Grilled Lemongrass Pork Bánh Mì As Made By Su • Tasty

Grilled Lemongrass Pork Bánh Mì As Made By Su • Tasty

[Music] hi my name is Susan I’m the senior culinary manager here at tasty and today I’m going to show you how to make my aunt’s version of bun meat with lemongrass quark so this recipe comes from my aunt her name is Matt my aunt has always been one of the hardest workers I’ve ever seen ever since she’s moved to the States from Vietnam I remember being a little girl and she had a been me shop in Seattle and so I never went hungry anytime I wanted a bunny fix I could just walk over to my aunt’s sandwich shop and load up and it kind of was where I agreed to love this very traditional Vietnamese sandwich since then she’s moved away from Seattle and now is based in the Cypress kind of Long Beach area and she has another fantastic sandwich shop called sandwich house she is the person that gave me this recipe to make but I’ve made a couple of small adjustments to make it a little bit more move there’s a couple of key components to the recipe the first one you want to get started are the pickled vegetables because those take at least one day to get all pickly and delicious it’s very very simple it’s just carrots and daikon so daikon is a long white radish which is actually pre mild in flavor so it’s perfect for the use in a pickles application because it really takes on any flavor that you add to it and what the salt and the sugar and the vinegar do is just come together to draw out the delicious sweetness from the carrots and the daikon and it’s just the perfect addition to the sandwich because it kind of keeps the sandwich really nice and light so in this recipe for the lemongrass pork you use four whole stalks of lemongrass and it might seem excessive like it’s a ton but really you only use the center of the lemongrass which is the most tender part and you’ll add it to the dish after you cook it down to kind of soften it up a little bit cuz lemongrass even when cooked tends to have a little bit of a bite to it so you definitely want to cut it really really fine and then saute it just to kind of further soften it so that it tastes the best it can in the dish so I fortune feed media I’m gonna age myself out like right now but I do ports and food media for about 15 years but last year when tasty asked me to make my version of fun I actually jumped at the chance because up to that point I had actually never been asked to make a dish that I truly believed in that was part of my culture and I thought that was so amazing tasty was actively trying to make content that was really diverse and it showcased Asian cultures so what I do that’s a little bit different from my aunt does is that she actually doesn’t use fish sauce which to me there is no that means recipe that is complete without a little bit of fish sauce so I add a dash into the marinade and that’s just my little secret and will like never tell her ever so my aunt uses pork butt for this recipe because it has a lot of nice marbling that runs through it and it stays really juicy on the grill and it’s really hard to dry out well that’s marinating you ready cook down a ton of lemongrass and onion just until it’s softened and it lightly caramelized then she adds it to the meat after it’s finished grilling and I thought that was just super super smart and kind of puts you in more control of how the vegetables react in the dish I decided to do this by me sandwich because I feel like bunnies have been growing in popularity you kind of see them in a ton of different type of sandwich shops not just bunny shops you know in Chinatown or Little Saigon you’re actually seeing them on menus in even American sandwich shops which i think is really exciting because I think it’s saying that people are really ready to try new cultures food and different flavors and I think it’s a really exciting time in food another secret that we won’t tell my aunt is I add a layer of whipped pate to my bun meat it’s something that’s interesting because my aunt doesn’t find it traditional but for me it’s just past any part of it that means I think sometimes when certain foods are what people will say it’s westernized people see it as a bad thing and I don’t know that’s a bigger topic for sure but I think that what it’s at least telling me is that people are are ready to try new things even if it’s not the authentic traditional way that I grew up having it it is saying that people at least know what about me is I don’t think that is the case 15 years ago ABM is such an exciting time before the Asian community because I’m just showing you one recipe from my Vietnamese roots but there’s so many other cultures of so much history that were able to celebrate during this very special month I love sandwiches so much and bunnies really are my absolute favorite oh oh yes

100 thoughts on “Grilled Lemongrass Pork Bánh Mì As Made By Su • Tasty

  1. Wonderful recipe. I'm surprised. In every bahn mi shop I've ever been to, the grilled pork has fish sauce in the marinade and the sandwich comes with pate unless you say you don't want it.

  2. Minus the pâté and add avocado + sriracha, and it’s the most perfect sandwich (for me at least) ☺️

  3. Ồ DÊ!! Gửi tới chị Su tình iu lớn lớn đến từ Việt Nam!!!
    ….CHỊ iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Really happy finally you have a VNese recipe after the PHỞ!!!

  4. The real bánh mì has to have pâte in it. We even have a saying that involving that bánh mì há to have pâté as a component. Again, this looks good and well done! Love to see these kind of videos

  5. Looks delicious. I personally wouldn't have thought to throw pate in there, but I'm willing to try anything at least once. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I’m a Vietnamese and the only question could think of is WhY thE hEck doES shE cuT ThE veGetAbles So ThicC?

  7. I always thought of Bahn Mi as Vietnamese culture mixed with French Colonialism, hence the French Roll. In that sense pate totally works.

  8. Having paté in Bánh mì is very traditional to me. My grandma made paté only for eating with Bánh mì. And I ate fried paté egg Bánh mì for breakfast almost every day back in Highschool ?

  9. Paté in banh mi is super traditional. I've never had it without paté either in North America or Vietnam.

  10. How many were wishing they would make homemade bread for Banh mi in this video? Also people please stop saying yeah this is the real thing. Bahn mi refers to the bread not what does in it. You can get several versions of this type of sandwich and they are all the real thing. What makes them different is the bread.

  11. I'm Vietnamese and I'd like to say that this is the closest bánh mì ever on Tasty. First, adding pate and mayo isn't a twist, it's something every Vietnamese have in bánh mì. Second, we don't cut grilled pork into small squares, we cut them into long stripes. However, I'm glad Tasty get it right this time

  12. Her aunt's name is not "mah op" for those who read the sub, it's "má út" and pronounced "ma oot". :3

  13. Wow…. Bánh mì phổ biến cmnr!! Vui quá!! Cảm ơn các bạn quốc tế rất nhiều!! ???

  14. How amazing. I'll always hold fast to my view that food is the great uniter. I love foreign recipes. I love local recipes. I just love food, and it always seems to improve itself the more I learn. Thank you for this.

  15. Nice dish but holy fucking shit what the fuck is up with the valley accent… I wanna sew my ears shut after listening to this.

  16. Pâté is essential in bánh mì. Change my mind, it’s like, so good with the pickles.

  17. Good Job. I see you cook that bánh mì, I so hungry. Thank you so much of you video( I'm from Việt Nam).

  18. Jesus fucking Christ. This looks like a nice sandwich, but aside from the pickles and cucumber this is so way fucking off a Banh Mi it's embarrassing.

  19. Bánh Mì literally means 'bread', which makes me laugh when chefs says "Today we're going to make some Bánh Mì" while holding a mini-baguette.

  20. Wayyyy too much cucumber and carrot for my taste. And you're right about the fish sauce, I add it in every dish I make

  21. You should slice the vegies smaller and mix them with mayor also you may wanna grilled the onion a little bit

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