3 thoughts on “Fried Rice Recipe | Egg Fried Rice Korean Style 황금 볶음밥

  1. some tips:
    – You burned the onions. Don't put them in beforehand. Add them, when the eggs start to dry. This way you get a much fresher taste. If you like the "hard" taste of the burn: Add fried "real" onions (brown fried) after you're done.
    – Don't fry the soy sauce. Use less while, and add more after you took away the heat. Fried soy sauce tastes burned and isn't healthy!
    – Don't be too hasty. You don't need to stir the egg-rice all the way through that fast. This way the rice gets "more fried" and a much rounder taste.

    Thanks for the idea with the frozen rice though =) Didn't have any idea how to get around the stickyness =)

    Good Video! Keep up the work! =)

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