Deep Dish Pizza – The Cooking Show

Deep Dish Pizza – The Cooking Show

-We’re here. It’s back. Guess what we’re making again.
Again, yes. I say it again. Pizza. But not just any pizza. Some would argue
not pizza at all. We’re making deep-dish pizza
in a cast-iron skillet. So typically, a deep-dish pizza,
you think of Chicago, right? I’m not from Chicago.
I’m a Marylander. I like crabs, okay?
I also love pizza. So I was in Chicago recently. I love the debate about whether
this is pizza or not. Who cares?
In my head, like, in my heart, it’s got all the things
that I love about pizza. It’s got your sauce.
I’ve got the sausage. I’ve got the cheese.
We made pizza recently. We did grilled pizza.
Frank, sorry, but I might… This might be
the new “Pizza Show.” It’s not.
It’s “The Cooking Show.” I’m Farideh. I’m not Frank.
Both “F” names. Both, you know,
awesome people, obviously. We’re just going to start
making our dough first, though. The thing about deep-dish pizza usually is that they’re doing it
in, like, a cake pan, okay? The difference is,
we’re making it, like I said, cast-iron skillet. First, we got to bloom
our yeast, so we’re going to do about
a teaspoon of active dry yeast and 3/4 teaspoon of
just normal granulated sugar. You can use honey instead. I’m going to melt
my butter, also. P.S., I’m adding
hot water to this and blooming
my yeast in there. What makes Chicago deep dish and what we’re
kind of doing today is that there’s cornmeal
in the crust. Cornmeal is adding flavor, and it’s adding
a little bit of texture. It’s layers of the cheese
and toppings and all these sauces on top. The reason you’re putting
sauce on top is, this has a longer bake time, so you don’t want
the cheese to burn, so you put the cheese
in the middle. It’s kind of like a pie,
a casserole. Many different debates
about this. Virginia here, she’s Italian. I was kind of asking her
her opinion on pizza. You said — What was your
favorite pizza growing up? Disgusting. It’s not the best. [ Sighs ] Virginia. I love you, but we’ve got a lot
to learn, this girl. I’m going to add
olive oil and onion. Oh, I got to cut up
my garlic, too. Whew! Onion is pungent.
Are your eyes burning, too? What did you say, Sicily?
[ Sighs ] Fine. Mm. So in our Aaron Chini episode,
once upon a time, rice balls,
they’re originated in Sicily. In this episode, every time
I say, “Sicily,” you drink. I got so drunk. I was drinking whiskey
that episode. [ Laughs ] It was blackout almost. And I’m fusing my oil
with oregano and chile flakes. That’s soft.
It’s all infused. My dough,
shit’s happening in there. That’s, like, activated.
It’s looking good. I’ve got my salt and my
cornmeal, all-purpose flour, and they’re going
to go into here. I’m going to add my tomatoes,
one whole can. These are crushed tomatoes. Don’t use diced.
Diced is, like, too watery. You’ll end up with, like, slop.
I like the texture of this. You can use whole
peeled tomatoes and, like,
squish them up yourself. But again, you’re having a lot
of water content in there, but this is good. It’s nice, and it’s thick, and
it’s not going to end up watery. With a deep-dish pizza, too,
it’s a chunkier sauce. “Chunky” is a weird word.
Am I right? What we’re doing is just
literally stirring this just to kind of get the tomatoes
infused with the onion and the garlic
and the chile flakes and all that good stuff. Turn the heat off on this.
That’s it. No need to cook it. It’s not going to sit there
and sputter away. It’s done.
It’s fine, delightful. I’m going to add
a little bit of olive oil. I’m doing a combination of fats
to make this into an enriched dough. What an enriched dough is,
it means that it has fat. Equal parts, essentially,
olive oil and butter. Melted butter,
right on in there. This is going in.
We’re going to turn it on. Just knead it a little bit. I’m going to take it out
and knead it by hand, also. Here’s the thing.
With this dough, I just did it until it formed
a really shaggy dough. Like, this is literally,
like, super shag, and I’m going to just knead
the rest by hand. Now, the difference between
this dough and a normal pizza dough also is,
this is not as much of, like, a sticky, wet dough. It is a little bit,
like, more dense. So I’ll just put it
right on to here, and I’m just going to knead it. And so it is a stiffer dough because we’re going
to roll this out. It’s almost like a pie crust because deep dish
is kind of like a pie. It’s a nice smooth dough,
nice little…pie dough. I’m going to oil lightly
this bowl, dip it in there. Going to cover this,
put it in a warm spot to rise. It’s going to almost double
in size for about an hour. We’ve got hot Italian sausages. Here you go,
everyone’s favorite image. These are just dropping out
like little turds, and you’re left with
essentially a spent condom. It’s disgusting. You could put any toppings
you want in deep dish, and that way,
this is like a normal pizza. You can do, like, peppers, things like that,
whatever floats your boat. I’m going to use sausage
because I’m a sausage girl. [ Laughs ] You gonna cut that?
That’s pretty good! Oh, I don’t give a fuck. Bring it! Bring it. I don’t need a lot of flour
because it’s not a sticky dough. I’ve already oiled my bowl. It’s got a lot of butter
and oil in the dough, but I put a little bit
of bench flour down. You can see I’ve got a standard
12-inch cast-iron skillet. I’m going to lightly oil it. Do I think that this is
going to stick in there? No. Am I going to oil anyway
just for protection? Yes.
So that’s what I’m doing. And then we’re just going
to roll our dough out. I have to tell you something. The most annoying thing ever. When we were testing this
recipe, everyone who tested it aside from myself
