hi everyone say hey Daisy wanted to talk to me in my video so we're back again with another family grocery haul aren't we a milk fun we're going to show everyone the food yeah um so yeah you want to see what are we in this week okay keep watching before I come with the rest of the video as per usual as appeared the CMA guidelines I am quite to tell you that I have worked with Tesco in the past six months however this grocery shop is paid for with all of our own money isn't it yeah so I'm going to show you the meal plan at the end so stay tuned for that I'll also leave any links to recipes and stuff like that in the description bar below but without any further ado should we get started yeah cool let's get started so over here is still cook food kind of stuff and we've got a Nando's piri-piri coach and cook we've got a taco seasoning this is a sweet paprika and garlic mild one so it's like child friendly we have some burger sauce some sesame oil we've also got some pineapple chunks induce a massive jar of gherkins get full recipe but I had quite like them on salads and stuff as well we have some granular cheeto chipotle salsa which just sounded really good then we've got two packs of long grain rice microwavable ones and this this is a clear example of online shopping because well this is the biggest biggest jar of pitted black olives I think I've ever ever bought in my life I didn't really think this through so we're gonna be eating olives for the next few weeks it would seem this is a finest sun-dried tomato pesto rosso just got a fancier one because it's part of a recipe and like one of the key ingredients and I thought I would try a fancy one got some sweet corn also and paella rice then over here is kind of snack some bits for me some bits with the kids some bits alike for meals so I actually picked up some snappy Jack these are on offer for a pound I believe so I've got some caramel and a cheeky chocolate chip 61 oh no 51 and 62 calories respectively and they're just I'm trying to be a bit healthier at the moment is you probably government if you watch some of my videos recent and then these are like kind of kiddie snacks they've got some Barney bears fruit winders fruity hearts which as you can see have already been opened a certain little girl wanted some then some black currant school bars they don't have the black currant flavor before and then some party rings the school holidays summer holidays can we work really quickly and I just feel like it's always good to stock up on things when I see them on offer and not gonna think so that's why I've got all of those then we have some tortilla chips some prawn crackers and some cashew nuts then over here is like breads and frozen bits now you'll barely ever see me buy cereal because the kids usually aren't that into it but on a whim I had some rice krispies it and because I was making like crispy cakes with leftover Easter chocolate and they really really seemed to like them so I got some more I did get the most battered box I've ever seen but like if this is what I've got to complain about in my life and I think I'm quite fortunate person but yeah anyway I've also got some chocolate snaps as well because you know I thought it'd be a nice treat and then I've got some Kingsmill 50/50 some brioche buns or like rolls things for you what are they rolls rolls I have two perhaps of the flat breads like you always get ten – fries one of them and keep the other one out then the freezer got some crispy skin on fries I have some cooked and peeled prawns then we have some corn mince over here and then some chicken thighs at frozen which I've never ever bought like this before but they just seemed so much more cost-effective and I thought I would give them a go so you basically take out what you need leave them to defrost in the fridge that day and then cook with them that night so yeah fingers crossed there all right you have to let me know if you've ever had them before and how you got on with them then over here is my cheeky monkey with a packaging sticker on her mouth it's a good look for you right we're gonna start in this corner Daisy so over here we've got two avocados but two packs of strawberries we have two iceberg lettuce is a pack of peppers I always get the nightingale farms ones because they're just really affordable I have some garlic here like a large garlic bulb we get that pretty much every week two lemons some baby from tomatoes and flat leaf parsley pink lady apples because he's in the fridge when the ice cold with some almond butter I just like my thing right now because I'm an Instagram cliche but there's so so good they are really worth the money then we have four loose red onions here we've got eight loose bananas and three news carrots we have a cucumber big bag of Marys applied for potatoes and then three packs of the tender stone broccoli and I am with you on packaging I've had a few comments recently about like packaging and that kind of thing I do my best I try and buy lease when I can but I can't control all the packaging elsewhere because I'm not Tesco but yeah this is ridiculous because these don't need all of that and I'm aware of that too but I do really like 10 December Oakley so if I want to buy it at the moment I have to buy it this way I love you we have over here some avocado hummus I've never tried this before it's topped with fruity chili flakes Rokita pepper pills and extra virgin olive oil more current modelling here by Daisy put some Grana Padano cheese some cheese singles halloumi what are these yogurts we've got some minced beef for breakfast and snacks yeah what's that minced beef beef yeah I've got beef we have what are they chicken it's ham chunks and then