Dad Can’t Say NO!

Dad Can’t Say NO!

– [Priscilla] It’s just
like for scholarships, (noise drowns out speaker) like, I didn’t tell her the
amount for scholarships, I quite like engineering. – [Isaiah] Yeah. – You know? – You guys want eggs and what you say Sil? An egg sandwich? – [Priscilla] No, an egg
sandwich is with bread, I don’t want any of that. – Okay. (upbeat music) (banging) – I can’t believe, with
all these days off, this is the first time
I’m making breakfast. – I know. – Right?
– Crazy. – I didn’t even think about it, I guess it’s like, wake
up, watch the news, see what the hurricane’s
doing, drink coffee. Get to work and play, right? Abb say hi, say “Good
morning welcome to the vlog”. You look like super hero, but you’re always my hero. Aw, hi five for sweetness You wanna go, you know what you and Becca and Brandy are
going to an outing today, you’re gonna go somewhere, what you looking at, the leafy mess? I know I gotta to clean that off today. It’s getting ugly in South Carolina now. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – Why would you not take those down? Why would you leave those up? Like I feel like you
had plenty of warning, it took like like three
years for Dorian to get here. Look at you, good stuff huh? Yours coming up son. I didn’t even get your egg cooked in the time she took to consume that. – She’s kind of a beast. (laughing) – Oh boy it’s been too long, hadn’t it? – Too long. – [Man] To long, been stuck in the house, this stupid Hurricane, are you gonna go? In a little bit, why do
you keep telling me bye? Yo we’re leaving in a minute, we got errands to run. Are you ready? – Have so much fun, okay? – [Man] Are you going? – You’re getting out finally. – [Man] Yey. – She’ll play on the iPad, doesn’t she? – [Asa] Yeah, where’s your iPad? – You want to show them do the list? – Go find your iPad look. – [Asa] Go find Chick-fil-A on your iPad. Go ahead. – [Brunette Woman] Do you
think it’s downstairs? – [Priscilla] It is yeah. – Get your iPad. – [Priscilla] Show them
where you want to go. – [Woman] Can you tell
us where you want to go? – We’re actually gonna listen this time. – Hey where are you going? Do you know? Look, look, look. – [Asa] Did you kill it? – [Priscilla] Did you just kill? It was just on. Yeah, yeah, okay that’s
where you’re gonna go with Brandy and Becca. – So I screwed up last night and I left her iPad in
her room, she, you know, she was just kind of chilling, so I let her take her iPad into her room with her when she went to bed. But Isaiah had to go in
there and get it from her, like late last night
after she feel asleep. So it only had a little bit
of a charge this morning. We had to replace her iPad,
I keep, I forget to do that, ’cause she’s been using
this one so efficiently, which is good, ’cause that
means she can switch from, one app to another app, you know, one iPad to another, before she couldn’t. She couldn’t, you know
she would differentiate between the two, she
wouldn’t associate them, as “okay I can communicate with this “or communicate with that.” So that’s actually really good, you know, she can take anything, with
pictures that makes words and communicate with it. She’s really been great, you know. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – [Asa] For having been
bottled up for a few days. – Yeah she has. – [Asa] She’s been really good. – Yeah she was so ready to get out. – [Asa] Oh yes. I am to, lets go do adult things. – Okay. – [Asa] Even though it’s
running errands and. – Hey, gets us out.
– Boring stuff like that, it gets us out, out the door. Ya’ll are awesome. All that amazing march
going out to you guys, finally get to get it to the post office. – [Priscilla] Yeah, we still have like 30 orders.
– Now that everything open. Thirty orders of it? – To fill, yeah. – Wow, now that’s all Teespring order or I’m sorry store Envy
orders, the Teespring stuff, that is all shipped
directly from Teespring. So, there’s two links down below, they do like, our T-shirts,
our Tote Bags our– – Towels.
– Towels, socks, we have socks on there, really made those for Isaiah, but, you guys want soaks, you can buy soaks. You ready to go drop off
packages at the gas station? – Yeah. (upbeat music) – Nice old fella, huh? – [Priscilla] Yeah – We haven’t meet him yet, we just dropped off mail last time, so we didn’t get to meet
the mail guy, cash or check? – Like “Sorry can’t take your card’s but we’ll take your check.” – Check, that’s so funny, I love how old fashion it is. – Right? – You just stack your mail up outside. – I hate it ’cause we were
like, we’re like the newbies, so we didn’t know what was going on, so all these other people
were like irritated, like there’s old ladies– – I’m waiting, waiting. – Like, “Oh my gosh, can
you get your crap together?” We only drop off cards here, okay? – Cards to send to the grandkids. – Yeah, with five dollars in
them, I don’t do all this. Picking up some aprons. – Got it. – [Priscilla] What’s in there? – Apron.
– Can you open that? – Yeah I think it’s tissue paper. – [Priscilla] Oh, okay, I’m
like I don’t have pink aprons. – Yeah it’s tissue paper. – [woman] Okay, cool. – [Asa] Back hurts. – Why?
– Getting old. – [Priscilla] Getting old? – I don’t know I probably like, pulled my back out pulling my shorts up or something, I don’t know what happened – [Priscilla] It’s what
you old people do, huh? – Old man thing yeah, you kids, you got to remember
like, you never know, you just be walking down the street and all of a sudden your back goes out. – [Priscilla] Oh my gosh. – You go to like spread
butter on your toast, back goes out, it happens all the time. You old guys, you know
what I’m talking about. Guys this child, like the
only reason this ones off, is cause it actually turns things on when you flip it up
’cause it’s got a duelist. She has on every stinking light, around this house, there’s
a light back there even, she turns on these ones
and the fans, flood lamps, outdoor lights, every single light. Fun fact, light switch flipping is a common thing with autism. That’s inside. The biggest problem is, I don’t know what half these switches do, somehow she manages to turn them all on. I think I might get switch covers Scilla, you know the ones that go over the top of the light switches? – [Priscilla] Yeah. – [Asa] For the outside, ’cause we’re never gonna
use those flood lamps. – Not unless we have an like
an apocalypse or something. – [Asa] But that’ll just
draw the zombies in, so, again– – I was talking about,
never gonna use them. the human invaders – [Asa] Oh right. – And when it does go down, what do you want to be able to do, see them or not see them? – Do you like that?
– I do. – [Asa] We got it for your room. – I like it a lot. – [Asa] Good, maybe a
couple of bottles up there? – Yeah. – [Asa] Display your
favorites or something? Say bye. Why are you upset? You’re sad she’s leaving? You know what, she’s going to pick you up from school tomorrow, okay? – [Becca] Yeah. – [Asa] Since you’re going back, finally going back to school. – [Becca] Maybe we can go
in the pool or something? – Yeah.
– Yes. – [Becca] What do you think? – [Asa] Pool time tomorrow? – [Priscilla] Yeah, you only have one day in school this week. Thanks Becca we’ll see you tomorrow. – [Becca] You’re welcome, see ya. Bye Abb. – So Priscilla and I had a nice time, she’s hilarious she’s so– – [Priscilla] I know. – [Man] You’re so vocal, had a nice time just
hanging out, you know, it was nice to get out the house and kinda get out of our own thoughts from the last couple of days. because, you know we’ve
