Hey guys, welcome to my channel Today’s video is gonna get a little weird… today, I’m gonna be eating my diamond play button over here We have the diamond play button and over here Is this awesome mold that we made of it I recently made a video of making this mold, so I’ll link to it down below So if you missed that video, you can check it out, but it is so cool! And it’s so detailed and I asked you guys What kind of foods you would like to see me try to make in here? And so that is exactly What we’re gonna be doing today, this silicone mold is massive I have never made a silicone mold this big or used one We use the highest quality silicone Which was also food safe to make it so you can actually bake with this I can put this in the oven you can also freeze it cuz it’s super durable. So any type of liquid We’re just gonna try some stuff. So we are not gonna try making one edible thing today We’re gonna be making a bunch of things we’re just gonna try things and they were things that you Suggested if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up If you would like to show some support Please hit subscribe and click the bell to receive notifications every time I post a new video I am so excited to make food in here. The foodie in me is just like aaa aaa aaa I don’t know what that I don’t know how to put that in the word. It’s just the emoji this now without further ado and let’s make our first Edible play button, I set the diamond play button off to the side. It is safe over there and the first thing that I’m gonna try to make in this mold is a cake. You guys Requested that I try to make a cake. I also have a little helper over here So if you see a cute little dog face pop up, she’s just keeping me company She’s taking the snooze. The cake that I’m gonna make is a pound cake. I’m actually just using a box cake I poured two boxes in this bowl I just have a feeling that this mold is gonna take a lot to fill so I’m gonna have plenty of cake batter in front Of me in this big bowl is all over the dry ingredients Mixed together already then I just need to add butter. This is at room temperature I’m just gonna scoop it in because it’s double the recipe we’re gonna be adding four eggs Now add the water This bowl is really full so I’m gonna mix it on a low speed so it doesn’t fly everywhere doesn’t that smell so good sometimes I wish I got a dog nose like this already smells delicious but and then it could smell even better All right cake batter is ready now, we’re gonna pour it in here and because it’s a silicone mold it isn’t metal It isn’t the best conductor of heat. So I do a method called slow baking. Every time I use a silicone mold I slow bake it so you reduce the temperature and you bake for longer So I’m gonna reduce the temperature in the oven to be about 325 and who knows how long a cake this large is gonna take, it may take an hour it may take 2 hours we shall see I’m also going to place it on top of a baking tray so that it stays flat in the oven I’m gonna spray it just like you would a regular cake pan. Now, we’re gonna pour this bad mama jama in here Here we go. Whoa. Oh my gosh. Oh That’s good. That’s good. I’m leaving a little bit of room so it can rise. I’m gonna give it some taps tap tap tap. It’s really loud but it helps get all the little air bubbles out. Whoo, this is so heavy. This is so heavy This is just as heavy as the play button. Oh my gosh. Okay. In we go Oh Let the slow bake begin I just took the cake out of the oven. It took like over two hours to bake. So to get it out I’m just gonna flip this plate on top of here and then Flip it over my gosh Workout. The thing I like about molds is you can just like kind of Bend them And it really loosens like the cake or brownies. Whatever is in there. The moment of truth. Did it work? Oh Oh my gosh so this is my first attempt and maybe in the future I will try a different cake and see what happens. Even though there’s air bubbles it is still a diamond play button cake And it’s time to eat it All right. Lets take our first bite. Here we go Cookie Okay, let’s see It’s like a little dry cuz it took so long to cook through but diamonds taste good I’m worried if I decorate it with icing, I’ll lose some of the cool like Geometric details on here. So I really love it to be just like a naked cake. Let’s take one more bigger bite That wasn’t very big This is the biggest bite I can take because this thing is so thick this is a huge piece of cake Usually I would level this in half and put a frosting layer in between but overall. This was a success We got a baked diamond play button cake. I’m gonna try something different now I want to make something frozen. You guys wanted to see me make some sort of Popsicle so let’s do it. But for the popsicle I wanted it to be a really cute color I wanted a pink Rin so I just got some pink lemonade and this is super easy. I cleaned out the mold So there’s not gonna be any crumbs in there Even though I don’t think I would mind if I was eating a popsicle and I got a little bit of cake in there I don’t mind So first, I’m gonna set it on the tray and I do this because when you carry the silicone mold It bends and I don’t want the liquid to fall out when you freeze liquid It usually expands so I’m gonna play it safe here. I wonder if it’s gonna freeze this color Later, I don’t know. I’m so excited. Now. Let’s take it to the fridge. What? Oh shoot Oh No happen Battle the cookies gonna be eating there. Oh, okay. I’m ready spilled a little bit. So things are going really good Oh, why would I do this on the table? I should just have this in the freezer. This is just a terrible idea Are you kind of ated to the freezer? This is a hot mess But you know, you don’t want it to be too full anyway, so I’m just gonna leave it Open up. Oh My gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh go in there go in there Jumbo popsicles are so hard to transport. I wouldn’t advise just pouring it right in there. Oops oh, well, you live and you learn to Let that sit in please. Oh Look at that This is such a cool color. It is so pretty. I got a little like cutting mat here I’m gonna place it on top and then I’m gonna flip it over. It’s super Cold time. I ready for a popsicle. One, two, three, cool it here it is. Oh my gosh. It’s beautiful Wow Look at