Cooking With Cannabis | Assignment Explorer

Cooking With Cannabis | Assignment Explorer

[music playing] I’ve never been high. I’m nervous. I don’t know how I’m gonna feel. See, Mom Aren’t you proud? I’ve always heard that
edibles are just– put you on a whole
other type of high. What are we making? Today I’m making
kenefeh, which is filo dough with
ricotta and mozzarella, and I have mascarpone
and I mix that up. Right here, you’re
gonna see me infuse with the water soluble THC. So you see how it is measures
out by the milliliter. So we’re gonna go down,
just one drop basically. Can I smell that? Yeah, absolutely. Do you smell any
cannabis in there? – I don’t.
– Damn right. When you started
cooking with weed, was it just because you like to
get high and you like to cook, so bam? I was so sick of having the
brownies and the Rice Krispies. There was no other alternative. It was brownie or Rice Krispies
from every drug dealer ever, and they all tasted
like [bleep]. So what I did was start to
put it into, like, puddings and cakes and stuff
like that and then, it grew into a more
savory application. How do you know
what to infuse? Well, I infuse it based
on what I can control. Because it all comes
down to proper dosage because if you get
people too messed up, it does not fare well for
really anybody involved. Now, you are about to
do something real big. We’re opening up the
first cannabis-infused restaurant in the world, yeah. I know. I know. The first in the world? Yeah. Is that legal? There’s a lot of things,
hurdles that we have to jump. It’s gonna be done and it
should be done by people that know what they’re doing. I don’t know if you’ve ever
been too high off an edible. I know you said that
you’ve never tried any. Chris, don’t do that wink. For those of you
that have, sometimes it can be extremely overwhelming. So we only put it in
certain ingredients so that we can control it. If you didn’t want
cannabis, we can just take that ingredient
out and replace it with a non-infused item. That way people can enjoy
the experience on their own. How did you come
up with your name? I didn’t want it to be,
like, Ganga Chef or Weed Chef, so the Herbal Chef
was kind of natural and it also is THC,
the acronym, which is our beloved
tetrahydrocannabinol. – I’m just gonna take a bite.
– Oh, my god. It’s so good. Oh! All right. So what do you say to
the people who have never tried an edible before? We do it in such a way that
it gets you lightly elevated, so that you’re
never overwhelmed. You don’t want to just
dive in right away, right? You want to dip your toe in. You want to take your time. You know, you just ease in. You can have a long, loving
relationship with cannabis but you gotta take it slow. Chris, that is so good. You like it? Mm. Yo. That’s where it’s at. [music playing]

71 thoughts on “Cooking With Cannabis | Assignment Explorer

  1. Yes, c' est cool moi aussi je suis cuisinier, je viens de passé un diplôme en production végétal, et avec ces deux diplômes je peux faire des étincelles, mais en France c' est chaud pour l' instant.

  2. where is it going to be located this is my dream to graduate cook school an cook with cannabis. i thought i was wired but i guess im the the only one

  3. actually… here in indonesia… especially in northern part of sumatra they put some cannabis in their rice cooker while cooking rice for the fragrance…. it is illegal tho to have cannabis here… but some tradition who doesnt know much about the regulation still use cannabis as food spices

  4. At the end of the meal you get the check, "$1200! What? Oh, I get it." Genius. The average check/table will be $1000.

  5. Girl:"i never get high"

    Me:😐 really bitch

    Chef: I know you said you never get high.

    Girl:(Burst into a smile)

    Me an Chef: Gotcha Bitch!

  6. I thought it said cooking with cannibals but when she said ive never been high before i got very confused lol

  7. "You gotta take it slow" is some pretty decent advice. On new years eve I was invited to some friends who made brownies. I ate 4 of them plus drinking a decent amount of alcohol. Two hours later I was wasted and didn't stop puking until morning. It's really not funny.
    But the high was nice, with fireworks and so on.

  8. lame, you didnt get her reaction when she started feeling so amazing (relaxed, uplifted) because of the THC. i bet she likes canabis now… well thanks anyway, national geographic, for not being canabis-fobic.

  9. beer is more dangerous than weed. beer makes men beat up women and children… weed makes you happy and insanely calm… make a choice.

  10. First, the title and the premise is false, he is not cooking with cannabis. A THC tincture is not cannabis. Second, what the hell is he talking about you can only make brownies and rice crispy treats with cannabis so he wants to take it to a whole new level. That clearly shows you know jackshit about it. Guarantee this guy isn't doing anything evenly mildly innovative or new.

  11. This is not cooking with cannabis. This is drugging your food.. Don't get me wrong, I love cannabis, and if you're cooking with cannabis you're also drugging your food in a way, but putting drops of THC in your food is hardly cooking with cannabis.

  12. Lol so many dislikes . 1 of 10 people are really tight asses 😄
    Still seeing cannabis as something completely wrong lol

  13. I eat dope 3/4 days outta every week, at least. its amazing. I cycle/ kayak/work out/snowboard and surf on it (if I can go on holiday) oh and play ps4. all with siiiick tunes.Its good to see people pushing for new ways to get the buzz via healthy options… some are like …ohhhh im cool I smoke like 10 joints a day I love gettin hi…yeeea. eating oh thats just too strong wtf. can these peeps hear themselfs…crazy world. edables all the way

  14. And I remember when Nat Geo was educational not trying to get kids high.
    Boy have they hit rock bottom. Nat Geo Buzzfeed called they want their idea back.

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