14 thoughts on “FlavorCHEF 6in1 Cooking System

  1. Just got this for Christmas  and made pizza, love this machine.  Looking forward to making more things, need more recipes though.

  2. The FlavorChef works great for making all types of omeletes.
    – Chef Bob @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWPtRMO3A4c

  3. Estoy encantada con mi FLAVOR CHEF, todo me queda muy bién, necesito comprar mas de este producto, por favor avisarme en cuanto tengan a disposición, mi telf. 665863220, gracias

  4. The reason I do not like this is because one side is not as deep as the other, and no duel controls to turn one side off when only one side is needed.

  5. So excited to see this red. This is an exciting opportunity that we're excited to bring to you. An exciting product in an exciting color. This is exciting. What an exciting looking chicken. I'm so excited, and I know you are too. We're so excited to bring this to you. Have you ever seen such an exciting pancake?

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