GTA:SA – Big Smoke’s Order

GTA:SA – Big Smoke’s Order

SPEAKER: Can I take your order please? SMOKE: Carl, what’d you want? You gotta eat to keep your strength up, mayn Hey, I’ll take a Number 9, fat boy Give me a Number 9 just like his! Uh let me get a Number 6 with extra dip I’ll have two Number 9s… A Number 9 large… A Number 6 with extra dip… A Number 7… Two Number 45s… One with cheese… … and a LARGE soda

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  1. Adding another link since this video gets so much traffic, I've reuploaded this scene in 1080p60 at I'd really recommend getting your two number 9s over there instead 🙂 In addition, since this question comes up a lot, the song in the background is 'Gang Starr – B.Y.S.'

  2. I'll Have 2 Number Nines A Number 9 Large A Number 6 With Extra Dip A number 7 2 Number Fourty-Fives One With 🧀 And Large Soda From Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

  3. His order starts off the same as the others in the car. So is the 2 #9 and the #6 with extra dip all for him or is he actually making the whole order for everyone

  4. Two numbers 9 and a number six with extra dip is for the fellas not to the big smoke, for he is two 45,one with chesse,one number 9 large, a number 7, and the large soda is for all

  5. What nobody understands is that Big Smoke’s order was big so that he could stall the Grove Street boys for the Ballas to ambush them.

  6. A wise man once said: Ah shit here we go again.

    But a wiser man once said: I'll have 2 number 9s
    A number 9 large
    a number 6 with extra dip
    A number 7
    two number 45s
    One with cheeeesssseeeeee
    And a large soda.


    I'll have two number nine
    Number nine large
    Number six extra dip
    Number seven
    Two number fourty fives
    And a large soda soda
    And a large so soda
    Thanks you so much flyingkitty

  8. Big smoke ordered only number 9 large number 7 two 45s one with chesse and a large soda 2 number 9s and 6 with extra dip was for cj ryder and sweet

    But he also ate all the food 😁

  9. To be fair smoke only ordered a number seven, two 45s (one with cheese) and a large soda…
    But i think he ate all the rest as well

  10. Big smoke after this: ah, here we s—t again (it was something on one of the memes I stole from other channels (its on my channel))

  11. And now he's stomping around in Resident Evil 2's police station, punching the crap out of people. See? Protein will do that to ya.

  12. two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.

  13. Ah Shit Here We Go Again
    You Pick The Wrong House Fool!
    All You Have To Do Was Follow The Damn Train CJ!
    I Have Two Number 9 A Number 9 Large A Number 6 With Extra Dip A Number 7 Two Number 45 One With Cheese
    And Large Soda
    One Of The Best Talking In The Gta Series

  14. This is a main reason why i like to play gta sa than gta 5 cause i can do drive thru and eat at restaurants. Gta sa and bully is my favourite games in 2000s even those their graphics are not good like game these day but their gameplay fill my enjoyment

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