Fast Food Giants Overcharging Customers For Certain Menu Items

Fast Food Giants Overcharging Customers For Certain Menu Items

These days, most fast food companies are trying
to outsell their competition by trying to offer consumers the best deal possible. We see it in their advertisements on TV. We see it on their billboards, outside their
buildings, you know, whatever it is, it’s cheaper than their competitors. That’s why you should choose us. But according to a new class action lawsuit,
a lot of fast food companies may not being completely honest about their prices. And joining me now to talk about this is Scott
Hardy with Top Class Actions. And Scott, we’ve got actually two lawsuits
here. We’ve got one with Taco Bell, one with McDonald’s. Let’s start with Taco Bell. What’s happening with this one? So with Taco Bell, we see their ads on TV
all the time. As we all know, especially those in our college
days and in high school, right after I got my car, Taco Bell was the go to place to get
cheap food that was delicious and we’d count on it. Well, Taco Bell had advertisements saying
it was 10 bucks for a, a couple of chalupas. But unfortunately that’s not the case. And we’re used to paying more than we see
on TV when we’re eating at one of these fast food places at like an airport. Right? You know, we know we’re not gonna pay what’s
advertised on TV, but if we’re going to our neighborhood fast food restaurant, we fully
expect that those prices that are listed on TV are what we’re going to pay when we sit
down. In this case, that was not the case. They viewed the commercials. They thought that it was clearly $5 a piece,
but no, they actually paid almost $13 for these two chalupas. So they said, that’s not right. You’re advertising these things for five bucks
each. Why am I paying more? What’s interesting about that too is, you
know, a lot of these companies either in their advertisements or, or on their posters on
the outside of their windows, it does in very small print on the bottom, say prices where
available at participating locations, but you don’t know before walking in if this is
a participating location. And you would assume by virtue of the fact
that they have that big, you know, peelable sign on their front door, that they’re participating
in it. Otherwise, why would you be advertising it
if you don’t actually have this price? And that’s a big part of the issue. It’s yes, you have it in your fine print that
this place may or may not have it, but if this place is advertising it literally on
the side of their building, any reasonable consumer’s going to assume you’re offering
me this price. Right, exactly. If you’ve got that price, make sure your franchisees
are actually charging that and don’t cop out by having them, you know, allowing these folks
to actually charge regular prices when something’s on special. And we’ve got another one here too. We’ve got McDonald’s and their Sausage McMuffin
getting them in a little bit of trouble with this lawsuit. Tell us what’s happening here. So very similar, Sausage McMuffin is on the
value menu. You think you could walk in there with a dollar,
toss down that dollar bill and get yourself a delicious Sausage McMuffin. But no, those Sausage McMuffins are actually
almost $2 and same thing happened. Customer went in there and said, expecting
to buy a couple of Sausage McMuffins and put down the money and paid more than he was expecting. Almost double what was advertised. And so once again, you’ve got franchisees
that, that are not actually towing the company line and are allegedly, according to the class
action, overcharging for their delicious little sausage biscuits of love. And what’s interesting about this is that
when it comes to these kind of advertisements where they say, hey, you know, the $5 Chalupa
Box or the $1 Sausage McMuffin available at participating stores, as long as they have
that one store somewhere in the country that is offering this, they can make that claim. But again, we’re running into problems here
when you actually walk into the restaurant itself and you see right there on their menu
where it has the advertised price, but then when they push the little button on the register,
it comes up as a different price. That, that’s why these lawsuits are, are,
are there. It’s not because, oh, my place wasn’t participating. No, no, no. It’s because your store told you it was going
to be $1 for a Sausage McMuffin or $5 for a Chalupa Craving and then you know, almost
doubled the price in the case of McDonald’s here. That’s where the issues coming from, and again,
they can legally claim that yes, it’s only at participating locations, even if it’s one
location. But if you’re going to do that, you better
make sure that none of these other stores are offering, or advertising I should say,
that super low price that they’re not actually gonna give the consumer. Exactly. Just be up front with consumers, be honest,
and they’ll pay full price. That’s what they want. The, you know, the, they want your product,
but you just can’t lie about it. You can’t be deceitful and you have to be
really upfront with what you’re charging and how you’re doing it. If you do that, you won’t get hit with these
class actions. Absolutely. For more information about this issue, follow
the links in the description of this video, head over to Top Class Actions and make sure
you sign up for their weekly newsletter. Scott Hardy with Top Class Actions. Thank you very much for talking with us today. You’re welcome. Thanks for your time, Farron.

100 thoughts on “Fast Food Giants Overcharging Customers For Certain Menu Items

  1. Having the sign in the window, regardless of what the fine print says, and then delivering something other than what was expected, is a clear cut example of a bait and switch.

