– [Both] Hi! – Whoa, holy schmoly, it’s Jimminy James,
aka Hammus. – Welcome back. – Sheldon Cooper, that one. We are back, James
in a new house, so this is a new kitchen. He has a new child, he has a new job. – Yes. – It’s finally settled. – But we’re now ready for some giant food-ness. – How are you, you alright? – Yes, mate. I’m good, let’s get on with it. – Yes, let’s get on, sorry. We’re making a
giant… – Snickers. – Snickers, aka a Marathon bar, back in the
day. Very excited for this. – Very back in the day. – We’ve already been to the shop. And got
our ingredients and utensils. – So this is how we got on. – Hey! Hey♫ You wouldn’t believe the range! – Huh. What you thinking? That big enough, no. – [Barry] Nice selection of Tupperware. Glass is a bit too, see that’s what we want, that sort of shape. – Yeah, it’s longer and we want, it’s quite
a nice loaf pan. – [Barry] It is nice. We’re going outside. – [Both] Dun dun dun! – [Barry] Looking for some troughs. Oh, jeez. – It could be wood, you just line it with
foil. – [Barry] Yeah it could be. Yeah we don’t
go as deep as that, do we? – I guess we put some wood. [Barry] We line the base. – [Television Voiceover] Screw this tight
once again. – [Barry] Love these. What about a fish tank? – [James]Fish tank? – [Barry] Yeah, fish tank! [James] No! – [Barry] Oh that thing. Mate its enormous! [James] It’s got the width and girth we need. – [Barry] Yeah that is gonna be– – [James] You don’t have to fill the whole thing,
obviously but. – [Barry] Oh, too wide. We’re nearly there, this is the area. Oh i don’t know. Sorry we’re just verifying this, folks…. – [Barry] …they are quite flat. So that was a bit of
a random forage, we’ve gone for that in the end. – [James] It’s gonna work. [Barry] It will work. [Barry]Yeah we gotta go get some butter
now. No, we have it. Have we? We gotta get toffee, – [Both] Chocolate. – [Barry] And nougat ingredients.[James] Yeah, egg whites and stuff. – [Barry] Yeah, let’s go. – [Barry[ Yeah, gonna need a lot of
toffees, toffees. – [James] Sory of melt it down. – [Barry] So these are rock hard toffees,
and we’re gonna get some cream to sort of – [Barry] soothe it a little, aren’t we? – [James] To loosen. – [Barry] Loosen, mmm. Now this chocolate
use to be like 30p. – [James] Yeah, its gone up 20p. – [Barry] So this is our trolley, someone’s
actually tried to break out of it, see that. Alright, you ready? – I’m ready. – [Barry] Alright, Jimmy, a successful forage,
my friend. – Yes, I think so. – [Barry] We really don’t know how big this
is gonna be, based on those quantities. – [Jimmy] We’ll find out. – It’ll be a mouthful. So you snickerlicious
folks, let’s get on the giant food bus and – Let’s get our chocolate on. – Yeah, that’s a train sound. – Toffee! – The first thing we need to make is something
called nougat. – I’ve never done this before. – Neither have I! – It’s my virgin first. – Oh, it’s very dangerous cause you have to
caramelise up some sugar, so it gets hot. We’re gonna make the nougat first, and then
put the caramel layer on top. But we can always flip reverse it, can’t we? – It is nougat and then– – Is it? – Yeah. – Oh, either way, if you want to make an upside
down Snickers. – Just turn it upside down. – Just turn it upside down. First step, folks,
here is a carton. And in that carton contains a fluid. – And that is an egg white. – Egg whites, yes. – It’s the white part of the egg. – 15 egg whites going in there. Oh yeah. – So we’re just gonna whisk them up so they’re
peaking? – We’re actually gonna do that towards the
end. We need to make a syrup first. – Oh okay. – Just go to sleep, I don’t know why we did
that. We just gonna pour them in there, let them get used to being in that bowl. So this
is a lovely dish, man, I’m loving that. – Oh, thanks. – [Barry] Where’d you get it? – Just the shop. – [Barry] Oh, alright, it’s beautiful. So
we’re gonna start off by pouring in, whatever you like. – Should we go sugar? – [Barry] Yeah, sugar, nice and easy. – Sugar, then it’ll look like nice effect
when you pour anything on it. That’s a lot of sugar. – [Barry] That is a kilo of value sugar. – Oh value sugar? – [Barry] Yeah, we’ve got all value today. – Now, look at that pour. – [Barry] And this is golden syrup. – It’s a sweet partner. – [Barry] That is nice, make like a little
egg yolk. – Yeah, you almost put your mic in it. – [Barry] Did I? Who’s Mike? What’s Mike doing
here? Alright, cool, nice. That’s quite dreamy actually, isn’t it? So, the last step here
is. – Water. – [Barry] We’ve got some water. Put in some
water. – Little bit? – [Barry] Yeah, 300 mils of water. – [Both] Wave! – [Barry] 300 mils of water going in, look
at that. – [Jimmy] Oh like a little volcano. – [Barry] So we’re just doing it here to show