couldn’t roll this fucking thing into a circle. I just don’t understand.
Like, watch this. Okay?
You turn roller like this. Turn it a little bit. It was so hard for everyone
to do a circle. Going to roll it again. And it was so ugly. All right, this isn’t even
a perfect circle. They couldn’t roll it
into a circle. Like, it was, like, all,
like, lopsided and hardened. You just turn it around…
Like, you just take it, and you roll it and turn it.
You roll it. Anyways, you guys can’t do it
at home either. That’s fine, also, but… Okay, so this is
a 12-inch skillet, but you can see
that it’s got an edge. It’s about almost 2 inches up,
so instead of rolling this into a 12-inch circle,
like it is now, we’re going to roll it out
into a 14-inch circle. Okay?
Math, it comes in handy adding those extra 2 inches on,
you know? An easy way now to move this. I’m going to roll this up
on to here like so and then right in to
the old cast iron. Now time for the cheese. Yes, this is 1 1/2
pounds of cheese. Thank you for asking,
sliced mozzarella. Cheese goes on the bottom, but I’m doing it
a little bit differently. Most recipes use, like,
a pound of cheese, and they put it all
on the bottom, but then it just, like,
it didn’t melt enough for me, so what I’m doing
is like a lasagna almost. Cheese, sauce, cheese,
sausage, cheese, sauce. Can you remember that? I can’t. Now, I’m not going
to lie to you. This is over 1 1/2 pounds
of cheese because why? Snacking cheese! Mm! Okay, I’m going to do about
a cup worth’s of cheese. I’m slurring my words. Sauce! [ Laughs ] Cheese, sauce,
it’s all the same. It’s all going down
the same place. Put it in there. Gonna spread it around,
nice even layer. Then we’re going to do some
sausage little dollops on top of this. And then what, folks? What does it say up there? Cheese, sauce, sausage, cheese! That’s right, cheese. Okay. Let’s do it again. C, S, S… C… Wait. C, S, S, C… Uh… [ Laughs ] I can’t. No. The answer is no. I can’t. I kind of like the sausage
cooked in the sauce. Now, as I’m doing this,
is this pizza? Ian, asking you. -No.
-What about you, Rachel? -I think it’s pizza. Virginia? Okay.
Nate, what’s your answer? Interesting.
Aaron, what are your thoughts? -Yes.
-It’s, yes, pizza? I think, yes, pizza, too. Okay, not traditional, sure. But we have all kinds
of fucking things out there that aren’t traditional,
you know? I think that it says something
about the U.S. culture that we can adapt and change
things around a little bit. It’s not pizza as we know it, but it’s, you know,
it’s a pizza pie. Let’s be honest here.
Okay, now we’re at “C” again. Cheese, another layer of cheese. Wait. Did I fuck
this whole thing up? Hold on. So it goes cheese, sauce,
cheese, sausage, cheese, sauce. [ Groans ]
If I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it right.
I’m just going to go like this. It’s fine. It’s not a big deal,
okay? You know what? I can put a little bit
of sausage into there, too. That’s fine just like that. Now, cheese, sauce, cheese, sausage, cheese, sauce. Nate, spell it out for me. [ Crickets chirping ] Wait, Rachel knows.
Come on, Rachel. Help me out. -Cheese.
-So C. -Sauce.
-S. -Cheese.
-C. -Sausage.
-S. -Cheese. Sausage. -You said two cheese? All right,
fuck it. I can’t do this. Shh. Okay. What a day. What a day, I tell you. Okay. Sausage next. [ Laughs ] That’s gross.
We’re going to spread that out. Last layer of cheese, okay? So we got our
three layers of cheese, a little sauce in there. The reason why, also, I’m doing
three layers of cheese is that when I did it initially
as one solid layer of cheese, it just, like, really
kind of hunked up and it didn’t really melt. Then I did it as,
like, the layers, and I did two layers,
and it was cheesy, but it wasn’t cheesy enough. Then I did it three layers,
1 1/2 pounds of cheese — gold. Now we’re going to do
a little bit more cheese, sauce. [ Laughs ]
We’re going to put sauce next right up to the edges. Turn it as you go. Whoo! This is going to be something,
I tell you. And now Parmesan cheese. Going to go in the oven,
400 degrees. It’s going to go in
for about 30, 35 minutes. Yes. Pizza is in the oven.
We’re going to sit here. We’re going to drink some wine. Pizza is ready to come out. Oof! What you’re looking for is this beautiful cornmeal crust. It’s going to get golden. The Parmesan on the top
is going to be brown. You can cut this now.
You can eat it now. You’re going to,
A, burn your mouth. It’s like pizza soup
essentially in there. You need to let it sit and chill
for about 15, 20 minutes so that the sauce cools enough,
but the cheese is still melt-y. So… [ Ominous music plays ] [ Sighs ] What’s happening? What is wrong with the world
right now? Let’s do a little bit
of this action, eh? Just as an FYI,
out in the lobby, I am not fucking kidding.
This is where we work. They are doing a beer pong
tournament right now. I was practicing yesterday. I’m really good only when
I’m drunk, so maybe I’ll be in it
by the end. Keep this out. Whew!
I’ll let it cool a little bit. Notice I didn’t use this
to cut it now, did I? And I’m getting it out
with this. What does that tell you?
You be the judge. Let’s eat it.
Let’s try it. Here’s a money shot for you
right there, so cheesy. Pizza or not, this is good. It has elements
I want in a pizza. It’s cheesy. It’s saucy. I mean, one slice of this
I feel like is equal to, like, three normal slices
of pizza with the amount of toppings
and stuff that’s on there. Cheese, sauce, cheese, sausage, cheese, sauce, mozzarella. Parm. What did I say, sauce? This is amazing.
Hope you guys like it. Thanks. Goodbye. Oh. All right. ♪♪ ♪♪

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