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( music playing )Ruby:
There as so many fun things
to do on the Disney Magic.Hey, everybody.
Ruby and Dakota. Dakota:Disney Cruises are known
for their amazing cuisine,
and today we’re going to be
talking to the peoplewho make the food,
the ship chefs.
Try and say that
five times fast. Say it with me.
Wait, wait. Ship chefs, ship chefs, ship– Oh, I couldn’t say it. How many meals
do you make every day?Between 10,000 and 12,000
meals each day.
– What?
– Wow.We have a team of 120 cooks.How many guests do you guys
feed every day? – 2,600 guests on board,
– Wow. including a thousand
crew members. We have so many
varieties of food.Everything. You name it.Each restaurant
has a different menu.
Dakota:There’s so many
restaurants on this ship.
Rapunzel’s Royal Table,Lumiere’s, Animator’s Palate,Cabanas, Palo,and 24-hour complimentary
room service,
plus lots more.So much more to see.
Come with me. – Okay.
– This is the place where we make all the food
for our guests on board. This is just one
of the samples. He is making
a double baked potato for one of our dishes
in the hot galley. Like frosting a cake,
but on a potato. Ruby:
Visiting the galley was like
walking through a maze of food.How many different dishes
are there on the ship? Each day we do more than
100 different dishes around the ship
for our guests. We are in the cold pantry,
where we prepare all the salads for our guests, and a beautiful
ahi tuna tartare. It all tastes amazing. – Very delicious.
– Yes, for sure. – This is making me hungry.
– Yeah? It’s actually a lot
of hard work to be a chef.It’s really cool what they do,
and they make great food.
We’d like to show you how to make our signature dessert. – Let’s do it.
– Yes. Okay. Here we go. I already feel like a chef. That’s much harder
than it looks. – You did it.
– Yeah! Ruby: That’s so pretty. We have to make
only 5,000 more. Don’t worry. I have something
easier for you guys.We can make
a birthday cake sundae.
– Oh!
– We can make it? We can make it?
All right! Let’s do it. Let me show you how we make
the birthday cake sundae. We have strawberry compote. We place it at the bottom
of the sundae glass. – Then we have ice cream.
– Okay. After that,
we have whipped cream, and we’re making a circle
around the glass. and then the sprinkles. We have some butter cupcakes.
Place it on the top. We also,
with the whipped cream– – More whipped cream.
– we’re making a circle. And we have some
chocolate candles. – Oh, wow.
– Finally, a little bit more – sprinkles on the top.
– Ruby: There you have it. Now it’s your turn. Who can make the best
birthday cake sundae?( music playing )When the chef first
gave us the challenge,I was feeling strong.This competition is
going to be a piece of cake. A piece of cupcake.
See what I did there? ( alarm blares ) I’m going to crush this.
I have it in the bag. Dakota:
I was on top of it,
and then I started
to second-guess myself.
I had the strawberry topping,and I put some in
and I was like, “Oh, I need to put some more.” But then when I put more,
it was too much. And I was like, “Oh, no, I’m messing
this whole thing up.” Ruby:I was feeling pretty
confident, you know?
I was like, “Okay,
it can’t be that hard.” – I got to make this scoop good.
– Oh, my gosh. Dakota was catching up,
and then I was catching up. Girl, you’re going so fast.I got a scoop of ice cream
and it wasn’t that much.
Then I was like, “Oh, no,
there’s too much strawberries.” I thought I didn’t
put enough ice cream in, and then I got the sprinkles
and I did the whipped cream. And then I put
the whipped cream on and it kind of
fell over the side. And I was like, “Oh, this
is not going too well.” There was just
so much pressure out there,and it was really
challenging me.
I just had to
keep it together.
What’s next? Okay. Okay. I kind of looked over,
and I was like,“Oh, no. She’s doing good.”Ruby:
So now I’m freaking out,
and we have ten seconds
on the clock.
And I realize
that it looks great, but I have no sprinkles. What am I going to do?
I need the sprinkles! – ( buzzer )
– I’m done! I’m done! You did good. All right, so let’s see
your sundaes. I can’t lose this right now. – This is looking good.
– Thanks. We have a little hole there.
There is no ice cream. But the presentation is fine. I had to keep it together
for this birthday cake sundae. It was a big deal. A big deal. – Let’s see the other one.
– All right. Okay, okay.
I’m good, I’m good. I see it’s a little bit
too much strawberry compote here – and very less ice cream.
– It was the ice cream!It wouldn’t come off
the scoop!
Your whipped cream
is also a little bit falling down from the cup. But it’s a great job.
So the winner is… – Ruby!
– Ah, yes! All right. No! It felt great to win. It feels like my birthday.That was so fun.All of this is
making me hungry.
Dakota:Oh, my gosh.
We saw how this was made!
– That’s good, yeah.
– Good? – Mmm!
– So– wow. That looks so cool.
Oh, hey, guys. Hey! Hi, guys. How you guys doing? Thanks for showing us how this all was made,
by the way. Yeah, thanks for
showing us around. It was a pleasure
having you here. Thank you so much. This has been
the best trip ever. Cheers. Ruby:For more about
Disney Cruise Line
culinary magic,

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