this all the details you can see Everything. Oh, I was seriously obsessed. This is so cool Okay, I’m gonna eat it now now I didn’t have a popsicle stick. That was big enough to hold this thing up So I’m just gonna grab it Because it’s not just water it doesn’t freeze as hard so you can take little bites. Oh It’s so good at sweet let’s turn it’s so delicious so good. Do you been dati enable it here you go Just a little just a little Okay How is it sweet and sour? Not really a fan of the sweet and sour if I was a kid of my parents cuz then I could have one popsicle I bet yeah sure. I’ll take this one. No, you’re just one this tastes, but let’s try making the bush a vice I’ve never done this before this is not the machine before a Little like fruit peeler. You could probably look up life hacks. I did not look this up. I’m just having some fun today So I’m just gonna try it. Oh Wow Okay, we got to hold you in place. Oh, oh, this is gonna be delicious. It just wobbles like everything I just gotta put it down here here. Let’s just let’s get the play button. Oh Yeah Right now I only got a bowl out thinking I’d use this no, I’m just gonna eat it right off the play button Mmm So good it was a great idea This is like the bread bowl of popsicles. We’re just gonna carve out the middle now It’s starting to soften up just a little bit. I know you can just really put your spoon. Look at that This would definitely be a thing. I’ve eaten so much shave rice, but they’ve never had pink lemonade. I’ve lost my dog cookie She’s jumped down and I’ve got a new finder and then I’m gonna make one more Treat I found cookie. I put her safely away. She’s hanging out with Moe in the other room We’re gonna be making and working with chocolate. I don’t know about you guys, but I love dark chocolate That is my favorite kind of chocolate Let me know in the comments below whether you like milk chocolate or dark chocolate Better my taste buds actually changed. I like five years ago. I liked milk chocolate and now I love dark chocolate I don’t get taste buds. Hi science I don’t know so I roughly eyeballed it. This is AG estimation of how much chocolate I’ll need But I’m looking at it and I’m going look at this. It’s so big that’s like fit in here pretty good This is not an exact calculation. Just a guess I’m gonna open up the chocolates break them up a little bit cut them up and put them in this bowl. I Kind of wish that YouTube would have sent me a huge a play button just made out of chocolate Congratulations on reaching ten million and one subscribers. I will be okay with that I would actually be really excited about that. You could break it up with your hands. Oh No, I can’t I’m gonna use a knife Can’t catch it See, yeah any stand up a little bit needs a little bit of leverage so much chocolate If I’m gonna do this to the rest of my chocolate, oh This is a lot of chocolate. So now I have to melt it and to melt a quantity like this I’m gonna do it over the stove You can either do it off with the stove or use microwave But I want to put this on a double boiler a double boiler is a pot on the stove with a little bit of water And then a heat-safe Bowl on top and it slowly hates. It kind of like steam heats it from the bottom Whereas if I was gonna microwave all this I might end up burning it. Look what’s happening. Oh oh yes oh yes We are halfway there and the hardest part is not to eat this right now It’s like a hot chocolate fondue right now, and I really want to dip some bananas and strawberries in here right now But I’m I’m holding off. I’m holding off. I have a mission today. I need to make a chocolate diamond play button. Stay focused We are ready. This chocolate has melted Oh, look at that steam That’s the kind of spa. I want to go to This is like a chocolate facial it’s all Very fancy. It’s at the RO spa. Let’s go make a chocolate diamond play wedding I’m gonna be very careful. The chocolate is melted. I’m gonna pour it into the mold. woooooooo oh This is so good, I want all the chocolate so I’m going to use a spatula scrape down the side Tap tap tap and now I’m just gonna let it sit out at room temperature to harden I’m not gonna put it in the refrigerator in the freezer because it will harden faster there But it will like the level it will change a different color get a little hazy. You can see all the little air bubbles They’re coming out. Look at them right there. Okay, I’m gonna take this out and I have to be honest I did not wait. I could not wait for this chocolate. So I put it in the fridge So it might look a little funny. Yeah. Okay. So it turned a little bit color, but that’s ok. This is Incredible we did it chocolate bar diamond play button achieved I am gonna eat this here we go Mmm, oh my god so much chocolate this is so thick its almoast like Peanut butter, okay. Well, we’re great one more bite. Oh My gosh just sooo much you know Hubert a big thank you to the 10 million of you who subscribed to make this possible and Who suggested the different foods that I should make into a diamond play button? This is so much fun and delicious and messy and I loved minute of it. Alright that does it for the video I hope you guys liked it If you would like to show some support Please hit subscribe and click the bell to receive Notifications every time I post a new video. And also if you liked this video, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up. Alright Thanks again. You guys let me know and they comment below what other videos you’d like to see And if you’d like to see any other fun videos, you can click up here or here Thanks again, bye! I think I have chocolate in my teeth…


  1. I had so much fun eating my Diamond Play Button! Thank you all for 10 million subscribers! What was the first video of mine that you watched? 😊💕

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  3. About 3 yrs ago I LOVED dark chocolate but now…. I'm loving WHITE CHOCOLATE 🍫
    So I love milk chocolate now😋😍

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    Me and my family eating a chocolate play button: WE EAT IT ALL AND TODAY!! 😂

  5. I like dark chocolate and the taste buds thing happened to me,The first i watched of you was a few years ago or something,and it was with Rebecca Zamolo

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