100 thoughts on “FACEBOOK cake HOW TO COOK THAT Facebook dessert Ann Reardon

  1. Ur just brilliant and a mind blowing baking artist madam!!! Hats off..my younger daughter coming up last day of month…r u in Canada or US?? Like can I ask u to make me a beautiful cake for serious…plzzz

  2. so you've done a YouTube one, A Facebook one, An Instagram one, and a twitter one could u do one with the new instagram logo?

  3. fake ID book make a book make a book a dr. Seuss book dr. Seuss all the places you will go NY cake fireflies la Lanna alley cake la cake no Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj cake Nicki Minaj cake

  4. People started a while ago heating up knives and cutting things Ann has been doing it for YEARS

  5. Your cakes are so adoralble!!!! This one was just "HEAVEN". I liked your video and subscribe your channel as well!!!!!

  6. Hi this is Imani and you are the only person who can be a good baker also can u make a peanut butter and jelly cake plz

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