Flowing Japanese Bamboo Noodles | Nagashi Somen

Flowing Japanese Bamboo Noodles | Nagashi Somen

what’s up everybody welcome back to another video I’m Shinichi and today we are here in Keita Kamakura now when most people visit Kamakura they go to the main temple but I personally love anga Kochi which is located Akita Kamakura one of my favorite temples in the Kanto region titikaka is located next to overcome a cadet station just one station from Kamakura station but anyway the reason why we’re here today is to eat we’ll be going to this restaurant that serves Naga she’s so men I’m excited cuz I never had it this way everyone eats rainy season now in Japan but the one thing it makes me happy is this hydrangea [Music] and along this street you can find a many many nice cozy shops and restaurants I love this street [Music] good afternoon how are you doing good thank you very much okay so everybody you guys didn’t hurry this is I from ice munchies this is our fourth video in our collaboration series I thought this is a really cool place where are we well this is called tire cuddle we can actually enjoy so many so many I’m just excited yeah but this is Karim like crazy like what is this thing well this is food cut off like an AHA okay and then a lady from the shop yeah she’s going to put the sole man and it’s going to come over here anyway that’s just a cat it really and eat it oh my god I’m so excited you know like I seen this on TV before I’ve always wanted to try it I almost bought like those dumb toy why yeah I know yeah this is my first experience in my life too by the way I do have to mention yeah because this is a collaboration you guys have to go over to ice munchies after you finish watching this video because you’re gonna be eating something else right oh yeah one cassava one called soba that’s soba noodles and it’s a unique way of eating soba once again very very exciting stuff you guys don’t want to miss it [Laughter] okay no I missed a bit [Music] oh okay so I had to actually it doesn’t like flow as fast as I thought so right easier green onion there’s a chance but yes you really have to watch out Petraeus almond inside this cup dip into this soup and this is additional soup if a super hydrated you can use this and green onion make sure you have to catch every bits of it otherwise they have to throw this out mm-hmm I’m gonna take it again oh yeah again I love some him you know this oh man this is just like a kind of outfielder of the baseball it’s like Oh [Laughter] cats mmm I’m next one next door to come [Laughter] the next one pointy-toe saying it’s very fun that’s better it’s very good in hot summer day okay best told in the condo okay hi she actually make it really nice to catch if you miss it you will waste it so never miss it that stuff addictive all right oh okay okay da next one alright don’t mean don’t miss I understand it but not that’s gonna use goodnight a good I took the mister holding oh this is so much fun it like playing with your food and it’s okay hmm nibble nibble waste leaves comment and if the soup get some diluted you can add more they give you more here right and and if you want some kick you can add some of this to catch the may ball waste they always do mm-hmm this is dangerous I swear to god it’s like at the end I’m probably gonna die from a solvent overdose it’s coming here do not go it’s good don’t do a minimun in a car no trigger that the honey yeah oh you know I like how you it’s like portion size you know might get like exactly one mouthful it’s right there oh here you can’t be what I can actually I’m starting to feel the noodles in my stomach now you know it’s like slowly piling up in my stomach yeah it is yeah yeah I know it’s harm really calm I love so much we need absorb another one’s coming okay I’m gonna have my egg now oh okay I will catch it me about this hmm but you’re gonna eat it forever I know how many bowls did you have I think I maybe it doesn’t overboard is it me – I think it’s like my 10th I’m sure like at least I think but it’s really good really good it’s amazing how much noodles can go down I really need those Soliman hmm me too like this is perfect you know on a warm day like name yeah I mean this is a perfect summer event get it get it I’m sure I had like 13 noodles I mean a little bit because you know the lady has to like stand there go knock a binary master : cognac is the Keynesian unified all right can you get it man yes [Music] master it’s just so much fun it is actually any yummy that’s why it never ends it’s refreshing I am for refreshing the shore settle my last balls my task board decks masts my task bowl the other than was the last one guys last one I know go ahead get it good I think I said I have my last bowl like um like I don’t know like three four bowls ago thank you oh my god this is gonna be my last bowl that’s so much yeah interesting you know by the way um they have three different sets taking order so we ordered the one with the total or the mountain yam and so it comes with a soup with the grated mountain yam the green onions and a tamagotchi omelet um you can also order the one with the tempura and you can also order the ball with both tempura and yeah my emigrated yeah yeah but I’m glad we we got this one because I’m you know like I’m stuffed like I can imagine if we had tempura like it will be so hard to eat all the noodles but yeah my mom can make you photo so that’s so true that is so true money helps with digestion really really healthy really oh okay well I’m glad I already feel healthy we eat these noodle bowl it’s a baby with me Cuddy yeah I didn’t know how much we age I know I know it’s really really hard this is definitely not for those of you that just want to like talk with your friend and yes just keep eating right right and they do tell you that um it’s not good to waste food so you don’t want the noodles to go down the drain right because once it does they’re happy to her away but I mean now I really enjoyed it this is so much fun but this is a real style of nagashi somen yeah yeah a lot of fun you know I gotta say ison like um you know this is our fourth collaboration video and every single one that we’ve done so far it was so enjoyable to do like um you know for example that second one we did the bar oh my god that was so much fun with the train bar and we went to a daiquiri bar oh my god so unique they’re like like unique Tokyo experiences that you guys have to try if you come visit Tokyo because I don’t know I’ve never heard of a debauchee bar or a train bar anywhere else oh there must be so many other places we have to go and all your fun oh yeah so you have to show everyone how you know our experiences yeah for sure yeah hope you guys enjoyed watching us eat the salmon we definitely had a great time had a great time yes happily for me too as always please let us know what you thought of the comments down below and please don’t forget to go over to ice channel ice munchies to check out us eating the one called soba yes it just comes out one to another I can’t wait yeah yeah this is gonna be so much fun this is gonna be another good video mm-hm I can guarantee it we haven’t been there yet but we’d be really excited we’re gonna go right after this thank you watching see you next adventure you

100 thoughts on “Flowing Japanese Bamboo Noodles | Nagashi Somen

  1. Summer time look so good there and some nice noodles to eat ive never been i hope to settle down near such great food

  2. Shinichi, Satoshi and Ai…you guys are so much fun to watch?!!! That somen restaurant looked liked such a fun and unique place to dine?. I love you all????, and I will now go and watch Ai's video of your visit to soba noodle restaurant. I can't wait to check it out. Thank You???.

