Greek meatballs with rice in yogurt sauce – Yuvarlakia | Akis Petretzikis Kitchen

Greek meatballs with rice in yogurt sauce – Yuvarlakia | Akis Petretzikis Kitchen

Hello lovely people of YouTube and welcome back to Akis Kitchen! Today, I have a very comfort, Greek food called Yuvarlakia! It is actually extremely aromatic meatballs with rice dill, rosemary and lemon zest combined with a smooth and creamy yogurt sauce that will drive you wild! A dish with a great taste and character! So, let’s start making the yuvarlakia. Actually, I have to admit that this is the easiest way to make the perfect soup, combining meat and rice, and herbs… so easy and so tasty at the same time! Look at that. Now, we need first of all one onion and you need to extremely thinly dice the onion. So, finely chop the onion… like this. And the onion goes inside the bowl, like this. Just to know, Greek cuisine is the simplest cuisine all over the world but you have to put very good ingredients to make it nice. Now, we have onion we have garlic… one clove of garlic, again finely chop the garlic, like this. And the garlic goes in. Now it’s time for the herbs. We have dill and we have mint. Don’t be stingy with mint be a little bit stingy with dill. We don’t need a lot of dill because it will cover all the other tastes of the ingredients. Now, add the dill and of course the mint. Mint goes in. We’ll add a little bit of thyme. Thyme goes in. Now, in Greece we love lemon. Two lemons… take only the zest. Salt… and pepper. And actually, this is a good starter to make a very nice and tasty food. Look at that… onion, lemon, garlic, lots of herbs! We know from the start that the food will be lovely and tasty. Now, add the rice and the ground beef. One egg. Put some gloves… And what did I forget? Of course, I forgot to add the secret of life extra virgin Greek olive oil. Put some olive oil in and mix everything together. This is a very, very unique and very, very simple recipe that you will love. And a very traditional Greek recipe. Now, this was the easy part of the recipe. The hard part in the recipe is to cook everything together. How will we do that? It’s not so hard, it’s so easy because actually we need a pot… and we need to make all this lovely filling into nice balls and put them inside the pot. I love this recipe because it is so easy to make, really. And actually, if you think about it all this lovely meat and herbs will cook with the water inside here and will make the best stock ever. We’ll use this stock to serve with the meatballs. I love this recipe, so easy, everybody can do it. And so, so tasty. And it’s time to add very gently the water, at room temperature please. Inside the pot…beauty! Some rosemary. We need some lemon. Take the peeler… some skin inside. Rosemary and lemon for me, is one of the best combinations ever. One chicken cube… and some bay leaves. Put on heat and from the moment that the water starts to boil you will count 30-40 minutes. But you need to simmer do not overboil. Because if you overboil your meatballs will actually crack and break. We need to simmer in low heat for 30-40 minutes. My yuvarlakia are ready! Take off the heat… Very simple recipe. We need Greek yogurt strained yogurt to give some thickness to the sauce. We need the juice of one lemon… inside, voila! Some salt and pepper… and a pinch of salt. A little bit of dill… inside. And whisk all the ingredients together. Now, take the broth of the yuvarlakia pour it inside the yogurt… and whisk very well until combined. It smells so delicious, look at this! Pour that in… and look at this. The healthiest soup ever! Now, I want to make this movement to make sure that the sauce goes everywhere. And look at this! It’s time to serve so simple and so, so nice! Look at this! This is a Greek type of meatballs called yuvarlakia. This is a recipe that you will love! Look at this! And how do we serve this lovely yuvarlakia? I will show you. First of all we need some feta cheese. Olive oil… and of course, some oregano. We love this flavor. Then, we need some nice bread. Because you have to soak all this lovely broth from the yuvarlakia… and I will put it next to it, here, like this. A little bit of dill on top, a little bit of pepper. And just some wedges of lemon… here. So, if somebody wants more lemon, he’ll add more lemon. And a little bit of zest. Voila! This is lovely, so simple and so nice! I told you, Greek cuisine is amazing! So simple recipes but at the end, they are so tasty and so healthy! So, if you like that video, you have to subscribe to my channel, make comments underneath the video and of course, share this lovely recipe with your friends! Make some yuvarlakia, invite your Greek friends, take some photos… and see you next time! Bye bye, yia sas!