  2. Well if you're paying $5 per one chalupa at taco Bell you would be better off getting the $5 box.
    And it's cheaper to make the the stuff at home than it is to eat out everyday.

  3. I stopped eating Mc Donald's about 30 years ago. When my son ordered Chicken McNuggets, then he bit into one and gross white goo came out of it. TOTALLY DISGUSTING! I As far as Taco Bell they grossed me out about 15 years ago as well. No more Burger King either after them using horse meat. How do people eat this stuff??? Nasty Arce….

  4. KFC's also doing this with their "$5 FIll-up" It used to be five dollars, but now it's six! One dollar may not be a big deal to some people, but people who have limited funds feel cheated.

  5. Hmmm "delicious" meaning chemically altered GMO and millions of people eat that garbage every day then they brush their teeth with fluoride toothpaste. No wonder millions of people are so stupid and have health problems.

  6. The same people condemning those who eat fast food are the same ones who expel the virtues of eating bugs. Muh environment!

    You Leftists are something else.

  7. I live on Molokai, in Hawaii & on this island has 2 grocery stores & 2 gas stations & all the merchants on this island price gouge the shit out of us & it doesn’t stop there… the cable company, telephone company, the electric company does the same price gouging…it seems like since Trump became president…every business that provides goods to consumers feel like they’re free to charge what they want. Hawaii’s prices are high & outrageous…but the prices on the outer islands are ridiculously high! It’s outrageous & they are definitely ripping us off❗️💯😓

  8. uh huh. the mcdonalds guy doesnt know the difference between a sausage mcmuffin and a sausage-egg mcmuffin. obviously not even an american.
    and i have a hunch the taco bell guy is just an idiot. since he eats at taco bell and hired this dumbass to be his lawyer.

  9. Taco Bell is nasty I never go there I can't believe people still eat there and McDonald's is good for there one dollar coffee that's it.

  10. Bayer and Monsanto had to make up for being sued some way.
    Plus too many brains are beginning to wake up as smart people are not eating shit foods anymore.

    Plus they Gotta raise prices on the poor, to meet trumps raising their pay 👐🏽

  11. My local McDonald's charges extra for side items that should be included in the combination meal. Their sign even says so. Total rip off.

  12. Please this is not food you want in our bodies. We have not eaten that junk in 25 years. Break down what is in each of their food. Mc'D's nuggets are not chicken hear that. Taco Bell uses nothing but liquids out of bags they call food. Their are plenty of places you can go eat with real food for the same price.

  13. Yep, Taco Bell is overcharging for the "$5 Grande Nacho Box" also. When I went in to my local Taco Bell this item was actually $6.00 plus tax instead. They made up a bologna excuse about not being a participating location. I haven't been back.

  14. I have no pity, no sympathy whatsoever for those who fill their craws with this greasy, toxic carcinogenic artery cloggers that enrich the corporate medical industry. Look at Scott Hardy who pigs down that crap: he is on his way to being a weirdo of a slob like the dotard Trump, chowing down on those greasy, high fructose corn syrup sodium laden goo, enjoying the "delicious" food replacements. Such a toddler, like the dotard.

  15. I'd say I can probably count the number of times I eat fast food on my fingers each year. At least in the last few years. I mean as far as tacos go one pound of ground beef a taco dinner kit, some shredded cheese, and whatever you want to add that's like 15 bucks max (and that's being generous) feed a family of four and 10 to 15 minutes peptide. Much cheaper than taco bell for 4.

  16. Taco Bell is the only fast food I can still stomach. But mostly I order from the local grocery store deli when I eat out. It is as good as home cooked. (Better even.)

  17. Sausage muffin (no cheese or egg) is 99 cents. Some restaurants run egg mccmuffins (ham, egg & cheese) & sausage mccmuffins 2 for 4 dollars… Gotta be alert, they usually run specials for a limited time!!

  18. Find and support local Taco style restaurants, Burger restaurants, etc., and help your local community and probably eat better. Taco bell tortillas are rubbish food made with flour and sugar used to substitute for salt.

  19. Quality of these products and the people working in them continue to fail as the years go by. I stop going to them because of that.

  20. Taco bell is the worst at that i have a taco bell in my neighborhood and the 5 dollar box sells for 7 bucks. When i said something about it. They just look at me like a deer in headlights i just walk out. Just a heads up taco bell when you lose 1 guest actually you lose 10 guest.. never been back since.

  21. My god. USA, land of the frivolous lawsuit. How much is it going to cost this moron to recover his 89 cents?. Sure, what the stores did was wrong. Do you not have any consumer protection agencies over there that can prosecute this type of behaviour?

  22. Hey Farron has anyone seen Baron Trump, Trumps youngest kid? I mean he does still live with Melania in the White House right? I feel bad for the kid his father is too busy rage tweeting at cooperate media to raise his son.

