Cooking with Colin – Millionaires Shortbread (with walnuts, pecans and dime bar)

Cooking with Colin – Millionaires Shortbread (with walnuts, pecans and dime bar)

Hello, welcome back to my channel. Today I am making caramel shortcake. Or, Millionaires Shortbread you’ll probably know it as.
And, it’s quite a simple thing to make actually. So to start off with I am going to make a
shortbread base, which is 1 part sugar, 2 parts butter, and 3 parts flour.
I’ve got 75 grams of butter, which means I need half that weight of sugar. About… there. I’m going to want to bring that up to what…
about just after the 2 hundred. I’m going to spoon it in because when you
pour it out from the bag, inevitably you get to just where you want to be and boomf! A
big bit falls out and you are left scooping out bits of flour and stuff – which happened
to me just recently. Again, I don’t need to be precise. It’s not
an exact science this. If you have a food processor this job becomes
very easy, but I don’t have a food processor so I am just going to use my hands.
It’s quite easy, just rub it in. Should only take a couple of minutes.
I’m not adding a pinch of salt to this either because I’ve used salted butter so my pinch
of salt is already in there. Then, all of a sudden, it starts forming it
starts forming into a dough. I can probably tip this out to show you better.
And, that’s what we want. I’m not going to do anything fancy with this,
I’m just going to pat it down with my hands. I’m going to use the whole lot actually.
This bit of paper is just going to insure that I can get this out in one piece, that’s
all its really there for. There’s no need to find your rolling pin,
or anything like that. It comes right out. Perhaps not the best idea
to do that in the middle of baking. You want a fork, you want to prick this all
over. Stop it rising up when you are baking it.
So I baked this for about 10 minutes in my oven until it was this sort of golden colour.
And, you’ll notice that it’s quite soft when you take it out. But, this will firm up into
quite a delicate little base. You need to wait till it cools and while it’s
cooling we are going to make out caramel filling. So, to make the caramel filling I think it’s
best to use a non stick pan because you want to not let this stuff stick to the bottom
too much. This is the biggest non stick pan I’ve got
at the moment because I managed to ruin my other one.
So, I would recommend you try and use a bigger pan than this. But I’m just going to risk
it, which with boiling caramel… what could possibly go wrong?
I’m going to add in 150g of butter and 150g of sugar. And we’re just going to melt this
down. I can’t really stress enough, be careful when
you are doing this because this stuff is going to be hotter 100c and stickier that water
so if you get it on your skin it’s going to be painful.
So take your time, and look after yourself. There’s no point taking risks for caramel
shortcake. Once you get to this stage all the butter
is melted and we have this sort of sludge, into which we are going to pour 397g of condensed
milk. The most beautiful stuff in the world.
So, we’re going to bring it to the boil and stir it continuously for about 8 minutes,
something like that – until it’s nice golden and dark.
After about 7 or 8 minutes you get to this sort of consistency, where it’s really thick
and it’s going to set nicely. So, I’ve just turned off the heat, it’s absolutely
roasting. I’m going to throw in, because why just make things ordinary, I’m going to throw in about half a cup of walnuts. About 3/4 a cup of
pecans… or a whole cup of pecans. I’m going to mix this through and we’re going
to have a lovely nutty caramel shortbread. Your shortbread base should be completely
cool by now and you can then pour in your caramel filling.
We’re going to have a nice thick layer by the looks of it. Ouch. Now we’re going to need to leave this to cool
completely before we move on to the next step, so it could be a while.
Now that that’s completely cold the last thing you need to do is the chocolate topping.
Which is really easy to do, I’m just going to melt come dark chocolate. I prefer to use
some dark chocolate because it’s very sweet this, and using a sweeter chocolate is just
going to make it sickly. I’m also going to throw in a crushed dime
bar into the mixture on top as well, because apparently that won’t be too much. Will it?
No. So I’m just going to crush this up.
One or two?Two.
Two, we’re going to put two dime bars in. Do you know something, I am going to microwave
to chocolate first and then add the dime bars because I don’t quite know how the dime bars
are going to work in the microwave. So, I’ve melted the chocolate and I’m going
to pour in some crushed dime bars. Because there are no rules when it comes to this sort
of thing. And then I am going to pour it straight on top.
Like this. Spread it around.
Probably easier to spread without all these chunky bits in it, but still.
Put it back in the fridge to chill for half an hour or something until it’s ready and
then you can take it out and cut it up. To get it out you’re going to have to go round
the edge with a knife just to separate it, because it’s very sticky stuff this. And it
should just pop right out of the container, get rid of this bit at the bottom, there we
go, caramel shortcake. I am just going to go straight in and cut
it in half. You can see the cross section, doesn’t that look lovely.
There you go, there you have it. Beautiful Millionaires Shortbread with Walnuts
and Pecans in it. And Dime Bar in the top. It’s absolutely wonderful, and putting in
all those extra things give you much better texture, I think, so it’s worth that extra
couple of pounds to put a few nuts in. Thanks very much for watching, don’t forget
to like and subscribe and things like that. And I’ll see you another time. Bye!

20 thoughts on “Cooking with Colin – Millionaires Shortbread (with walnuts, pecans and dime bar)

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    The whole thing looks really decadent. I love it!

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    Oh and these look awesome. This is one of my girlfriend's favourite things to eat and I'm really not a fan but the nuts and dime bars are making this really appealing, so I've stuck this in my recipes folder. Cheers, mate.

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