Health and Wellness Ideas in the Workplace

Health and Wellness Ideas in the Workplace

– Yeah, we’re talking
about health and wellness today on The Journey. – Why is this so hard? – So Nealey, you wanna talk about what just happened over there? – I’m okay. – Yeah, so let’s talk
about some actual things you can implement throughout your day to make the workplace more healthy, right? – Let’s do it. – So creating a healthy workplace isn’t just good for
you and your employees, it also could be good for
your bottom line, right, which is always great. It helps increase productivity. So by doing little things
such as making small changes like standing instead
of sitting down, right? – Yeah. I know at GoDaddy we have
those little treadmill desks so we can work and walk at the same time and just really get the juices flowing. – Yeah, FitFam. – Yeah, FitFam, that GD fit
life but little things like that really promote not sitting all day ’cause we all know sitting
is just bad for our backs. Apparently, stretching
is bad for my back but– – But other than that, stretching
is typically good for you. – Right, do something active
or just get your people moving just one little step at a time. – Yeah. Another small change you can make is to turn those email
and online conversations into a one on one personal interaction. – Yeah and as Abe Lincoln once told me, if you’re on slack, you’re slacking. – Ooh, don’t wanna be slacking. And speaking of slacking,
get up, move around. Try taking the stairs
instead of the elevator. – Yeah, that’s why I kinda like
wearing my Fitbit everywhere ’cause it tracks how many stairs I hit or how many steps I hit to make sure that I’m constantly moving and I probably don’t take the
stairs as much as I should. – For me, whenever I need
a break, I’ll just get out and take a walk around
outside the building. It’s a great way to clear your head, get some of that nature, right? So the next way you can
help you and your employees is to just create a nutritious
environment there at work. – What does that look like? – For me, it’s having a water bottle always by your desk, right,
those recyclable water bottles. Just having water there. Having healthy snacks, right? If there’s unhealthy food
there, I’m gonna eat it. – Yeah and then we end up not feeling good the rest of the day. I go into what I call a food coma. You really just don’t wanna do anything. – It happens. – Doesn’t do that if I
eat some healthy snacks, apples, bananas maybe or a smoothie. – Yeah. And if you’re able to,
bring in a nutritionist. I mean, we’re not all experts but they are so they can at least teach
your employees, teach you what exactly to do. Your health and wellness
journey, it doesn’t have to stop whenever you clock out of the office. You could plan a fun 5K for
your employees, a kickball game. Those are great ways to stay active and also team building, right? – Yeah and as Abe Lincoln once told me, kickball is the way to your soul. – You have a lot of Abe Lincoln quotes. But even if you implement all these things and you have healthy snacks there, it’s gonna come down to
whether or not the employees have that incentive and want
to be active and healthy. – Yeah and it really
comes down to asking them which healthy snacks they
like or what they prefer. The more that they’re involved,
the better they’re gonna be to really sticking with that plan. – So what are some ways
that you like to stay active and healthy in the workplace? Let us know in the comments below. – While you’re there, go ahead, as always, smash that Like
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get these episodes first. This is The Journey. We’ll see you next time.

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  1. Great info I can pass on to my office clients. I own a horse ranch (horse trainer and Master Instructor) so I am always outside and moving.

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