been in kind of a funk, you know, you know why, you know, and I know a lot of you are like, “Oh, don’t let this person bother you.” But it does ’cause it affects so many people arounds us too. So today all of our
parents got phone calls. – Yeah.
– ‘Cause they have to go back and like check all your,
you know, all your people. – They have to be
character witnesses for us. – Yes. – Like what parent wants to be a character witness for their kids? – This is, what we have learned from this is that this is
one of those situations where you’re guilty until proven innocent. – Yeah, which is not okay. – Right, that’s just
how it works, you know, in the effort to protect your children that’s just how it works. The other thing is that we have realized, you know as kind and as business like and straight forward as the
Child Protective Services, it’s DCF here, Department
Of Children and Family, have been with us, they need
an education on Special Needs. – Yeah – There are things they just don’t know, or they don’t seem to know, like they don’t understand. – So we are trying the avenues to where we can turn this into a positive – Right
– If there is a positive, but at least try to spread
some awareness and education. – Right.
– On autism and what it might look like. – Yeah.
– This might be what it looks like. – Right.
– And you know, for some people they
don’t understand like, some of the things that you have to put into place
to protect your children – Well for example, we got
another phone call today, asking a couple more questions. It was like, “Okay, so
can you tell me about, “so she wears pull ups?” I’m like, “Yeah, she wears pull ups, “I mean she’s not fully potty trained “so sometimes she wears pull ups.” – And mind you, she’s on
the Med Waiver Program, so it’s covered under that program. – Which is a State Program.
– Which is a State Program. So? – And then, the backwards
pajamas things, she asked about, “Do we put her in her
pajamas zipped up backwards?” well yeah I mean, there are companies that
make pajamas, EscapeeJays, – Little Keeper Sleeper.
– Little Keeper sleepers, like they are designed
for that exact purpose. As far as, like you know,
when you’re thinking about it, okay as far as locking
her in her room at night, you know shutting the gate and stuff, they make tents for children so you can zip them up in
their tent in their bed. That wasn’t an option for us, ’cause we wanted Abby to have
the mobility in her room, it’s just not something we chose to do, lot of parents do and that’s fine, it’s for the safety of the kid, you know? It’s just for sleeping, it’s not for like, a parent break, lock them in their tent, that’s not what you do.
– Right, yeah. – Like these are all things
that are already in place, that already exist, that companies do and state organizations are doing and so I feel like an education, some education is required
for these officials. You know, if they’re
doing the investigating, they need to have the knowledge as well. So there are some important
people that watch our vlogs so that’s good, so hopefully
we can get the ball rolling on some of that stuff. Just to help out families like ours that may face something
like this in the future. But yeah, we would just love to move on and forget about it and whatever, but we’re not passed it yet. You know, like I said right now they’re contacting all the
people that we love and respect and, like our parents, you know, grandparents are having
to go through this as well and it’s just, my mom said, “pissed.” She said it, she said, “I’m pissed.” like, ya’ll my mom, I’ve never heard her say
a swear word in her life. – [Priscilla] Ever. – Like that’s a real
swear word in her world. – Like I wanted to say
it on the phone with her and I was like, “No, it’s
Asa’s mom, I can’t say that.” (laughing) – Like she said it, like
“Oh, Mamma’s real mad.” So, but you know, all
joking aside it sucks. Yeah our parents are all heartbroken and they have to deal with it and it’s just not fair that they have to deal with it as well. You know the fact that they called Brandy, Brandy is a mandatory reporter. – Yeah.
– I think is the term, like she’s required by law, by her ethics, all that, to contact child services
if there’s an issue, so. That’s why we’re in a funk, I’m sorry I can’t help it. We’ll be better. Hi, you got your iPad, you got your pillows doing your squeezing. What are you watching, Phineas and Ferb? That’s awesome. Hey Abb? I hope you’re proud of what you do, you make the world a better
place, you know that? Oh and the whole reason
I picked up the camera to start talking about this and I totally went off on a tangent talking about other things. The whole reason I started
talking about this, ’cause Priscilla and I just
spent the last 30, 45 minutes reading you guys’s comment, that’s why it kinda came
to mind again today, because today was the day for
us and we posted the video. I just want to say thank you guys, you guys are amazing and so supportive and it means so very much to us, we’re happy to be a part of your lives and we are very fortunate
to have you a part of ours, so I just wanted to say
thanks, it means the world. Mom is working, you can’t go stomping in there while she’s working, she’s doing her job, sush. Oh my goodness. One hard part about Priscilla’s job is she often goes live
during Abbie’s power hour, that’s when people are available, that’s when they want to chat. And she chats with the girls
on her team, I’ll show you. – There’s some people that are like that and then there’s other people that are just throwing themselves at you, like, “Okay slow your
role there girlfriend.” – I don’t know what they’re
talking about in there, but. – [Priscilla] There’s
some people that sign. – She has her meetings and you know late at night, Abbie’s all wound up late at night, so. Hi. So what you been watching
on YouTube lately? Anything good? Surfing, you watching some surfing? Oh I love surfing videos, we’re not gonna go anywhere, you’re a goof, you’re going to bed soon. (laughing) Do you like your video? You’re a thumbnail clicker, aren’t you? You’re one of those YouTube watchers. Like, “Oh that looks interesting, “not even gonna bother to read the title “or the description.” Is that you? What’s up? Did you go to the bathroom? Okay, well then go. Is it a good song? You’re like a boombox kid, all right, let’s go to the
bathroom then, come on. You don’t have to go? Well then stop saying bathroom. Yes, stop saying bathroom, yes. You don’t have to go, I’m
just saying stop saying it. No, no, no, no, no, let
mom work, let her work. So tomorrow, you’re going back to school, you’re going back to
school tomorrow, okay? All right? Are you ready to go to school? You are, tired of being home with us? It’s been a long week, huh? Thanks, you wanna say buy to everybody? Say thanks for watching, wait a second, say,
“Thank you for watching.” say, “Thank you.” remember, thank you? There you go, thank you, say, “Love you.” Like this, so number one, you’re all number one, peace out. Close it out, see ya. (beep) – A cookie? No we’re not having a cookie right now. What do you need? No cookies, we’re not doing cookies. No, you want me to come with you? Where are we going? We’re not gonna go eat,
you already had a snack. You did, I know you did. Your eye contact is incredible
when you want something. Hey, excuse me, come here. What’s up? A cookie? One cookie, one. Not two, one, one, okay let’s go. Is it good? Can you say “Thank you for the cookies?” Say “Thank you.” You’re welcome. (laughing)

