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I’ve been living in chaos Laura’s uneven and your jams just a little too tight this was like my first experience like this ever I can feel some traps energies from the previous person that resided in this place I want to be done there’s my new space but I need your help with organization because I’m a little stressed about that showed me all the spaces all right let’s start up having like very distinct specific poles for all of my items I think is gonna make me feel really adult and really grown-up and like I’m truly having a fresh start so this is the bedroom ready and this is the bedroom closet what were you thinking you wanted to keep in this space because I know you have another closet yeah that’s gonna be much bigger than this additional storage and even just clothing that I don’t have to like leave my actual bedroom floors I think just a free-standing thing where you can keep pajamas and you’re like intimates and all that stuff in here so you’re not walking down the hallways this will be a great use of space for like back in here all the things that you’re not accessing all the time okay that sounds like a plan yeah okay should we want yes let’s see this hallway closet okay one of the selling points for this apartment is that it has a lot more storage and closet space and my current apartment does it’s something that I’ve desperately been wanting for the past two-and-a-half years this is it Wow love the color choice over here this is what I want to use it’s like my main master closet it’s weirdly shaped so I’m wondering like what you think that we should kind of do if we start building a closet at this level will really maximize the width of this full and then we’re gonna install a whole bunch of shelves so that there’s open space for storing things this is perfect because it’s enough space where you can walk in the shape kind of gives it a lot of character and then we’ll do just like a really white kind of high-gloss finish on everything so it feels very modern very glamorous this is gonna be amazing I’m excited I’ve never had a fun spacious cleaner I just want my master hallway thought it will give you Pinterest vibes and survey looks okay so this is the kitchen it’s pretty small you do have these really tall gorgeous uh per capita mm-hm so that’s a lot of space which I’m really excited about and then maybe we can look at getting like some freestanding islands that have like a butcher block kind of top so that we can just really like expand out your countertop space and give you a room microwave a coffee maker you can tell it I won’t that much because my main concern I was like where the hell am I gonna put my microwave yeah and then we’ll do some decanting into glass jars for food storage on one side of the kitchen to create sort of a makeshift pantry also the drawer is in the air don’t really work so we’re gonna have to find a workaround I think that happens sometimes in these older buildings yeah so we will definitely find a better solution for that okay I feel like we have a lot of really good options for the kitchen alright let’s move on to the offer great pretty thank you this desk is gonna be staying and then these shores will stay and then we have one more you can use these for office supplies for filing cabinet even if we did like one drawer for each kind of paperwork that you need to keep in this space we can really utilize the vertical we’re gonna add in some wall organization with a few magnetic boards and some wall ledges and shelf so it’ll be a little more visual like for decor purposes but also really functional yeah I’m so excited for a really beautiful nice functional workspace yeah me too next yes this is the bathroom it’s a little bit smaller than my current bathroom but one of my concerns to like this bathroom is that the sink is pretty small like there isn’t a lot of counter space anytime you have wall space in a small space it’s the best to take advantage of that we’re really gonna take advantage of the height of that wall and the existing building schulz so that we can create categories for each one of your products but make it very easy for you to find things you are a maven thank you can’t wait to get started let’s go Elsa and friends are gonna help me unpack and reorganize everything in the new apartment with the help of container store setups and products I here at the Container Store and we’re gonna do some shopping to sort of get everything in order let’s start with the design section and we can look through the layout of all the shelves and dressers and that kind of stuff and then we can finish with the accessory portion of like coat hangers and bins and all that kind of stuff for the walk-in we’re going to use the white ventilated shelves which are amazing they don’t look like they’re huge but this holds a lot of stuff pretty inexpensive easy to install yourself even easier to have someone else install for you yes something that are just great I like using hooks like this because they’re very easy to sort of dream anything over stocking jewelry organizers are so much fun they’re all meant to just go vertical so they don’t take up a ton of space this is like the best aisle for closets because you get to pick out all the beautiful things that are really gonna like up the level excited to get my life in order like it’s in shambles oh no I’m so happy about it alright so let’s get everything are just an ordered and then I’ll get started on this transformation great yeah can’t wait so this is day six of moving activity and hopefully it’s the last day I think is I mean it is the last day it will be the last day I’ve been living in chaos with a bunch of boxes all over the place today is a day that we’ve been waiting for and hopefully that you all have been waiting for and it is unpacking and organizing the entire apartment with a lovely elsa elsa where we starting first thing we’re gonna do is just kind of organize the boxes all your living room boxes are in your living room we’ll move that stuff into the kitchen the bedroom and the hallway closet we’re gonna start unpacking the bathroom first having your bathroom set up so that you can like take a shower brush your teeth find your makeup all of that stuff is like number-one priority let’s chocol the bathroom alright let’s do it amazing built-in shelves behind on this wall so we’ll just kind of start taking everything out of your bathroom boxes and then we can fine-tune and figure out exactly the right