Core Temperature Sensor – How To Use The Meat Probe | AEG

These AEG ovens include a CT sensor to cook
meat perfectly, every time. For this video we will be roasting a leg of
lamb. Insert the plug end of the sensor into the
socket at the front of the oven. Then push the probe end of the sensor all
the way into the meat. Try to have the end of the meat probe positioned
so that the temperature at the centre of the meat is being measured and take care that
the end of the probe does not touch any bones. Switch the oven on. The oven will show the set temperature of
the CT Sensor. You are able to easily change this based on the way you would like your
meat cooked. For this example we will cook the beef to a temperature of 55 degrees celsius,
medium rare. Turn the shuttle to the left until you reach 55 degrees. Then select OK. Now you will need to set the oven function
and temperature. You do not need to set the cook time as the oven will alert you when
the meat has reached 55 degrees celsius. Select Heating Functions and select OK. For this example we will use turbo grilling
and we have selected the middle shelf position. This is a great heating function to use when
roasting larger cuts of meat. Select OK. We will increase the temperature to 190 degrees
Celsius by turning the dial to the right. Select OK. The oven will now heat up. You
can see that the temperature of the meat is 17 degrees celsius. The meat will cook until an internal temperature
of 55 degrees celsius is reached and the oven will then switch off automatically. The roast should be removed from the oven
immediately so it does not become overcooked. Remove the core temperature sensor from the
oven before you remove the roast. Perfectly cooked meat, every time, in your
AEG oven.

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