you, but it is gonna go on your hob. Is that alright? – Yeah, I suppose. Look at that. – [Barry] That’s nice, mate. – Ya know what that’s formed? – [Barry] What? – A wave! Glad we did that. – [Barry] In that goes. And we’ve got a candy
thermometer. And we’ll show you, we need to get it up to soft-ball stage. You know what
that is? You know what soft-ball stage is? That’s another video. Okay, this has actually
got a little clip on it, there ya go, hold that in. So we’re just gonna warm this up,
it shouldn’t take too long with the sugar in there, but we need to keep our eye on the
old temperate gauge. The heat is on, Jimmy. – The heat is on. ♫ The heat is on – Yeah. – [Barry] Where are we? – In my garage. – [Barry] This is your Man Cave? – My Man Cave, it’s a bit of a mess. – [Barry] Nice wood. I like it. – Yeah, we need some wood. – [Barry] Yeah cause we’re gonna fill out
our box a little bit, as you might’ve seen. – [Jimmy] It’s a bit wide. – [Barry] It’s a bit wide, we don’t need all
of that. Is that your Christmas tree? – [Jimmy] Yeah. – [Barry] Firewood. Look at this then, folks.
That fits in there nice and snug. I’m gonna wrap that in baking parchment. Alright, we’ve
just got back in the kitchen, and woo hoo, check this out. – [Jimmy] Just in time. – [Barry] Yeah, we are trying to get the temperature.
Whoa! We’re in a sauna! Look at this! – Take your pants off. – [Barry] Get a towel, man. Put some water
on those coals. – Come here. – Whoops. Use the wake of it. – Oh! – [Barry] Oh what happened there? – You dumped water all over your foot. – In case you didn’t make sense of what happened
there, I just accidentally kicked the dog bowl’s water over James’ socks, so he’s changing
his sock, and I’m going to just decorate this piece of wood. – Got dry socks now. – Nice socks, mate. You get toasties on. We’re
wrapping, in totes toasties. This is the best wrapping you’re gonna get from me, mate. – That’s alright, let’s get in. – [Barry] So we placed the lined, wooden block
in there, right Jimmy? – Yeah, it’s all greased in health and safety. – [Barry] Oh yeah, and the nice little sheet
along there as well, so hopefully we can get it out. We’re about to whisk up those whites,
now. Wanna do it? – [Jimmy] Hey! – [Barry] Yes, there we go. So we’re gonna
get them to just foamy. And this is nearly ready, too. Alright, so we just had to whisk
that until it was foamy, good work, mate. – Thanks, I did it with. – [Barry] This needs about one extra degree
or so on there. So we’re gonna get this up to 118 degrees, and as you saw just then,
the egg whites are nice and whipped, so what we’ll do is gradually incorporate it in, so
it’s gonna be very dangerous. But luckily, we’re highly trained professionals. – Yeah, that’s it, we’ve done this before. – [Barry] Yeah we know what we’re doing. Just
like the good ole giant Rollo we did, mate. – We’ve got to unwrap all the toffees individually. – [Barry] Yeah they don’t sell toffees in
slabs, sadly, so we could’ve made our own, but no, we’re gonna unwrap every single one. – Cause that’s much more fun. – [Barry] So just to introduce the syrup into
the egg white, we just get a teeny bit in like so. Oh yeah. And then we need to whip
this up, and then we’re gonna gradually add the rest in while we whip it. – [Jimmy] Slow whip? – [Barry] Yeah, just slow. So we’re adding
that syrup in there. Oh yeah. So what we’re finding is happening is, it’s getting very
close to the edge. So what we’re gonna do is the reverse, right? – We are going to pour it back into the other
bowl. – We put that in there, and then whisk it
in there. And it’s gonna work? – Armed. – Armed with, something. That’s a lot in there! – [Jimmy] Can you pour it in there and do
it? – [Barry] Yeah, we could do, yeah. – [Jimmy] Look, it’s getting bigger and bigger,
look. – [Barry] It’s still, it looks like a pint
of Guinness. – We need to get it in there, man, look how
high high this got. – [Barry] We’re gonna whisk it in the mould. – In the mould. And hope it doesn’t melt,
yeah? – Yeah, yeah. It’s whisky. Let’s do it! Got
it? – Ready? – Yeah. Ugh. That is a lot of nougat. – [Jimmy] Come on. – So basically what we’re doing is whisking
it again, cause it needs to get thick like a meringue. – Why are you shouting? – I don’t know I’m not sure if they’re gonna
be able to hear us. – Okay. – It’s got to form stiff peaks. – I feel like I’m sanding. ♫ I’m still sanding
We whipped it up, it’s looking good, we’re just gonna try and level out. – Oh that does look good. That is gonna set
beautifully. – So it’s quite a cold day out there, we’re
gonna spread it out, even it out, and then stick it outside to cool down, right? – [Jimmy] Yes, and that should set beautifully.