  23. Heads up to All – Chump paying Facebook 1.4 MILLION in ADS per WEEK, that are FALSE. Zuckerberg changed Political Policy and it's now okay to PURCHASE ads that LIE TO AMERICANS.

  24. If you are willing to eat either of these less nutritional food choices,
    Then you are definitely willing to pay for it even though it’s crap.

  25. The mcdonalds near me has gotten so expensive. Instead, I pay one extra dollar and order carside from applebees which is enough food for 2 meals. Better quality too.

  26. I stopped eating any fast food years ago. The only thing I might buy in a fast food place when I travel is coffee in my own cup, IF I can't find a better coffee place.

    I stopped eating at Taco bell long before the other places, because I got a bad burrito and paid the price.

  27. I don't find anything "delicious" about McDonald's health-robbing, Amazon-deforesting, climate-changing, child-exploiting, worker-enslaving, animal-torturing products.

  28. That's not really the point that should not be the point

    the point should be that these companies should not be allowed to use GMO products, by force government regulation

    and also the fact that when I order a Big Mac my Patty is less than 1/4 inch thick and it's smaller in diameter than the bun

    that's impossible

    the Patty should not be smaller than the fucking bun

    you should be the main points

    The idea of a fast food is not a bad one no should it be illegal even in a communist Society it's the fact that they sell garbage

    but they advertise it as healthy and the fact that they fuck you on these how big of a burger you get

  29. At my local Mcdonalds, if you order an item that comes by twos, you’ll often only get one. Example: I order 3 side orders of bacon. A side order is two slices. I drive away to find only 3 pieces of bacon instead of the 6 I paid for. This happens so much and (to my own fault) I’m halfway to work before I realize it. I haven’t ordered cookies in ages but the same thing used to happen. I’d order two orders of cookies (each having two) and I’d drive away with only two cookies instead of the four I paid for. Fries are missing half the time. They forget the drink or give you a medium instead of the large you paid for. I don’t know if it’s a directive to save money or pure incompetence. The bacon thing happens to me literally 75% of the time. Now I try to remember to check before I drive away and they huff and puff impatiently while I look.

  30. People can easily cook these fast food items at home but people want not only quick & convenient, they don't want to have to admit just how much fat, salt, sugar is really in the food. When you cook it, you have to face what you're putting into the food.

  31. It’s not just fast food it is everything in this country. A big scam and gouging to make the few filthy rich.

    Clothing chains offer constant 40-80% off sales but you still pay full price because the discount is based on a inflated suggested retail price.

    Why do we pay $800-2000+ for a mattress? Not even a box spring with it? Rip off!

    Why when you buy a car for say $30k does a replacement engine cost $20k or a transmission $10k?

    Groceries here in America are 100% more on average than in Germany I’ve found for example even products like Coke, Miracle Whip and Oreos 3-5 times more here than over there.

    There is no competition amount gas stations either, when one raises their price all others follow even if they don’t have to. When oil goes up prices go up immediately when oil goes down it takes weeks to months for the price at the pump to drop but by then oil has gone up again.

    I would call for an all out walk out of everyone who makes minimum wage or up to $18 an hour, shut everything down. Let see the rich do without gas and services.

    I bought a GMC Sierra in 2013, this year an identical truck cost $18 k more going from $41k to $59$ in six years???? And yet GM workers are on strike for more pay and benefits many making $15-20 an hour.

  32. Just wondering will this case stick if they inform you before you purchase the item? It’s your choice to buy after knowing. If you do isn’t that your Decision

  33. They charged me an UNGODLY sum for just a squirt of chipotle sauce in a teeny flimsy plastic container soooooooooooo, I no longer go there. Also the pico de gallo is NEVER fresh. So NACO HELL forget you

  34. Man my taco bell said the cheddar chalupa was discontinued -_- I went to the website said they still had them.. Boy was I mad

  35. Do the consumers who started the case know the difference between: the Sausage Biscuit, Sausage McMuffin and the Sausage McMuffin w/ cheese?

  36. My local McDonald’s all have the sausage McMuffin for $1.08(with tax) so it’s odd to blame the whole of it instead of that chain in particular

  37. For a single chalupa? Or the $5 chalupa box? Because if it's the box then did the people who paid $13 get extra meat or a freeze as the drink? There are things you can do to make the price go up. Either way I love taco Bell and hate chalupa's so I'm good with whatever happens 🤣

  38. Of course they are, and they will say well we pay our people 15 per hour so you see we have to charge more, even though we are replacing workers with self service machines.

  39. If you're not bitching about Trump you find stupid crap like this to bitch about.You might as well say that this is Trump's fault..

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