Eating McDonald’s in Korea 맥도날드에 (Fast Food in Pyeongtaek, South Korea)

Eating McDonald’s in Korea 맥도날드에 (Fast Food in Pyeongtaek, South Korea)

Today we’re are going for a true culinary
experience. The finest in Korean original foods.
A tantalizing treat for the taste buds. Ahhhh, screw it we’re going to McDonalds.
Music playing Balloons it is meant to be!
Music playing We’ve got the familiar looking menu.
Music playing What fine dining option did you order? Tonight
darling? I went for the quarter pounder with cheese. MMMMM!
And what will you be having this evening? And I have ordered the King sized appetite
have ordered the double quarter pounder with cheese.
Music More Music
Again, more music Would you like some fries with your ketchup?
There darling! I think I might. As much as we love Korean food and we absolutely
do sometimes we just get a craving for something western or even complete junk like this. We
don’t here often but when we do…ooooh…the wheels fall off
Agreed! Well, we sure took care of that meal. Hahaha!
Woooaaaah! Oink Oink Oink!

100 thoughts on “Eating McDonald’s in Korea 맥도날드에 (Fast Food in Pyeongtaek, South Korea)

  1. Sometimes you've just got to have that comfort food from back home. I've noticed lots of KFC's around Korea as well.

  2. If they aren't swimming in ketchup they are not being properly drowned in delicious sauce 😛

  3. That does suck! I wish they had ketchup away from the counter as well. It's embarrassing to have to ask for so many packets…LOL

  4. I have a feeling it's really developed over the years! The downtown area near the main train station is bustling.

  5. haha, I didn't shoot him from a great angle. That hobbit is actually 6 ft tall, lol

  6. We didn't see kimchi burger on the menu, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were a restaurant out there serving that. 😉

  7. Ha! I've been there. Crazy… Small world. It's always easy to find my bus home because it's right in front of the McDonalds.

  8. Good ol' Pyeongtaek. It seems a lot people have passed through here. 😉

  9. Koreans don't eat cat meat. Dog meat is not sold in grocery stores. Beef is much cheaper than dog meat (if you can find it) so there is no reason why McDonald will mix dog meat in hamburger.

  10. because korean foods are worse than junk. i experienced korean drink what they call "beer" and i tasted cold urine….its true everything piece of garbage in west are piece of gold in korea. in fact korean food named 부대찌개 uses leftovers of ham and sausages from american army's garbage dumpster. as about leftovers are very common issue of korean food restaurants. they recycle leftovers over again. only koreans deserve that reused eco friendly korean meals!!

  11. I don't know what made you so negative about a nation's culture but recommend you to see things in a positive way and your life will be so much better. Poor guy…

  12. very interesting,if your couple come to korea again visit my house mom will cooking for your couple.. ^-^  welcome~~

  13. This was annoying. Very annoying. Like come on man this was just a weird couple posting a video about visiting a Korean McDonald's. 

  14. Why the hell would you go to a country with exceptionally good food, and go to a fucking McDonalds? Then fucking make this awful video that makes it evident that you two are clueless to what someone finds entertaining… 

  15. Is it me or is this dude scary in a weird and nice way. Vampireish looking? The girl reminds me of that girl from the karate kid. Aside from that, crappy video…hahaha J/K

  16. I've been reading very harsh comments and I think youtube should ban these bad mouth people here. If you don't like any videos posted on YouTube, get off cause we don't need to see your nasty comments. Be glad and thankful they have been around the world to share us these epic videos. Gosh almighty people. Where have the world gone wrong? It's hard enough in real life as it is already. Keep up the good work guys! I admire you guys!

  17. They should ban 10 year olds and under in YouTube cause it sounds like a bunch of kids who need some serious smacking here and there.

  18. Is their meat at least better in Korea? I can't eat it in the US. I think my inner foody beats me over the head with noodles if I were to try. XD

  19. Korean whopper is way better than American(where I live now) whoppers. 
    Korean patties are much more smokey and delicioso. 

  20. You guys are cute, but I wish you didn't eat that trash. You could have gone for a real burger. Don't they have Cheesecake Factory there? I love their American Kobe beef burger medium rare with fries. No fillers in the beef that McDonalds has…who knows the garbage of chemicals in their food. If you can't find a good burger/real meat, just go for pizza!!!  😛

  21. Mcdonalds is the fucking best.

    I would agree with any issue made towards their corporate policy, but damn.  That trash just slides down my gullet sooooo easily. 

  22. 케찹을 인쇄된 종이에 뿌려서 찍어 먹으면 좀.. 그렇지않나요? 그래서 전 콜라 뚜껑을 컵에서 빼서 거기다 케찹을 담아서 먹는답니다. 훨씬 위생적이겠죠? 나도 다른 사람이 그렇게 하는거 보고 따라하는 거임.

  23. What's with all the hate here? They're just enjoying themselves. It's reality. Let's not make a fuss. Nice video guys. I would love to try Korean McDonald's.

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