Easy Prime Meat! Ark: Survival Evolved Guide

hello and welcome to this video guide
for Ark survival evolved. In this video we will be going over how to get prime
meat from Dodos! Tis is for low to mid levels when you’re just not able to kill
an Argie or other medium-sized carnivores, and just need a few prime meat to tame
like a raptor or a direwolf depending on your area for that low to mid level
boost. So the first step is to tame an Icthyornis. They’re usually found
across the beach terrorizing low-level players, stealing
your stack of cooked meat. So just go around the beaches and you’ll find one
eventually. And right here on the screen is what you can use to tame the icthyornis. Pegomastax kibble, with its ingredients
Raw and cooked prime fish meat and raw fish meat work just fine, in order of
effectiveness. And if you want more specific information you should check
out Dododex.com for their taming calculator. Once you find an Ichtyornis, I suggest using a bola since they’re really hard to hit in the air
and using it will make it a lot easier on you. Make sure you check your
surroundings first, you can hear the battle music going on right now and you
don’t want to be surprised by a large carnivore. Just a couple tranquilizer
arrows with the crossbow should do the trick. They do have a weak spot in the
head, however I suggest you do not hit them there since they have really low HP and
if you shoot them in their weak spot they will probably die… like so. So a
couple shots in the butt should do the trick. Alternatively you can use a club
which is a low-level item to knock them out that way but I always feel pretty
bad doing it… …This is the most fun I’ve had in this
game! This one’s a little high level, since we’re just killing Dodos
you really don’t need a high level one so I’ll go find one and then be
right back. All right so it’s nighttime now I kind
of timed it wrong so now I’m just waiting here in the dark.
There is a Supply Drop in the distance but my bird is almost done taming
something that gonna I’m gonna bother with it right now.
What level is this Trike… Oh 95, not gonna deal with that right now! with that right now all right it should
be done here in the next few seconds ah there we go
I’m gonna name this guy how about… annoying little… bi-… annoying little bird!
Great! And once you’ve trained your Icthy, you can press E to put on your shoulder
just like the Peggle Mac sticks and the otter. Alrighty, it’s still dark and for
visibility we’ll wait till the morning so we can see and demonstrate how to get
the prime meat from Dodos. Alright we’re back here in the daytime, visibility is
pretty good right now and now we’re gonna move on to step 2 of
the video guide which is command our Icthyornis to hunt and retrieve a
dodo. This will in turn will give us prime meat to harvest from, so we’re gonna fly around and find some poor defenseless Dodos to… murder. And Dodos
are easily found all around the island shouldn’t have a problem finding him. And
it’s good to know this method also works for fish for prime fish meat. Alright
now that you’ve found a couple you got to first make sure your Icthyornis is set on the right setting. If you hold E to open up the radial menu, you can cycle
through no hunt, hunt, and hunt and retrieve which is the one you want. When
that’s all set, put it back on your shoulder and DoubleTap F to make em attack a dodo and there you go! It’ll kill the dodo and it’s bringing it
back you can see that there’s a gold aura around the dodo and if you harvest
it… Voila! Prime Meat! And that’s all it takes
this is really good for low levels medium levels
or I guess if you’re just really lazy and don’t want to go out and fight
carnivores. Like I said since you’re just killing dodos, a high-level one isn’t really required I kind of walked out the way there because
sometimes they bring it back to you before it’s dead and it’s kind of messes
it up and you have to make it attack it again but here you go
I’ve tried using like Yutyrannus or a saber-tooth to get prime meat and it
does seem like it increases the yield but I haven’t really done too much
testing. So if you liked this video please like, comment, subscribe, or don’t! It’s your life. Thanks for watching, see you next time

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