Ready for all that caramel. – [Barry] Okay, it’s a little bit Baltic out
here. – It is a bit nippy. – [Barry] So we’ve just stuck it out there.
So hopefully this will chill while we work on un-peeling all those toffees. – Yay! – [Barry] Alright, action! Okay, so we’ve
got two boxes of toffees here, there are 12 bags of 250 grammes in there, so that’s 2.5,
that’s three kilos. That’s nine kilos of toffee. – Oh! – [Barry] Oh, and the first bag, as you see
here, the first bag going up, gonna melt it up. And we’re gonna add a little bit of cream,
right? – Yeah, about 300, til it melts. – [Barry] Just a little bit, to loosen it
up, to give it a bit more– – Cream always loosens me up. – [Barry] Oh does it. – Does it bring back bad memories for you,
mate? – [Barry] It does. – It looks like Mount Doom, doesn’t it? – [Barry] It does. We’re unwrapping every
single one of these. We might have overestimated them. But the thing is, when you warm them,
they do shrivel up quite a bit so we want to make sure that we’ve got enough, that’s
all. – [Jimmy] Don’t think we’ve got a problem
there. – [Barry] Yeah, do you like toffees, or? – Giving them up for lent. – [Barry] Alright, they’re melting away like
a dream, mate, aren’t they? – Dreamy. – [Barry] And there’s the cream. – There’s the cream, we’ve got three bottles
now. – [Barry] Little bit in there. Just so that
when it sets again, it’s gonna be a teeny bit looser and not rock hard and shatter our
teeth. Oh my God, big old slab of caramel right there, Jimmy. – Look at that! – [Barry] Steamy. Yes! Oh no, back in the
sauna. It’s gone, it’s gone. Jimminy James. – Yo. – [Barry] Whoa, what’s going on, man? – We got our caramel, man. – [Barry] This is some nuts. – Some peanuts, and we’re just gonna combine,
for that snickery, oh. – [Barry] This is our caramel, yeah? – Yeah. – [Barry] Going into the nuts. Oh my gosh.
That took a long, long time didn’t it? To melt all that toffee? – Yeah, it didn’t actually time it. – [Barry] I think it was a couple hours, it’s
now a quarter to three. In other news, we’ve decided to change our mould. We made a replica
of it, same length, but out of the cardboard that the chocolate came in. And we’ve made
it in a frame. So actually now we’re going to melt chocolate around the base, and then
build it up from the chocolate. Then the nougat and the nuts or the nuts and the nougat, right? – Yeah. – [Barry] We’ll get there. You shouldn’t have.
Oh you did, you did. Woo! Stick it in the microwave. The lens doesn’t make it look like
it, but we are quite close. Our new mould. So this is gonna be the base. – [Jimmy] That’s a bit hot. – Is it? We’ve got another batch melting up
over there. Which is gonna help to go on the sides. So that’s gonna be our top. While Jimmy’s
melting up the next batch of chocolate, we’re gonna sit our frame in. That’s gonna be just
to sit in the place. It’s gonna just create the walls along the edge as we pour the chocolate
on the sides. So there’s our chocolate barrier, gonna be in there. And we’re gonna fill this
up with the peanut caramel mixture which is patiently waiting there. Oh my gosh. – [Both] Eat me, eat me! – Quite firm. So what we’re gonna do is take
this outside to firm up quicker, just like before. So here we are, it’s day two. It set
over night and we’ve removed it from its cast. It’s looking great, right? – Yeah, there it is. – We were thinking of doing a final layer
of chocolate, but we’re quite happy with how it looks anyway, with a normal Snickers for
scale. – Two foot long. – It’s two foot long! Here we go then, might
need a saw. Like the Rocky Road. It’s there, isn’t it? – I think so, just gotta do the bottom chocolate. – Check that out. We’re happy with that, though,
giant Snickers. That looks awesome. How is it? – It’s like a Snickers. – [Barry] Really? Just like the real thing. – Mmm. Get some nuts. – [Barry] Get some nuts. – Giant Snickers, in the bag. – Alright, or in the box! – In the tub. – Great, and my builders are probably gonna
have this, and we’re also going to give out to friends and family, so it won’t go to waste.
How was it? – It was good, it was good. The caramel to
peanut ratio was perfect. – Absolutely gorgeous. So look out for more
giant foods, check out the giant foods playlist and we will see you again next time. – Bye!

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