Furious World Tour | Vienna, Austria – 10 POUND Meat Challenge & Amazing Street Food | Furious Pete

Furious World Tour | Vienna, Austria – 10 POUND Meat Challenge & Amazing Street Food | Furious Pete

Ah dr. Scott will common Envy I Know all about the V nurse schnitzel, but what else does the city have to offer let’s find out Furious Pete eats Vienna And a positive Influence of medieval arsenic is a snitch taking unforgivably sick equivalence that ever are you hungry? You know how this? The surgeon All right, so we’re told that this place had some great great beers but gotta check out What kind of food they have anyway, so let’s go have a look? Noodles yep ten doodles Am I saying it wrong again? I’m pretty sure I said that Yes – Holly other hobbies include art via does avinasi offer pulses for Philemon Baddest man in life the same they weren’t the most fantastic Come on Hello, how are you? Hello I was wondering if I could maybe go with you around you could maybe show me some places or something Okay perfect, so what do we go? Where do we go here? Big man’s jacket All right SIB when reading Cosmo such Tartaros in home isn’t any hope that rock tune as a Israel show them teasing joke That’s a bad idea You know there’s food who’s always gonna be more important than a horsey ride right? Let’s go get a sausage Sausage comfortable right I am looking up the end of my friend Austrians love their cakes and we’re at one of the best bakeries in Vienna, so let’s see what they got How are you nice nice to meet you I heard you’re gonna show me how to make some really nice cakes today right yeah Did you open up over there? This registers the cream black masochist and important Oh, it’s good. I should eat all over this right now. Oh, this is awesome second try it Is Heavy this is a double hander mmm good And Schmeckt it was just so good somehow I’m sorry, okay. Let’s get back to making cakes all right no Bench makes them sit when the color I need you think it does make So before I say it commissioners fashion Whoa, how’s the team super cool, man I’m going off course already Know this thing is the smooth transition and So we just ruin my design suite a testimony stricken grooviest oh, so this is the final product, that’s the spirit Oh, yeah, beautiful, can I can I try? – Nick huh mm-hmm Right cool. Thank you very much again. Thank you for anything. See you later. Yeah. This is another gig isn’t jihad Whoa I got lots of copies huh the name is Indiana Klan and parole and Separate cleaner branagh yes Oh you like Angela the smallest range – er Yes, and spinner a small espresso with cream. It’s my gross a piranha It’s probably not a browser So we’re at one of the best ice cream shops in the city and ironically it’s rated one of the best Restaurants in the city now. I love my ice cream, so I’ll be the true judge. Let’s see what they got Hello, how are you? Good no. I heard that. This is like the best ice cream shop in town, and you make the best ice cream Actually, I’m really special today. Okay, kado coconut and lime wow that sounds amazing This fella Is this so to me this guy stays in my name I Got myself a scoop of delicious avocado coconut lime ice cream Mm-hmm telling you this is this is the bomb if you ever in the in Vienna you have to have this ice cream, it’s Guys that was a good experience that was fantastic I’m definitely going back here next time Oh hello, thank you Hey Morning chef morning. How are you? I’m fine. I’m doing I’m good heard you have some really really special dishes for me today here bitch stop King saliva density vamoose Mary Blair and then eventually Wow His exposure especially to speak of the tumor he adds employment reasoning and the moosa’ and essa’ twerking ah That’s a nice combination pretty good So damn nice finish yeah, that’s good though nice and quick easy is the way you like it This is my seat yes great I’ll go right there. Thank you very much. No mala. They say miss meets a coup in the voting power Hi, how are you nice to meet you? Thanks for joining me this? Is fantastic Thank you Hmm after That’s like really well. That’s like perfectly made not truly at all very very melts in your mouth Not so far what I’ve realized At least what I’ve seen here in Vienna. It’s a really laid-back atmosphere You know nobody’s rushing Bhushan and feeling sorry I said Kunigal on Koenig in them does that for president Felicity thumbs like Mmm. I need to do a test I think minutes stingers is it okay if I stay here. I’m the conditioning. I’m much later miss murkly Okay, well they stick out to try it out One of the most popular XXL restaurants in Vienna and Austria And they actually serve some of the biggest portions of food in the world, so let’s check it out Nice to meet you nice to meet you too, so I urge you have a crazy challenge here Don’t you miss the miss Kavita straightens consist say our circles carry shots? This is the competition my friends All of this is all of this on the pitchbook of terror in Austria Vienna So this is one portion. This is what posture You try that’s that sounds crazy So is it is it free if I finish, it’s free. Yeah, okay? Okay, what’s up? Are you my competitor? Yeah, yeah? That’s crazy only for you only for me And we start the competition now My cooter typically ethnic economy tension little while The Sweden garlic Tascosa fine is available as a hundred like the histogram for Thomas topic energy chef reserved about misogyny often cost here in Delhi shaft, Abba Owns a miscarriage is embassy Let me believe an almond shopping Your speed is Mickey absolute can hide the best acid in be a casino Challenge The architect of this wonderful building is under Vasa, and it definitely just looked really really cool That place over there apparently that’s the best lookout place in Vienna right now So we’re gonna take a look and see what it’s all about let’s go Go up top here it just stretches for miles It’s just massive massive city. I’m sure we’ve only touched a fraction of the city just has so much to offer So we’re here at the knocked Or I think I said that right, which is the tasting market has a ton and ton of? street food if you will I feel like a winner now That’s a nice one. Oh, it’s beautiful these have you guys to finish using Olsen talk your feeling about this your speech styles, so let’s do this thing Veida months of meal some stomach wasted appended smell of inferred gossipy yet there have been enemies in Burma Shoku Koopa Pure speed that’s Odyssey 14th FTAIA better meets cover the shadows

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  1. I like this dude but it looked like a retarded fucking a door handle when he does that head bobbing thing to eat fast

  2. That’s was a bit crap made a nice cake for him some to savour and enjoy just shove in mouth doesn’t prove anything in fact it looked stupid

  3. I've been to the psych ward 7 times and face major depression without Pete and beard I would be very alone in a dark world….so God bless Pete u saved me in a way homie

  4. 20,000 calories wow that would take 2 to 3 weeks to burn off, maybe even a month. @furiouspete how long does it take you to burn it off?

  5. Die Mistgabel des Schreckens sieht aus wie der größte Leger. ich glaube es ist für den menschlichen Körper physikalisch unmöglich das alles aufeinmal zu essen… und der kleine glatzige Chef wirkt als weiß er das ganz genau ^^

  6. Trust me, when someone looks at pete when he smiles they start smiling at the CAMERA in all of his tours. Trust me.

  7. none of your content is funny or impressive, you eat food fast and think people are impressed you monghole

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