finally over here we have a 16 piece Chinese selection with dip which is very exciting that was yummy doesn't it hmm but yes that is everything for this week so I'm going to tell you the meal plan now so it's more fun time now and it's cheese day today and tonight we are having bigger and evolved with homemade fries and if you've never had a bigger in a bowl before it's kind of like a deconstructed burger or Big Mac with like salad and stuff and lots and lots of veggies as opposed to you like very little veggies and very little good stuff that's gonna fill you offer me full of nutrients for you and we're not having the bun with it instead I'm gonna make homemade for was a favorite of mine when I was doing some in world and the whole family loves it it's really tasty so that's what the lean beef mince is for I'm the cheese like slices and I've got bigger sauce I'm gonna add like loads and loads of lettuce like the kids will probably have more like cucumber and tomato because that's more their thing and then obviously we've got the fries as well so I'm really looking forward to making that and it's really not too hard to make either and then on Wednesday as I've mentioned before the kids have swimming so they're gonna eat in my mum and dad's house while I'm with them excuse the background noise by the way cuz the bin men have just turned up I really hope it doesn't wake Stan up having this afternoon nap at the moment but yeah what marks gonna make for is well I'm out with the kids and Dean swimming is what we actually had last week which was the tomato and sweet onion pasta so I've been looking down and reading my notes here it's just really like cheap and easy we pimped out a bit with some bacon that kind of thing and it'll be like a nice quick and easy one for us to have on Wednesday night when the kids are in bed then on Thursday I'm gonna do a corn taco salad with tortilla chip crunch I've seen this recipe floating around a few times and I decide to tease porn because I've seen a few bits and bobs recently about the effects of red meat and processed meat on your diet and the like links to you cancer because they're carcinogenic and while I can't sit here and say right well I'm never ever going to eat bacon again and I do you want to look into it a little bit more and I do want to be more mindful and I think obviously any vegetarian meals that we have are ultimately better on the environment that bin man is so loud with all those men I should say bless their hearts I'm sorry about that but yeah I do I want to be more conscious and I don't think that this is a bad thing so I'm just gonna try and see you switch a few different ingredients out whether or not it does make a difference and whether we like really mind their taste because never a bad thing is it so that's what we're gonna have and I will probably video that one for the ongoing like meals video that I'm doing for you at the moment then on Friday it's a bit of an open night because I'm actually going out with my friend and we're going out for a meal and drinks and I will probably do something for the kids like Marc hates bill to GGO on Friday so I will cook something ready for when bill gets back and then I imagine mark will probably get himself a sneaky take away or something oh just like see see himself right and get what he wants and what he fancies and so that's the plan for Friday I've no idea what I'm gonna pick but I do know that we're going through a Turkish like restaurant and I'm so excited then on Saturday we are out during the day marks mums to see Mark's sister because it's her birthday recently and then when we get back we are hopefully going to enjoy the sunshine and we're gonna have homemade Nando's that's the plan anyway it's just like your go-to you know how like people have go-to meals that they really love like that's always so that's what I've got chicken thighs for and then the chicken thighs will also stretch I'm just reading here for our chicken and chorizo paella just thought it would be really really nice meal to have because the weather is meant to be quite nice this weekend where we are and I thought let's do something different rather than drag the barbecue out we'll do something like that it just feel like summery and tasty we've got leftover and to eat so in the fridge anyway that lychees not and it's quite a simple dish to make so I'm really looking forward to making that one then on Monday I'm gonna make a special fried rice but I saw Hannah Gale who is someone that I love to chat to you online she posted a recipe for her prawn and no no not grown pineapple and cashew fried rice I have a fried rice recipe anyway that we made quite a lot and I thought I'm gonna chop some pineapples and cashews into that and see what it tastes like because it just sounded really good so I will leave a link down to you here and blog post if you want to have a look at that and then I will also leave a link down to my video where I make mine so you can like you know pick and choose or mix and match whatever you want to do and then on a Tuesday we are going to have halloumi and orzo salad and I might add some like garlic bread to that or something but it was just a recipe that I found on the BBC good food website we've got some leftover halloumi and I brought an extra one anyway and I feel like it'd be a really simple one to make and the ingredients like kind of will keep quite well in the fridge anyway and until next Tuesday so that is the plan on roughing this crusty actually works but I hope that that was useful and gave you some ideas and that kind of thing and I will hopefully see you very very soon so thank you so much for watching and have a lovely day wherever you're up to


