Delicious Bánh Giò (Steamed Rice & Pork Dumpling) in Hanoi 2018 | VIETNAMESE FOOD

Delicious Bánh Giò (Steamed Rice & Pork Dumpling) in Hanoi 2018 | VIETNAMESE FOOD

Good morning everybody, I am here in Hanoi and I’m going to eat some delicious Bánh Giò. So this is a very common breakfast food, but you can eat it any time of the day. It’s about 1030am right now. But this is rice flour steamed inside of a banana leaf. And inside, there are wood ear mushrooms and seasoned ground pork. And then on top, they piled up some different kind of pork sausages, and then some pickled cucumbers. Right outside is a main road, so there’s a lot of traffic going by, so I do have to apologize for the very loud noise right now. But, it was worth it for coming here for this. Usually shops will sell a more smaller sized one, sometimes they’re called pyramid dumplings. And they’re in the shape of a pyramid. But here, they’re just massive. So when you open it up, it looks like this. And it’s just a huge plate full. This is enough to share with two people, but I’m here by myself so I’m going to go ahead and eat this alone, with you guys. And what you do is you pour hot sauce all over this. Yeeeaaahhhhh~ You want to douse this sucker with hot sauce. Kick it up a notch, as Emeril (Lagasse) would say. Let’s look inside. I’m going to open this up for you guys. You can see, I’m pushing all the stuff aside. There, we can see the massive mound of the steamed dumpling, and if I cut this open a little bit, you can see inside. There’s the… yeah, there’s some of the wood ear mushrooms and ground pork. Let’s get a spoonful of this. Yeah, that looks nice. Oh my god…. It’s one of the most savory foods I’ve had in Vietnam, hands down. I’ve eaten this on the train, they’ll have the food cart that comes by on the train sometimes. And they sell a smaller version of this. And it’s just sooo good. I can see why this is a really popular breakfast item. Mmmmmm So we got some of the pork sausage here. Mmmmmm This is just a little over $1.20.
(I was wrong, it was under that at $1.17) For this massive amount. This shop is really famous, they’re always packed, it’s almost 11 o’clock right now. And so people are coming in and out, like it was packed about 15 minutes ago, so I had to wait. Now that I’m in here, it kind of quieted down, but now the next wave is coming in. So it might be a little noisy in here as they serve the customers. This piece here, it’s ground up pork (paste) with green rice in there. Then they fry it up, this is really good. I really like that one cause of just how chewy and savory that one is. The leaf on the outside, this is banana leaf that they wrapped it up in. It’s kind of hard to see because it’s underneath everything, and she snipped away the edges when unwrapping it. Mmmmmm I’m so happy. So I would say, for like Vietnam, for breakfast food, Pho, Banh Mi, Banh Cuon, and Banh Gio Those four, I think, are like the most common breakfast foods, at least here in Hanoi. I don’t know if it’s different down in the south. If you guys are looking to try this out, check out the description box down below because I’ll have the address and a Google Map in there, as I always do. Ooooooh look at that. Ohhh, it’s steaming hot. It’s jiggling. It’s jiggling… Mmmmmm I ordered a glass of Trà đá, this is iced tea. And it’s only 3K VND ($0.12 USD). Super cheap. Ooooh, nice! It’s green tea. Sometimes they do different kinds of teas, like jasmine tea. But my personal favorite is green tea. The hot sauce is being absorbed into everything, so I have to put some more. Yeahhhh, that’s nice. Now, you can eat this without the hot sauce, it will be totally fine. But I think there’s something about the hot sauce, and like the vinegar in the hot sauce, that kind of breaks up that savory taste. But you can totally do it without the hot sauce, if you guys don’t like spicy, just don’t put the hot sauce on. But if you guys love the hot sauce like I do, just load it up, just cover everything! Mmmmmm And these pickled cucumbers, they’re lightly pickled. So it’s not like a super heavy vinegar or anything. It’s like it’s been pickled in very diluted vinegar. So they’re soft, but they don’t taste like vinegar. And they match really well with the hot sauce and just everything. I’m going to scoop up some more here. Yeahhhhhh, and we’re going to put a cucumber on top. Mmmmm A little bit messy, but super awesome. There’s something about this ground pork and wood ear mushroom combination, just anything that it goes into in Vietnam, whether it’s a spring roll, or banh cuon or something, it’s just so good, it’s such a great combination. That makes me wonder like when did they invent that combination, you know? Someone chopped it up, someone added some ground pork, and they’re like “Hey! This is great!” And now they use it in everything. It’s just really, really good. Alright, I need more hot sauce. It’s starting to get busy again, like every table has people. Dropped a cucumber on my pants. Here’s the steamed rice flour, by itself, you can see it’s jiggling. So it’s very, very soft. Like if I use my chopsticks, Oh, see? I didn’t even use my chopsticks, just gravity helped break it apart. It’s very soft. And it just melts in your mouth, for real. When I usually have this, I share it with somebody because these guys load it up. If you eat this, you’re not going to be hungry for awhile. **Beep beeeeeeeeep** It’s super noisy, but let me show you what the rest of the restaurant looks like. So you can see people are eating, chilling. You can get this just by itself, without the sausage pieces. But I highly recommend asking for the sausages. It’s very easy, if you don’t know how to say it in Vietnamese, just point because they have them laid out on the counter. And she’ll cut them up for you and put them on your bánh giò. Mmmmmm I would definitely have to say that this is like a super comfort food for lots of Vietnamese people. I think whether you’re from the north or the south, the central areas, like I think everybody knows (and loves) bánh giò. Look at that. I need more hot sauce. Yeahhhh, there we go! Mmmmm Alright guys, I am completely stuffed, like it’s time for a nap right now. That was awesome, I haven’t had it in awhile. And so I’m glad that I came here and I was able to record it for you guys. Usually it’s super packed in there, so it’s kind of really difficult to film. And as you guys can see, the main road going by is very noisy. But I managed to come out today and do it for you guys. So I’m really stoked about that. So as I mentioned before about the shop, it’s pretty famous. If you want to know where it is, the address is down below in the description box. Thanks for watching guys, if you come to Hanoi or just Vietnam in general, you definitely have to eat some bánh giò. See you guys later, please subscribe, give the video a thumbs up, and I’ll check you out later. Bye!!!