  3. I’d like to try it but I haven’t been to Japan during the summer, so I’ve never been at the right time! 🙂

  4. That looks like such a fun way to eat. As the noodles are going downstream and you'd have to pick up the noodles with your chopsticks, are there any issues with hygiene especially for patrons who sit further downstream? Genuinely interested!

  5. A guy I went to school with moved to Japan from the US. He'd always post pics of his food, and talk about his food experiences. He posted about this sliding soba, and I thought it was the craziest thing. Literally "catching your lunch", but the lunch isn't fish or chicken – it's noodles!

    Thanks so much for this video. I so hoped you'd do it someday! I wanted to see it in action, but not be boring. You three filled the bill! You GOTTA do more with Ai. You three bounce off each other so well, and the resulting video is so upbeat and high energy!

  6. @TabiEats You are such a cute couple ! You give the impression that you guys have a good loving relationship and a very relaxed and fun one !
    Can you please do some gluten free vegetarian dishes ? Maybe some gluten free Tofu recipes? Greetings from London , UK xx

  7. The dynamic with you guys and Ai together is so good. I'd imagine that it makes actually filming a little more complicated but being able to have two people interact while the third films makes the whole thing so much better.

  8. This looks so fun!! ? What a novel concept. Imagine had Luke Skywalker been catchin the noodles blindfolded instant of deflecting lasers; he would have become an instant Jedi master . ?

  9. I lived in Kamkura back in 1990 and it was much more quaint. It's gotten a lot more commercial since then. But who can resist noodles sliding down a tube! Fun! I love somen noodle 🙂

  10. There’s an old european tradition to leave a little bit of wine in the bottle ‘for the angels’. I’d let one somen slip past ‘for the angels’

  11. I’ve seen this water slide before. You just have to make sure you are at the to of the hill so you don’t get backwash from other people’s sticking their chopsticks in the water.

  12. Great channel nothing against u but that does not look very clean are they flush clean water in and dirty water out ?

  13. My friends and I stumbled onto this place in May and we all loved it. Your video was a wonderful memory of that time! We did have the tempura with the soba and it was fantastic!

  14. Videos like this make me really regret having to pass up a chance to go to Japan and Korea on a college trip because I'm in a wheelchair.

  15. 流しそうめん、こんなに有名なのに実際にやった事ある人はきっと少ないですよね。

  16. Love your channels – you guys are awesome and make our day – just to let you know there are issues with the merch – not your fault at all-just thought you should be aware- ordering T-shirts and send wrong make of shirt and sizes – got to the point now we just want money back-rather have the t's however if the don't fit – just hope we are a one off however, wont trust teespring anymore – big shame – keep up the great vids and be happy guys x

  17. Wow this looks so awesome and tasty as well!! Next time we are in Japan we want the bamboo noodles ??.

  18. Wonderful fun looks like you are all enjoying yourselves. Still hope I can get a chance to visit your beautiful country one day soon!

  19. I watched Ai’s video first and your guys right after I can’t believe you guys ate all those noodles in one day haha!

  20. Why are you guys just so cute and pure?!?! ??? you are so wholesome and definitely my wife and I’s favourite channel. Keep it up guys!! Love from England xx

  21. Beauuuuutiful~~ 3 wonderful beautiful people in a beautiful outdoor restaurant served in a fun yet elegant way; What with the bowls and bamboo and accompaniments.

  22. Oooh! I don't know if this is the same place EricSurf6 went to a few years ago or where KBDProductionsTV did a collab video but this place looks awfully familiar. I would love to go to this place some day and catch my noodles. 🙂

  23. This was so cool! And I loved seeing Ai again! I used to watch her old channel and had no idea she got a new one! Thanks for sharing!

  24. This is the second food I’ve seen on your channel that I’ve made at home. Well no bamboo water chute lol. It was so good thank you for sharing so many fun foods ❤️❤️ the other dish I made was tenshinhan

  25. Thank you so much for making this video. I always want to go to a place like this but dont really know where. I will definitely go there next time in Japan. Love your videos.

  26. Notice they put chopsticks in their mouth then use the same chopsticks to pick up food from the common area contaminating it with germs from their mouth. Why not just spit in the food serving area?

  27. I have questions: Do ppl use the same chopsticks for eating & catching? And how would it work if multiple strangers were to eat together? I'm just wondering a not the hygiene point of view.

  28. If you’re using the chopsticks you use to eat to pick up in the waterway, aren’t you essentially washing your dirty utensils dipping it in, and anyone downstream essentially catches the residue of everything your chopsticks have touched?

  29. I've always wanted to do it but I would want clean bamboo and do it with your group only, no strangers… don't wanna be catching hepatitis or something.

  30. I love cold somen noodles but what is in the soup? I would like to try the soup

    I normally have mine with spring onions, English radishes, seafood sticks and soy sauce mixed with chilli infused olive oil.

  31. Every time I see nagashi sōmen, I can’t help remembering that one scene in Nichijou, it was so surreal that I’m still laughing to this day ?

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