  1. You can cook the chicken thighs from frozen 👍🏻 it says on the front of the bag top left corner much easier for meal planning x

  2. I was wondering if you could do some budget type videos? I’d be really interested to know how things are going since you quite your day job, how you stretch your money and save for your extension.

  3. So pleased you've touched on this. It's something I've been looking in to and trying to reduce the amount of red meat we eat as a family xx

  4. As a Londoner, I always find it so funny when children have an accent different to mine. Daisy’s so cute 😂

  5. Daisy is super cute!! ☺️☺️ Love your videos, I get so bored getting the same things in the shop every week.

  6. If you want to be more cautious with what your eating I.e switching red meat for quorn, I would recommend watching a programme called Horizon on bbciplayer. They discovered that the cheese slices that you’ve got can have as little as 11% actual cheese in them, which to me is mad. It’s really insightful with everything it talks about. They also talk about the carbon footprint effect some things have too, which gave me a shock to see even stuff that’s produced in our own country can have an effect on the carbon footprint.

  7. Love your meal ideas. Daisy is growing up so fast, she is so lovely ❤ wanted to ask which is better doing a shop every week or every say 2 weeks say ? I think I need to plan a bit better .

  8. So you control the packaging that Tesco use for their fruit and vegetables Charlotte, I knew this was your fault! OF COURSE I'M JOKING! How incredibly rude of people to comment on something that you no control over, its just ridiculous to comment about it at all! Maybe next time I see an American youtuber buying coffee from starbucks I will comment how its their fault that the company use throw away plastic cups that are bad for the environment. People are truly idiots sometimes. Attack the companies NOT the youtubers. #commonsense … change of subject… Daisy is adorable in this video and stole the show. She has come such a long way. Its been a pleasure to watch her grow from the days of feeding tubes to this beautiful little angel.. thankyou for the upload….

  9. The tomato and sweet onion pasta looks so good as does the quorn taco sala. Looking forward to the video! I will definitely be trying those as well as the special fried rice (once my egg-allergic son heads back to college). 🙂Your meals always sound and look delicious! And I enjoy vegi-fying them for my family. 💗 Thanks for always making such lovely content! ~Krislynner

  10. I'm all for removing packaging but I work at Tesco and in their defence, they are trying to remove packaging where they can but it's often not as simple as it seems (I read about this in the company magazine for staff). Removing packaging reduces shelf life dramatically so food would get wasted a lot more if it was sold loose. The packets of fruit often contain a gas which preserves them and makes them last longer. A lot of supermarkets also take plastic packaging for recycling (e.g. bags that fruit, bread etc comes in), I know Morrisons recycles a fair amount in their stores. Plastic is often cheaper and uses less water to produce than paper and paper bags are heavier so cost more to transport, so they're not as eco friendly as they seem). Another thing I never thought of either was that every time you take coat hangers home from the shop, they have to use more plastic to make them so leave the hanger wherever you can. Not trying to be preachy but it's interesting how it can seem like supermarkets are the bad guys and they can do more but they are trying!

  11. I look forward to these hauls, and love the meal plans! Always sure to give me inspiration for family meals!! 🤗🤗

  12. Those flat breads are delicious toasted with hummus as a dip , you could even throw on a few olives if you haven’t run out 😂😂😂

  13. Your meal plan sounds so yummy! You’re looking amazing by the way! Love little Daisy she’s so cute 🖤🖤

  14. Hey Charlotte, totally get what you're saying about packaging but you could buy things like peppers, potatoes, apples, garlic and broccoli without packaging – even online they just pop it in a paper bag 🙂 Also Daisy is so grown up! Can't believe it, seems like yesterday she was born!

  15. You need to try the quorn chicken nuggets Charlotte, they taste just like McDonald’s and are yum 😋 xx

  16. The Tesco chicken thighs are brilliant and for some reason the skin seems to crisp up better – at least to me anyway lol

  17. Quick heads up Charlotte, the link you have for the influencer guidelines is broken, doesn't work.

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