Gary Rhodes Main Course Judging - Great British Menu | Southeast

Gary Rhodes Main Course Judging – Great British Menu | Southeast

but two courses down two to go there's an element of relief here in the kitchen for the chef's upstairs I think for the judge is quite a quandary one of them comes from such a completely different tradition that it makes comparative judgment that much more difficult Gary is such a classic English cook the best available yes and Aten was cooking is just so sophisticated Indian cooking has become so powerful that's a part of the mainstream experience a difficult so the judges are finding it very hard to choose between the menus by the way if you would like to recreate any of the dishes from Gary and battle or others from the series all you've got to do is log on to BBC kadaj UK forward slash food the chefs are midway through their menus for his main course attles making a tandoori chicken and Gary's roasting duck and following that they'll be whisking up two dreamy desserts both Gary and atoll are fiercely competitive and both want the chance to cook for the Queen's 80th birthday but so far it's neck and neck with Gary impressing the judges with his salmon starter lovely well we like that and a tall sea bass stealing the fish course very very successful downstairs however the chefs have no idea that it's so finely balanced as they crack on with their main courses goose can't stop eating my own food you know what it's like Gary's making roast duck with crispy duck hash and gravy while at all serving tandoori chicken on her pulao miss chicken is looking good just happy the color is coming out fine the way I wanted I don't know about the duck the duck is looking rather sad oh he's here Gary's made a duck hash from grated baked potatoes and meat from the duck legs fried in small slabs and he's cooking up some traditional gravy made with local beer to serve with it it takes real skill to bring everything together into a perfect dish just trying to show is if I'm not panicking but inside I'm actually you know what it'd get my panicking you don't panic you don't really a question of panicking is it look this is called panicking but as he plates up the stress of the competition begins to show please shut close that door there's a terrible cold breeze coming through here for goodness sake you want your own time but you want it hot don't you three down Gary three down not happy right no upstairs they'll judge the dish on its own merits but Gary's an out-and-out perfectionist I always want better and I know I could have given that just a little bit better so is that what the judges think – Oh smell yeah this is got to be that same clean style I like it yes hmm good you salty I don't like the hash even if even if it was less salty I standing up like lions bitter because it's so burnt it's much too salty even I have to agree with that gravy fried sweet which a distinctly berry actually to be honest of the art you don't like that I think the duck is a very nice piece of duck but I do think it's a maybe I like well cooked up this is just clearly a matter for personal time it is matter

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