Daniel Fast | Breakfast Recipes| Video #2

Daniel Fast | Breakfast Recipes| Video #2

hey guys barber here and welcome to the second video in the Daniel fast series this video is going to be all about breakfast you're watching the bear pantry show Oh oh she does like these so of course let me start off with my disclaimer please check with your doctor first if you're going to do anything to change your diet because whenever you're going to do anything drastic to change your diet it's always good to check with your physician you may have issues that you know about and you may have underlying issues that you nothing about so it's always a good thing to check with your physician first before doing any drastic changes to your diet okay so having said that let's get straight into the breakfast menus so when I was doing my research for the Daniel Fast I found it very difficult to come up with ideas for breakfast and I think it's because breakfast is like so boring as it is you know eggs bacon ham oatmeal cream of wheat orange juice pancakes you know stuff like that so it was hard for me to come up with breakfast ideas so my first pop process was to go for cereal right so I ran on to the store and I got on the cereal aisle so another member on the Daniel pass we can't have any sugar or anything that sugar ask all right so look at these cereals right here they act like the median healthy right but after a closer examination you notice that they have cane juice cane sugar cane syrup maple syrup and the worst one of all guys MSG which hides under the name of natural flavors now I can't handle MSG that I know that a lot of people can so this whole long aisle right here take a look let me take you down this little journey with me you guys thought I was joking this whole big aisle of cereal and not one had any that was worth buying Dyneema Daniel fast so let me tell you what I think so I ended up coming to my neighborhood health insurer Smith guys come on down here if you're anywhere near Fontana Joe is the owner and he is super friendly and we will hook you up all right so take a look at the store beautiful health food store right here in the middle of Fontana if you guys than anywhere near Fontana would you please stop by and let the owner Joe know that Barbara from the bear pantry shows sent you alright he said I take very good care of you so this is what I ended up buying from Joe cereal yes we have cereal so it's Uncle Sam toasted whole wheat berry flakes and flaxseed no sugar added whole wheat kernels whole flax seed salt barley and unbar them all and it contains wheat a cup of this with a little bit of almond milk or coconut milk or rice milk and you're good to go you can add fruits and bananas and nuts or whatever you want to add or you can just eat it plain like I like to do okay this tastes pretty fantastic I promise you guys you're going to like this one all right so now the next thing up on the chopping block was oatmeal I found this one very difficult I used instant oat flakes and I cooked it in almond milk but almond milk is not sweetened so there's no sweet at all to it the only thing that sweetens this is the bananas and a little bit of cinnamon and to me was a little bit too much so this was my least favorite and I only ate it twice on the fast because I've been doing the fast while I've been preparing these meals okay so anyways if you get the sweetened almond milk I guess it'll taste a little bit better but you know what your taste buds might be different than mine and you might be able to cope so don't don't let me destroyed you okay just for me this was my least favorite no my most favorite was this I call this data raid I totally stole this from another youtuber called Freda banana girl she does a vegan diet and a high carb diet at that I don't do that diet but I like this one recipe that she had for this it's dates with water basically just dates with water and you just blend it and when you think you're done blending some more because you have to like write up all these little bits of dates it comes out creamy like this like a milkshake it tastes fantastic and this is like my most favorite breakfast menu on the Daniel Fast okay so now another easy one is a fruit bowl just get the foods that you have on hand the foods that you like toss it together in a bowl make it look pretty if you want you can add the food sauce that I showed you how to make in the first video you know as a topping but you don't have to these fruits are sweet enough and this is one that's refreshing that will really perk you up at the start of your day when you're doing the fast all right so now let's move on to another one really quickly the fruit and veggie smoothie grab whatever frozen fruits you have on hand put something green all I had was spinach just go ahead and put it in the blender and blend and when it's me just drink up and this is also very refreshing now we're going to move on to two that's more intense this one is called a cereal fruit bowl and this is how we're going to make this alright let's get right into it what I have here are some frozen blueberries frozen strawberries some orange juice and a frozen banana so far this is a cup of orange juice we may need another half a cup we're just going to chop up and blend escape me this is exactly the consistency that I like my smoothies to be now I'm just going to put some of the cereal that I got from the health food store on the top I'm not gonna put a whole lot because this little box of cereal is expensive okay so now all we have to do is get a spoon and enjoy take a look at it gorgeous don't forget to check out my website where you can pick up a copy of any other books and Joe's unique utensil art and of course breakfast is no fun if you don't have a granola bar okay so this granola bar has four ingredients guys just oatmeal dates walnuts and bananas very simple yes you do have to bake it but let's get right into the making of our granola bar so let me get my bananas peeled and it works best if your bananas or ripe or even overripe okay so I have this one they're kind of right but they could have gone a little bit more I would have liked them if they were spotted but it's okay it's gonna work so all we want to do is squish these bananas and this Forks not working out so I'm gonna go for my potato masher and just squish them until they become like this and I'm just gonna use my fork to get all the little lumps here and then now I'm adding the old flakes this is instant oat flakes two cups and then the dates that I've diced up small and I'm gonna dice my walnuts a little bit smaller and just go ahead and toss it in here you can add some vanilla extract if you want but it's not necessary so these are the four ingredients just let me go ahead and get this all worked in and now that it's ready I'm just gonna put it in this on well on this baking sheet you don't have to grease the baking sheet okay so just kind of squish make sure your hands are clean and just make kind of like a rectangle or a square whichever you know whichever works out best for you and just make sure that it's level and then the oven is preheating and just let me go ahead and jump it in here and we're gonna set the timer for 30 minutes at 350 shout out to our sponsors plan your next event calm Bloomfield – Broadcom Donna Marie Savino li f lady Sandra kit wanna Tanisha Talbert sending MacLean Jenny Janos Yano Michigan six Whole Foods you so there you have it some wonderful breakfast ideas another thing you can do with the granola bar you can break it up in a bowl and put milk and keep that as cereal if you can't find any cereal and you don't go over to Smith's to grab this one okay we have the right way yeah really so I hope this helps you stay on the fast stay tuned to the next video or click on the next video this is a playlist so I'm putting them up all together and click on the next video which is video number three which is going to be our lunch menus thanks so much for watching guys please subscribe like share comment and thank you for the support until I see you guys again take care