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  1. What do you think of this awesome food? Have you had it before? Do you want to try it? Let me know in the comments down below! Thank you so much for watching and stay tuned for more videos soon!

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  2. Thanks for sharing yum yum good eats . Don’t forget the bam 💥 have a great day☮️❤️🍀🦋👍🤘😎😜

  3. banh gio is so delicate n kinda melts in ur mouth , u dont even have to chew just mush it with ur tongue….my mouth is watering watching this

  4. Thanks Cory, for your latest update. I love Vietnamese food, so much going on in one plate. Shall keep this in mind on my next visit to Hanoi. Cheers!

  5. OMG, this is one of my HUGE FAVORITE besides banh goi and banh tom!!!!!!! Btw, you can also try banh chuoi, which is fried banana cake, it is really special , very close to banh tom-shrimp cake hihi

  6. Sorry to say but Banh Gio must be eaten without all of those toppings because they ruin the main taste of Banh Gio. Idk in HN people love to eat like that but in many other provinces we just eat Banh Gio, no cucumber, sausages and etc

  7. Just have to say I love how you eat! Surprised you got that much in your mouth. I love Vietnamese food. Fresh vegetables not loaded or overcooked with too much sauce.

  8. had this for dinner tonight, same restaurant… definitely one of the best in town. Vietnamese sheppard's pie! i'm pretty sure the sauce is fermented sriracha'

    i'm a big fat guy and i can eat alot. banh gio, clean rice, and pho xau bo are my "go to's" when i need something substantial.

  9. I don't understand the 1 glove thing when they use the hand that doesn't have the glove to handle the food! Hopefully she doesn't handle money too.

  10. Man, I wish I could have tried it while traveling around the North a few years back. It looks so good for human consumption. Lol

  11. I am sooo on the countdown to come there! The food omg the food, I can't wait.. Thx for providing the info on the places as we will be going to try this for sure 🙂 Cheers.

  12. You really made the food sound good. Is the banana leaf edible? What does it taste like? Why all of a sudden I wish I was that plate of food 😂

  13. I've been watching your videos recently, since I've subbed,and it's making me want to come back to Hanoi. I know there are other parts to see but I feel like I barely tried anything, although, I've eaten so much while I was there 😭😭😭

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