joes for my groceries. i feel like that store is made for the one person meals lol!

  4. Organic Foods are foods that are grown without the use of pesticides to get rid of the bugs around the foods. When people spray fruits and vegetables with pesticides, the pesticides go through the process of photosynthesis and the pesticides end up in the DNA of the fruit or vegetables.

  5. Their chicken salad is pretty bomb as well as their sublime ice cream sandwiches! Obvi not the best for you, but sooo delish !

  6. quinoa 👏🏼 cowboy 👏🏼 veggie 👏🏼 burgers 👏🏼 they are my absolute favorite! (the cauliflower and broccoli ones are good too!!!)

  7. I shop at Wholefoods and sometimes Stop & Shop.   Thank you for sharing your grocery haul! <3   I hope all is well in LA, heard about more earthquakes.

  8. They used to have chocolate covered potato chips (which are so bad for you, I knowwww) and they were SO good but they don’t have them anymore😭😭😭😭 I love TJ orange juice!

  9. if you buy organic foods that are prepared (like hummus) they have way less ingredients (good thing) and taste so much better once you get used to them. i like whole foods but the closest one is like a 45 min drive. ugh. so i do like 75% publix and 25% whole foods. i hate publix and i think they're a total ripoff but it's the only clean store with decent products near me. 🙂

  10. Same with the bloating!! I’ve really changed my diet recently (not dieting, just taking certain foods out) and I’ve been less bloated and also felt like I lost 20 pounds! It’s actually ridiculous…lol but I’m so happy I changed my diet and now just all around feel so much better!

  11. Quinoa cowboy burger cooked on the skillet like taco meat over the cruciferous crunch salad and the green goddess salad dressing is one of my favorites

  12. Girl! This video is amazing. I love that you are paying attention to what foods affect your body. I work for a nutritionist, and what you are doing is called bio-hacking! Sounds weird, and super techy but here is a link to our website if you want to read more on it. https://cleancoachcarly.com/pages/what-is-bio-hacking (PS: I have been watching your videos for over a year now, and you are one of my favorites! Thank you!)

  13. Definitely true about the bananas! As they ripen, their starches convert into sugar so they soften and become sweeter. Also dying to know what things you've been hearing about baby carrots lately

  14. omg i'm always bloated too but I feel like no matter what I eat I'm bloated immediately so am I intolerant to all the foods???? who knows

  15. The closest trader joe's to me when I'm at school is way too far for grocery shopping when I don't have my car with me (in Philadelphia) 🙁 also for some reason the large and in charge banana comment was the funniest thing to me

  16. It's pronounced like harry co vair (lol) from the 4 years of high school French I actually remember. It's literally just French for green beans.

  17. Lmao I don't know why that potato package said haricots verts on it as if that were some gourmet name it's just french for green beans

  18. When you freeze bananas it naturally ripens and sweetens the banana, that’s why if you freeze a whole banana with the peel, it turns black

  19. Yeah, cruciferous veggies in general cause bloating and gas in most people because they’re hard to digest completely and sit in the end of the colon

  20. 2:53 I like to cut tofu into small cubes then deep fried. Add some shreaded potato and season make a good tofuhashBrown.

  21. Hi!!! This is my first time watching your videos and I just gotta say, you're super adorable and fun!!

    You gotta try TJ's high-protein veggie burger! It's not the cheapest item (pricey for 2 patties) BUT they are made with quality ingredients and one pattie has TWENTY SIX grams of protein! You can make a super quick and very healthy dinner when you combine that with the cauliflower gnocchi!! And OH MY GOD!!! YOU GOTTA TRY THE SIRACHA RANCH if you haven't already done so!! I usually drizzle that atop of the protein burger & it's absolute heaven!!! Let us know when you try it!!

    raids kitchen OH! Must have seasonings?!? The "21 Seasoning Salute", "Everything but the bagel", and garlic powder are all staples in my cooking regimen!!

    ALSO (sorry, long post but I'm just excited lol) if you're trying to shop smarter, Walmart has an EXCELLENT and very inexpensive selection of both fresh and frozen fruits and veggies. I love TJ's but have found that their produce can be very pricey in comparison to other places.

    XO 🤗♥️

  22. Haricots verts (French) = green beans in English. To pronounce it : AH (the noise you make when startled) – RI (like RIhanna) – CO (like at the beginning of COAT) and VER (like at the beginning of verses)

  23. Love love love this type of video!!!! I love seeing new things I can pick up on my next trip to Trader Joes. Love seeing new ideas. Please make more!!!

  24. why I'm watching a grown up women telling me about how she bought carrots in the super-market. what is going on with me???

  25. I shop at sprouts farmers market. One of my favorite items at trader joes frozen pasta with pesto and cherry tomatoes.

  26. Trader Joe’s is literally the only place I shop for groceries. Definitely trying some of these things out the next time I go!

  27. Idk why I’m obsessed with this video when I don’t even buy my own groceries, I think it’s just cuz I love Morgan

  28. My country Canada doesn’t have Trader Joes! But, my favourite things to buy at grocery store are mushroom, asparagus, broccoli, guacamole&salsa as well😊

  29. I have been trying to see what foods don't make me feel my best either!! it's a hard process haha but nice to know you are too!!

  30. omg i love the cauliflower gnocchi! it’s so good haha. i really wanna try those gf toaster waffles tho

  31. I am not sure if you enjoy sweeter coffee (like vanilla one) but you can try vanilla soy milk – it is fantastic!

  32. I make a chorizo, egg, cheese, mushroom, and onion scramble for breakfast all the time. SO GOOD. Sometimes put it in a quesadilla if I have time and am feeling like treating myself

  33. Beware the meatless patties are NOT gluten free! They had wheat product in it. Just so your aware 🙂 also the cowboy burger veggie patties are not gluten free. Trader Joe’s isn’t super gf friendly but you just have to read the labels if your really trying to be aware of consuming gluten and wheat 🙂
    Recently turned gluten free myself was having gut issues and it cleared me up ALOT! 🙂 #traderjoesgang

  34. I've been dealing with that exact same bloating issue too. One morning I woke up with the flattest tummy ever and I was like "wtf" but then I realized that as soon as i ate a bite of pretty much anything id start expanding uncomfortably and I still have no idea which foods cause it and which don't >_<
    So far I've got a hunch that dairy and gluten are problems but there's more than just that. I'd love to know more about which specific foods are tried and true "safe" for you? I have a bit of anxiety around eating now because I always worry "what if I blow up"

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