37 thoughts on “Daniel Fast | Breakfast Recipes| Video #2

  1. You went through all the trouble of finding a sugar free cereal yet you put almond milk that’s full of chemicals and suggest getting the sweetened almond milk? The Daniel fast is to do Whole Foods and no sugar so you should’ve created your own plant-based milk

  2. I do not want to sound bad but I really doubt that Daniel was making some special meals, If he was eating something I can bet it was raw or just cooked any simple way, and definately he did not have any cereals 😀

  3. If you are spending so much time worrying about and preparing food, it defeat the purpose of the fast. You are still consecrating on the flesh. It’s a diet plan not a biblical fast.

  4. "I totally stoled this from another YouTuber." You sound like the kind of neighbor I would like to get to know. Thank you for all this good information.

  5. Your video was very detailed and educational. I’m going to try a few of your recipes as I prepare for Daniels fast. Thank you and stay blessed

  6. We can have orange juice? Exactly what other kind of cereal can we have? I don't have that store near me

  7. Daniel fasting never was about food,it was about getting close to God and hear His voice and breakthrough….you are so wrong ,

  8. Gal. 2:16 KJV- 16 Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the law: for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified.

  9. I did a similar recipe. Organic oats, apple sauce (homemade), cinnamon, pumpkin spice, flax seeds, chopped organic apples, organic pumpkin puree and a few walnuts on top. I baked the mixture in a muffin pan. They are really good as snacks for work.

  10. I stopped eating bananas cuz they are no longer with seeds as lord said all seeded plants. Well they are 100 GMO like corn too.

  11. Hi, i was wondering how many banannas and dates were used in the breakfast bars recipe? Also do you think raisins could be substituted?

  12. Let's watch our tone. This sister is trying her best to help people who are fasting. Since we know that this is mostly about praying, let us pray instead of making judgemental statements. We will grow together. Yes, we need to be careful, but not legalistic. Christ put an end to that!

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