bin for each space I’m looking forward to hopefully learning a lot so that maybe in a couple of years and I’m moving into a new apartment I can remember what else it teaches me about like organizing and like how to do it properly so far we just have all our bins out we’re just using them to contain right now these lids that work really well as trays and I probably won’t ever use these probably what do we do with the things that we probably won’t ever use donate them oh you’re so good at it yeah some common sort of mishaps with storing items the first one that comes to mind is when people store similar items in different places throughout their home and it makes it a little bit impossible to see exactly what it is you have of each product I’m gonna set these aside because I would like for them to be in a place that’s easy for you to see and remember yeah it’s a little tricky because you keep your makeup brushes in your bedroom but you’re not gonna clean them because you need the sink so we’ll kind of save those for the last moment so that they’re in a place that’s really highlighted for you the good thing about today is that when we were packing I was also decluttering so I was making sure that I wasn’t bringing anything that I didn’t need to the new space okay so we have eyeliners and then these are the standing lip glosses kind of some face primers and bronzer and your very favorite eyeshadow yeah and then your palettes you want to put those into one of these even though they’re in a category we’re gonna make them into smaller categories treatments creams cleanser toner masks now that I know what I have I’m gonna do a whole routine people don’t change just because they buy more product okay yeah I think I’m most nervous about how long it’s gonna take I think with the packing up I was like oh we’ll be done in like 4 hours because we have so many people helping and it ended up taking much longer yeah so I’m building a shower rack and I think Andrews building a shoebox it’s four shelves in a box so as he lasts I already asked for the books to be in color-coded order but I wanted to do the color code in the order of the chakras and the colors that align so it’s kind of like a rainbow suite is are you helping Fred your juicer shadows organizing solutions for inside your drawers I didn’t love your little babies I love container thank you I mean getting a little party break and by party break I mean cheers there and hopefully everything can just go pretty smoothly we could just unpack and throw it in a container and be on our way take a little look-see every day’s organized based on like what I wear most often oh that parts done now we just have to do the rest of it like these little red boxes I love it and you can reach it yeah can you [Music] we already installed this cool suspension system that’s made by Umbra to talk me do it nobody like a stepstool in here as well I’m just doing right now we’re just sort of giving everything at home and then I can adjust as needed we’ve finished the office pretty much finished the kitchen and finish the bathroom and really the last few things that we’re working on is the closet and then I need to work on the vanity which I’ll probably work on alone Elsa and I are really just like getting down and dirty in the closet area we’re organizing things in a very particular way right now but she was saying that it’s gonna take me like two weeks to figure out if it’s actually working for my lifestyle or not she’s sort of teaching me how to fold because we’re gonna file fold into these drawers I’m just gonna fold all your tanks so that they make these nice little pockets and then I’m putting them all by colors so that when we put them in it can be like a nice little rainbow sort to all your favorite teas and things what am I looking forward to today the end yeah it’s like one of those things were it’s like the final stretch we’re almost there today a kitchen is a beautiful space but a little short on actual cabinet space and countertops so having these additions I think is gonna give Freddy all of the storage space that she needs for her items I also love decanting food into glass jars because it keeps the food fresher longer and it also takes away the visual clutter of all of the packaging the office currently is painted a really beautiful light blush color the white I think will keep things simple and it matches the existing desk fits in there and then the coral will play off of the wall color and just be that really fun bright pop of color and color and an office space too is really great for creativity and just kind of makes it feel more alive [Music] in the bathroom there are some great shelves that are already built in on one of the walls the bins are just gonna serve the purpose of grouping like items together which makes it very easy if you like I need to grab my hair products or face creams you can just grab the whole bin and you have everything at your fingertips and also is easier to put things back and then when things are contained you can see exactly how much you have of something in the hallway closet there wasn’t a lot of built-in shelving and it’s a really unusual shape we wanted to go after the feel of like you’re going into a beautiful boutique and you’re shopping for your outfit for that day so that when Freddie goes in and gets dressed in the morning she’s feeling inspired it knows where everything is and it just feels more like a luxury experience there’s open space for storing things like purses jeans anything that’s going to be stacked and folded and also some additional drawers okay so at the end of the sixth day I think this is where we leave you I’ve learned a lot good mostly that I have a really great group of friends who would have taken time out to help me get my life together honestly and truly none of this stuff would have even been unpacked in the day in the dining room probably forever fix not yeah well yeah everything’s almost completely unpacked like that is unheard of for me so I’m very grateful I’m very excited everything looks so good I’m actually excited to like go into my office I’m excited to go into my closet and pick out clothes I can’t wait to see it when you have all your like decor touching yes thank you so much welcome to your new home okay so it’s designed day I’m very excited to be closing this chapter of moving I just want to make Mel proud but I may need help no there’s stop breathing video maker present [Music]

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