100 thoughts on “Dad Can’t Say NO!

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  2. Again, I am so not happy about this situation. I have many, many times been put on hold when reporting a legitimate case. Like, so awful. I get put on hold for so long you are eventually cut off! Time after time. This report will require several days of full time work to eventually close this ridiculous case. In that time how many children will be abused, neglected or worse?? I am so very sorry for you all.

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    Others I want to make sure you get the support you need to allow you to stay home and work.

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    So Asa you mentioned you were going to go to school to be a pastor bu then changed your mind. Just curious as to why?

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  24. Hi I am new to your channel. And I noticed in some of your older videos you have a mailing address do you still have one?

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    All of the things you all have in place (the locks, the pull ups, the alarms, the backward pajamas) is to keep Abbie SAFE. Not to confine her or punish her. Because Abbie has no concept of safety so if you didn’t have those in place, then she could get hurt. So what exactly do people want? Abbie to run off into the street and get hit by a car? Or to jump out a window because it isn’t locked properly?

    I do agree that there must need to be a LOT of training and education in CPS if they aren’t able to see that you love your daughter. That you would never HARM your daughter. She would harm herself to the point that it would look horrible. How can they possibly do their job when they have no idea what families with special needs need to do to keep their children safe?

    I’m sorry that this has happened to you all. This is horrible and I am angry with anyone who would EVER think that what you do for your family is with evil intentions. You are an amazing family! Don’t lose faith- maybe this is another avenue for education that you guys can go into. Educating the dumb people in CPS 😂

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