Gay Couple Answer Your Questions [Jonah & Yunho] | NEON MILK

The Most Fav Food & The Least Fav Food? My mom’s Bulgoki What if you wanna watch different things on Netflix? [very seriously] Is he close to your ideal type? Yongsan-gu Cleaning Department Dating Routine? To Jonah:
What do you think about Yunho doing drag as Bambi? Fav actors or fav artists? [pulling eye wrinkles] How can I apply to NEON MILK? Well the members of NEON MILK are Along side with Bambi myself and Jonah, There’s two other team members, Geunyoung and Jini. When we recruited them,
we didn’t ask sex/ gender/ age/ nationality or anything at all. We just met some of them and decided the two who have similar color with us. But I want you to know
that we are totally different what you see on the videos and the photos [blocking camera with his whole body] How do you apologize to each other? What is the hardest part of living together? Any drag queen shows like NEON MILK in Busan? There’s a group called Busan Drag Prom They are a couple like us and they both do drag. And I heard that it’s really fun. Your soul food? Mon Cher What do you love about each other? Who cooks better? I’m better than him at How did you manage to keep the relationship this long? How do you react to people who give you a dirty look in public? Any life goal? Personally… well… Collaboration plans with any other cultural contents? I’m really into some good visual works Like the photographers, Kim Moondog or Yenata
Who we have worked with for our magazineEven though they didn’t really have any common part with queer culture back then, I love their works so I casted them for the magazineAnd this book is amazing Your fav writer or book? What do you do to make each other not mad any more? Last one! Was it hard? Good job babe Good job!

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