100 thoughts on “Greek meatballs with rice in yogurt sauce – Yuvarlakia | Akis Petretzikis Kitchen

  1. So i just happen to have all the ingredients on hand except the greek yogurt.. i have plain yogurt.. up to making it.. wish me luck..

  2. So I made the recipe as noted and my meatballs were REALLY wet and hard to form. But made them anyway and they just dissolved while simmering. Is there a certain fat ratio the meat should have?

  3. Great kitchen design! Can't wait to try this!
    I love drinking heated fresh lemonade with rosemary.
    I wish I had Greek friends 😔

  4. For the person who doesnt mind the extra effort, could you sear the meat first to give it colour before simmering?

  5. Quick question, would a substitution of lamb or pork mince be ok without tasting too awkward? Wanna make this at a dinner party with your gemista but I got a couple of friends that don't eat beef.

    Also thanks for the crackin recipes. I really lament the fact that Australia doesn't have many genuine Greek restaurants/eateries that serve dishes beyond the yiro, and those restaurants that are Greek don't have many helpful waiters or waitresses that are passionate about the cuisine like yourself and explain/describe it properly, so you kinda feel that their offerings are not genuine. Keep up the great work!

  6. Your french is amazing !
    5 months remaining before i fly again to Greece . When you have tasted Greece , the months separing you the summer holidays are like decades..

  7. This dish was amazing! I made it tonight and was so happy while I was eating it – I made it for my grandfather as well who has been sick, and this settled on his stomach so well and he was very pleased! I'm so glad I made this and can't wait to make it again – thanks for sharing, Akis. 🙂

  8. Thanks for the lovely recipe, one of my favourites since I first ate it. Always a pleasure to watch you cooking!

  9. I’ve made this dish a million times and never thought to add yogurt.. will definitely try it .. favourite meal of all time 😉

  10. My Greek friend from Thessaloniki says that is not traditional yuvarlakia. I made it your way and he made it the Greek way and people preferred mine. Lol

  11. I followed this recipe precisely but sadly, found it rather disappointing. The meatballs tasted rather bland and the "soup" came out a bit gunky although I did my best to get rid of the scum that was rising to the top while it was cooking. ( The video does not address that part at all and I am not sure why the broth in the pan looks milky in the video as it's being taken off the hob- something to do with the type of rice? )
    I appreciate that this is the simplest and the least faffsome way to cook these but I'd prefer more taste even if it means more faff. I liked the yogurt instead of avgolemono hack though.

  12. This is my next recipe. My mom used to make with avgolemono. I’m going to try with yogurt sauce/soup. Today in Chicago it is -17C. FREEZING COLD. So I made Akis’ Greek onion soup to keep warm. Delicious, warming, out of this world delightful. ❤️

  13. You also have to make avgolemono. (egg yolks-lemon juice) and add to the stew in the end. Where is that?

    And you also need to put rice in the meatballs I think.

  14. This meal looks amazing
    I can’t wait to make.
    Akis, have you ever heard of the Jordanian dish called “mansaf”?
    Can you show us how you would make it please?

  15. Can I ask you a question. Im married to a Greek for over 25 yrs. We make anything soup, yuverlakia we use avgolemono, how come you use yogourt??

  16. thank u so much – the yogurt was awesome as i missed tomato sauce ( which i cannot eat ) so i finally got to have meat balls –

  17. I made the Greek yogurt meat balls this is so tasty 👌 love all Greek food I would love to go to Greece someday 😍

  18. Question please? I make this almost exactly the same. Until the sauce with yogurt. Instead I mix egg with lemon and slowly add the soup to the egg until it is hot and then add to the pot. It looks the same but I won't keep it to reheat even later that night. Is it ok to reheat with yogurt instead? My recipe is from my yaya.

  19. Greek food is incredibly underrated in world food…. it’s in the top 5 for food nation-wise for me!
    Always fresh and the flavour is incredible.
    #JusticeForGreekFood 🇬🇷

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