Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice Soup Recipe | Ep. 1333

Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice Soup Recipe | Ep. 1333

Hi guys, I’m Laura Vitale and on this episode
of Laura in the Kitchen, I want to share with you how to make a really simple, easy and
comforting chicken and wild rice soup! It’s creamy, it’s delicious, it’s full of
flavor, it’s a one-pot-wonder of course! And it’s perfect for this time of year when
it’s still so bitter cold here in Jersey, or on the East Coast. But, you know, it’s just delicious anytime
of year but extra delicious right now. The list of ingredients is very short and
sweet but it’s all the right ones. You’ve got your usual soup suspects here,
you’ve got your carrots, celery, onion, I’ve also got garlic and some baby bella mushrooms
that I have just chopped, I’ve got some fresh thyme, I’ve also got, this is a combination
of long grain rice and brown rice, it’s got a little bit of bullion powder mixed in it. This is what I find in my local grocery store,
but just wild rice works perfectly here, but this happens to be what I find and it’s delicious,
so I’m using that. I’ve got a combination of milk and chicken
stock here, you’ll also need some chicken breast, a little bit of flour, salt and pepper
and some butter with a little bit of light olive oil or a flavorless oil. In this big heavy-bottomed pot, I’ve got some
light olive oil preheating over about medium heat, and to it I’m going to add my chicken
and I’m going to season this with salt and pepper, now I’m using chicken breast here
because it works really well and it’s going to cook for about an hour so it’s going to
get really tender and delicious but chicken thighs would work even better and they’re
half the price, twice the flavor, but chicken breast, if I have it on hand, and that’s typically
what I tend to use – it’s typically what I have on hand I should say. So that’s what I tend to use, but chicken
thighs would be perfect. I’m going to let those sear, develop a little
bit of color and I’m going to take these out to a clean plate and move forward. That looks good enough! Remove the chicken, now obviously this is
going to get a lot more cooking and some pieces might not be all the way cooked through yet
but that’s fine. You just need a little bit of color because
color makes it better. Am I right or am I right? Now I still have a little bit of – oopsie! I still have a little bit of cooking oil – oopsies
I lost one – in the bottom of the pan, but this is the time I want to add a good amount
of butter, I know, don’t let it scare you! But this soup will feed a good eight people,
I mean it makes a lot! And I’m also going to add my veggies, and
I’m going to let this cook for a good ten minutes or until the veggies really sweat
down, develop a little color, you know just get that flavor going. Oh it’s going to be so good and like I said,
this really will feed a crowd, but I just want to give you a big tip. When you add the starch, like potatoes, rice
or pasta to a soup, you know that as it sits in the fridge, that starch will swell and
it will thicken the soup a lot. So if you’re going to make a big pot of this
but you don’t want to serve it all today, what I would do is I would cook the wild rice
separately, and scale back on the cooking liquid by a couple of cups, that way you can
add your cooked wild rice, you can reheat your soup, add a scoop of your cooked wild
rice to it and eat that throughout the week and you don’t have a really swollen thick
soup that you have to reheat and keep adding liquid to it throughout the week. So, I’m just going to let these cook and I’ll
show you what they look like when they’re done. Veggies look good, I’m going to add a little
bit of flour now, you don’t need a lot but it kind of helps thicken the soup just a little
bit and gives you a really creamy velvety delicious, delicious result. And now we’re going to add the chicken back
in and any of it’s juices that have collected. I’ve also seasoned my veggies with some salt
and pepper, and now we’re going to add in the stock and milk mixture. Good! Give that a really good stir, and you’re going
to add in your fresh thyme. Now what you’re going to do is you’re going
to – so, rewind! My wild rice mixture takes about twenty five
minutes to cook, but I want the soup, my base to cook for about forty minutes before I add
that to it because in total I really want this to simmer for a good hour, so I’m going
to bring this to a boil, pop the lid on and let it simmer for about forty minutes and
then I will show you what it looks like before we add in the rice. But you’re really going to have to check the
rice you’re using to make sure that you’re giving it plenty of cooking time, but in total
your soup should simmer for about an hour. Alright, it’s been about forty minutes, it’s
been simmering. Now I’m going to add the rice, and this is
going to take another twenty minutes or so, like I said – my daughter does that, Mia,
that’s her new thing when she wants to say a word and it’s not coming out she goes bla
bla bla. Like mother like daughter. Now as I mentioned, the wild rice that I’m
using is a blend that I purchased at my local grocery store that has long grain rice and
some wild rice and some seasoning in there that’s kind of like a powdered boulion cube,
it is really delicious but if you can’t find it just regular wild rice works perfectly,
you will just have to tailor the cooking time according to the kind that you’re getting. And I know that a lot of them take about forty
minutes to cook so just keep an eye on that and that way you’ll know you won’t over cook
it or under cook it so what I’m going to do now is keep my eye on this and let it simmer
until the rice is done. Get rid of the sprigs of thyme. This is done and look how gorgeous and thick
and delicious, it’s not thick enough to be a stew, but it’s not as thin as a brothy soup,
it’s creamy it’s delicious, and if you want to make it a little bit more creamy indulging
you can add about four ounces of softened cream cheese at the very end, really to kick
up that creamy delicious yummy-ness of the soup. This is perfect like this, and I think adding
just a couple of tablespoons of flour really helps get that really creamy consistency without
having to add the cream cheese but hey, you the boss apple sauce, you do you. Mmm! Mmm! The rice is so lovely and nutty, and it’s
got such good texture, the flavors of the soup are actually incredible, it’s so delicious,
there are no words for it, it’s just, I don’t even know how to explain it, it’s full of
flavor, the mushrooms make it really just rich, you know what I mean? Chicken is super tender, I mean it is delight
in a pot! Go to, get the written
recipe, I hope that you’ve enjoyed spending time with me, I promise you this will be a
new go-to soup for you because it’s that easy but that delicious! I’ll see you next time, bye!

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