Could this Robot Chef Change the Future Of Cooking? | WIRED

Could this Robot Chef Change the Future Of Cooking? | WIRED

like John to road in Greg Wallace at the end of an invention test mobile robotics wants you to stop cooking the UK company has unveiled what it claims as the world's first robot chef had the Hannover Messe Robotics Fair in Germany the chef more of an automated kitchen side really comprises two robotic arms above a large cooking surface including Hobbes a sink and an oven hidden behind the glass safety screen rather than cooking from a recipe the system relies on capturing the movement of a human chef with a 3d camera then recreating their every stir the robot turns on the hob with a deaf finger before picking up some butter taken from a group of preassembled ingredients it melts the butter add shallots and seasoning and over the next 20 minutes or so produces an impressive bisque the Beast is delicious deep and warming with a strong hit of crab although a food critic might note that that's less down to the robot itself than Anderson's instructions the company claims the product will be on the market for 2017 and estimates it will cost around 10,000 pounds for consumers to have a kitchen installed in their home that's assuming fairly high demand it's unclear how many consumers would want a pair of robot arms making their dinner each night given that the machine is no faster than an ordinary person this Alain Excel is down to feedback that it would scare people to see a robot chopping onions at inhuman speed

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  1. I think it would be better if the robot could cook by cooking recipe. It should be able to recognize all the different ingredients and have a 3D Model ( 3D mesh): If it cuts the food it will update the 3D model. Then it should have an ANN routine for all the movement, grabbing, using the knife,… This would be much better.

  2. If you make a robot that replaces a human job, the speed at which it does that job should exceed the current record. Bring on the velocity.

  3. This is a great product for the elderly and infirm; they can have properly prepared meals despite their advancing years or disability. Distractions and burned meals are past tense. Of course, with meals on demand, families will have more time together, husbands and teenagers can be left alone and, busy schedules are no longer an issue. I would purchase one.

  4. Nice, but restaurant cooking is not only blending ingrediens. Its more running and organizing and preparing. So really you need more legs then arms. Then, not all salt taste the same eather, so do robots can really decide what result it will become??? There must be more people to assist robots I guess.

  5. So much room for error..,you need to have every ingredient set in place on the exact right spot in the exact right bowl or plate. You need to pre-chop everything as well before hand. This is more of an assembly protocol, with the choregraphy literally mirroring motion capturing. No room to adapt; when things go wrong, things go really wrong. Having that said this system has much potential especially for disabled or elderly people, and the technical aspects of the robotic articulations, especially the fingers are mindblowing.

  6. Интересно, если решит отравить, то знает ли где отраву брать и сколько сыпать?

  7. I spend so much time cooking everyday. We are a family of Celiacs, so I have to make 3 meals a day from scratch. This would be a lifesaver. If I had the extra money and a better house, this would be an investment I would be willing to do just for the extra time I would have everyday.

  8. Pretty sure another 30-50 years till we can have true robot chefs that can literally do everything. Sigh….

  9. Significant progress has been made on their newest model, the Gordton RAMsey, which in addition too cooking can swear profusely.

  10. this is really like letting a modern robot learn how to weld frames in a car factory. ad in some machine learning and you are in business…. the demographic implosion in the western world is pure evolution. idealy western populations will then level out and stay at a healthy low of aprx 60% of today. because the more people there are, unable to work because of gains in efficiency of business-processes like these here, the more you would have to tax the businesses to pay for a universal income of everyone. now think of immigration of stoneage-culture type ppl like in europe right now…. these economys will be crushed in the next 30 years by the overwhelming costs to keep the population from killing each other, for a big enough income that these nations are now unable to provide, due to all the dead weight, PLUS all the retired bio-native population.
    yup it's a trap, and many western civilizations might get caught in this. This is no conspiracy or stuff, it's simple math….. so remember this when shtf guys.

  11. Buys robot chef
    Stands behind it
    Robots turns around with knife
    Gets stabbed
    Law of robotics broke
    Robot gets arrested
    Robot become stronger
    Robot kills more
    Robot put to execution
    Robot gets book made about it
    Wake up in hospital
    Find out robot was killed
    Gets royalty check
    Instant millionaire

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