Couscous Salad Recipe  – cooking channel – vegan plant based diet

Couscous Salad Recipe – cooking channel – vegan plant based diet

what’s up guys welcome back the healthy
recipe we’re gonna be making today an Israeli couscous salad couscous is
basically a type of really small pasta it some people get it confused with a
grain but it’s not really a grain so for that reason it will cook a lot faster
than if we were cooking grains and it’s gonna be really refreshing we’re gonna
be using some really nice refreshing herbs and some fresh colorful
ingredients so let’s get right to work okay so let’s go over the ingredients
that we’re going to be working with today there’s a bit of ingredients here
you guys can simplify this and use less if you like I just have all these on
hand so I figured I would use them and show you guys what what you can actually
do with this salad so basically I have some Israeli couscous here and the
difference between regular couscous and Israeli is that these are quite a bit
bigger and show you guys real quick I got one cucumber some great tomatoes
about 2 cups 1/2 of red bell pepper a 1 bunch of curly parsley 1 large jalapeno
and this is optional of course they have about 6 or 7 mint leaves we have some
thyme sprigs about 6 of them I have a half of a red onion I’m going to be
using a little bit of sesame oil maybe about a teaspoon just to add that
toasted sesame flavor if you guys don’t have sesame oil that the salad will
taste great without it just fine I just like that sesame oil finish 3 cloves of
garlic and this is a fermented garlic that I preserve myself I only be doing a
video on this for you guys later on have half a lime extra-virgin
olive oil salt and pepper red pepper flakes again this is optional if you
guys want heat I have about a cup and a half of organic corn and about two cups
of broccoli florets it’s about it okay so first thing we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna put our stove on high and we’re gonna toast our couscous no oil just put
the couscous like this and you’ll start getting an aroma when it’s actually
toasting and then we’ll add the water and we’ve got 2 cups of couscous here
we’re gonna add equal amounts of water because I want this to be kind of dry so
it’s not making my dressing running and then while that’s going on we’re gonna
go ahead and start chopping our vegetables and placing them in a bowl ok
so first thing we’re gonna go ahead and get rid of the stems on the parsley and
I’ll use these for something else later for like a paste or something like that
put it through the food processor don’t really waste anything so we’re just
gonna get rid of those big stems then we’re gonna dice this really fine okay once we got that stuff on chopped
real fine we just gonna put it over in our big bowl the rest of our ingredients
okay so now that our couscous is toasted we’re gonna go ahead and add two cups of
water to those two cups of couscous and leave that to boil okay basically with
our time what we do is we just take the little leaves off the stem like that
some of the thinner pieces of stem are fine they’re not very fibrous so you can
just leave them in and chop them up the mentor that is the same thing just mince
it real fine so we get all that flavor spread through the entire salad our Tomatoes which is gonna cut the ends
then cut them in half okay so our broccoli basically we want to do is we
want to snip off that piece of stun and want to break it into little flower s
like bite-sized pieces so it’ll be spread out more throughout the salad so
you get a lot more broccoli flavor in each bite
so about pieces like that and then what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna blanch it for
like 10 seconds and in boiling water just to soften it up a little bit and
that’s about a there we’ll be ready okay so in the same pot that I had the
couscous in I’m gonna drop the broccoli really quick and I’m just gonna give it
like 15 to 20 seconds just to soften up a little bit and get it’s gonna get
darker green then we’re gonna do is we’re going to put it in the container
with the couscous which is still warm and we’re gonna run them both under some
cold water to make them cold for a salad you just want to bring out that dark
green color on the broccoli and then also just the soften herbs okay so in a separate bowl I have the
couscous here it’s basically done cooking and it took about seven minutes
once it got to that boil I shut off the heat and just let it finish every stole
was gonna be different so you guys just tested it’s kind of like pasta you know
when it’s almost like soft but not too soft that’s ready kind of al dente so
I’m gonna go ahead and throw the broccoli in there and I’m gonna put some
cold water in this okay so the garlic you want to make sure that we mince this
really fine if you’ve got a micro planer you could also use that instead but we
just want to make sure that it’s really really small so we can get these big
chunks of garlic okay so we’re gonna chop our onion really small too is I
basically have one cucumber I’m gonna that I peeled I’m gonna cut it into
quarters okay now we’ve got one jalapeno busy
just gonna cut the end off okay down the middle or out the seeds and guys word of
advice if you work with the inside of a jalapeno or any hot pepper like that
well the membranes are make sure that when you’re done you wash your hands
really well because if you touch your eyes it’s gonna really hurt or your nose
or anything it’s gonna burn like crazy and cut them cross section to get as
much how the pinyon flavor spread throughout the entire salad as possible so now that the broccoli and the
couscous I’ve been cooled I ran some cold water through it and strained it
you’re gonna mix it all together you’re gonna add all of our vegetables in it
all that color okay so now we’re gonna add our spices and our wet ingredients
and basically mix it all together and we’re done and then we just give it a
taste and then adjust so basically I’m going to add about a teaspoon of black
pepper about a half a tablespoon of salt you could always have more salt after
after you taste it but if you add too much you can’t take it back a teaspoon
of crushed red pepper the juice from half a one big lime and this is probably
about as much juice as a regular sized lime about 1/4 cup of olive oil and
about a tablespoon of sesame seed oil good olive color that’s pure nutrition
tons of macro and micronutrients all those small herbs that are really green
are loaded with phytonutrients and you see a lot of color and food like natural
foods is because it’s a lot of vitamins minerals and okay so I’m gonna go ahead and give this
a try get a little bit of everything as you can see we got a little bit of
everything that spoon that’s why I cut the veggies and everything’s so small so
we get everything combined it’s just like an explosion of flavor so let’s see
how he came out and it’s so incredibly delicious right away you can taste the
parsley it’s the strongest flavor in there but you also have the sesame oil a
little bit of nuttiness from that and then the toasted couscous gives it
another dimension of flavor I highly recommend you guys give this a try I’m
sure your whole entire family is gonna love it

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  1. This looks so great!??? I've started working out and I want to eat more healthy food. Your videos will be so beneficial to me. Thank you for your time, I will definitely give this a try ?

  2. Oh that looks yummy! I've only had couscous once (a Moroccan friend made some, really delicious) and definitely will give your recipe a try!

  3. Excellent video
    I ❤️ your channel
    I will be watching your current & upcoming videos
    You have my support?

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